New Year + Old Friends = Real Fun!

New Year's Eve has become one of my most favorite days of the year -  reflecting on the year we are leaving behind mixed with thoughts of what lies ahead. 2018 wanted to make sure that it was a year to remember; showing off with one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen. My social media was filled with this same sky from different points of view and that made me stop and think about how connected each of us are ... we sometimes just see life from different angles. 

Jen and I have started trading off NYE hosting duties and I highly recommend you do the same. We have a collection of decorations that gets added to each year and pass the tub back and forth. She's a rock star hostess that makes you feel so welcome and at home so the night was sure to be filled with fun.  

I "forced" Radley to wear "nice" clothes for the party but brought some back-ups knowing that he would want to run around and play. He couldn't change until we got a family pic so he insisted we snap this as soon as Ryan walked in from work.

The evening included lots of kids running around having an epic nerf gun battle, the men enjoying the Aggie football game outside and the women gathered around the food, trading stories and sharing laughs. We were so glad that Owen and Jody got to ring in 2019 with us again, too!

Please note the scattered nerf bullets, gymnastics mat turned barricade, and bright red bare feet from a night of jumping on the trampoline, in pretty cold weather (for Texas)... basically heaven for them!

(Please also note there is no picture of just the boys, because.... #boys).

I hope that 2019 brings you evenings gathered around a table, in the company of friends that are your family, listening to kids play, trading stories, sharing laughs,  and looking forward to all the good that a new year brings!

Happy 2019 - I think she's going to be good to us!



Twas Christmas morning, we actually slept late
Until 6am at least (there was no debate)
When three little ones ran in our room with cheer
WAKE UP WAKE UP - Christmas is here! 

We rubbed our eyes put a smile on our face
Then all five paused for a moment of grace
Thank you, dear Jesus, for a year filled with love
For kindness and health and the gifts from above

Emmy lead us all in a prayer 
and in my opinion, that was Christmas, right there
Sweet words in her precious little voice
Asking us all to reflect and in Him rejoice

But alas, that Jolly St. Nick
 Had a few more items in his bag full of tricks
Two shiny bikes painted just as a requested
And a Playstation 4 made the day extra festive

But he wasn't done with surprises there was a little more
Some scratch offs, a robot and beef jerky was in store
Then a phone call was made to Gigi and Pops

Breakfast was served, my favorite each year
Rolls and bacon make us all grin from ear to ear
Then the annual gift sorting began
All you type-As surely understand
We have order to our chaos, or so it would seem
We like to take our time to enjoy each and everything

Like fancy new socks that were chosen by Rad
And can only be FULLY appreciated by a super cool Dad 

While the presents were opened and everyone said thanks
I made sure to snap a few pictures of ME for the photo bank
These four humans are the only gifts I need
I can do without the wants, wears or read

As usual, my favorite part of the day
Were all the hugs given out along the way
A hug for a dress, a hug for a mask
A hug for that special gift that I was afraid to ask
A hug just because is the best hug of all
Better than a hug for a game or a doll

All the new stuff is awesome
That I won't deny
But the real joy is what matters 
And brings a tear to my eye

The moments in between that aren't posed or rehearsed
Are the moments I will always recall first

And the ones I don't capture behind some giant lens
Usually bring me the happiest grin

Each year we get older and much wiser, too
We stop and enjoy instead of having a "to do"
We hug and we laugh and if we're lucky enough
We recognize all the things that make up the "good stuff"

Like laughing with cousins and enjoying new toys
And filling the streets with a joyful noise
All the packages piled under that tree
Aren't the only gifts for you and for me

It's not the ribbons or sparkly bows
That make a difference, that much we know

It's time spent with family and our wonderful friends
That fill the day with joy from beginning to end

May your Christmas be merry and your New Year be bright
And may 2019 be filled with blessings you count each and every night!!


Seas and Greetings...

Merry Christmas!

We hope that 2018 has been as gracious to you as it has been to us. This year has been filled with all the busy-ness that life these days brings but we pray that you are finding time this season to slow down, soak it all in and rest in the knowledge that a savior was born to redeem us!  To save you the time in reading lots of details and me the time in trying to remember them all, I’m going to give you a “by the numbers” review of our year! Then you can go back to that “soaking it all in” part of this season!

24,398: the number of steps we took on our marathon day in Washington D.C. We toured the White House, visited the Renwick, ate at Ryan’s favorite restaurant (Georgia Brown’s), got a behind the scenes tour of the Capitol and ended the evening with the most glorious sunset stroll through the Monuments.

3,598: The number of miles Ryan drove on our TWO WEEK road trip to THIRTEEN states! We have set a goal of seeing all 50 states as a family by Landry’s 21st birthday. As of the end of this trip, we’ve knocked off 23 states!  Our pictures are from our new favorite beach – the Outerbanks! None of us wanted the trip to end (it’s probably no surprise that I cried as we pulled into CS because I just wasn’t ready for our vacation to be over!)
            **Shout out to the Gorries for being the best hosts ever for an entire WEEK of our journey!**

256: The number of times the kids have asked if we can go back to Disney for Christmas!

93: The age MaMaw would have celebrated on her next birthday. We celebrated her life this Thanksgiving and are so thankful for the years we got to spend with her!

40: The age Ryan turned in May! The kids spoiled him rotten and we celebrated with dear friends at his favorite old stomping grounds in College Station! I even surprised him with a weekend away with his best buddies!

24: The number of items I’ve checked off my “40 by 40” list. Since I have less than 100 days until I reach that milestone, I may be changing the name to “40 by the day before I turn 41!”

10: The number of canvases Emersyn has brought home with her original artwork! She is our creative child and has loved her Tuesday afternoons with her bestie (Anna) at art!

5: The number of times each day that Landry asks if she can put on “GYNastics clothes”. This girl LOVES gymnastics and we love watching her do something she enjoys so much!

3.5: The number of flag football games Radley got to play this fall. After seven years of nothing but “f├╝tbol” he decided to try a new sport. Sadly, the October and November rain had different plans for his football career – he’s switching back to soccer in the spring! ;)

1: The number of new cousins that joined our crew! Keirstyn Guercio was born on April 20 and the #wee3kings have been smitten ever since! That brings the girl/boy ratio to 4:2!

Within each of these numbers is an infinite amount of blessings that we pray you also enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years!

Ryan, Katy, Radley, Emersyn and Landry