Camp Carolina...

Emmy spent the first half of the week at one of her favorite places, Camp Carolina! After a much-too-quick for me drop off I couldn't wait to get home and sit in front of the computer for 8 hours check the campsite for uploaded pictures. The first day is rough for me, "Is she having fun?" "Is she being kind?" "Is she doing something crazy?" "Is she learning?"

Well this is the first picture I saw of her... 

Haha! She is never at a loss of attitude. 

Camp Carolina has been a real blessing for us - close enough to home for comfort, affordable, and most importantly, centered in Him. I love knowing that they are spending their days being lead by "big kids" that just LOVE Jesus. I pray regularly for my kids' friends - that they be lights for my kiddos and that my kids shine lights for them. Because I know that no matter how many times I repeat myself, it takes one friend, one time to suggest something that my kids will want to do. 

I loved peeking in on her and seeing that smile and getting to join in her days. She was always be someone new but never far from Kelly. 

I didn't got to a sleep away camp until I was in junior high ... I just remember FREEZING to death because I only brought sheets and no blankets. It was awful. I look at her and I just see courage and bravery - she's barely seven and already so willing to try new things and meet new people and she totally ROCKS at it!

Their theme night this year required them to dress up like lost boys/girls/pirates/Peter Pan peeps... her cabin wins the award for best Lost Girls ever. 

I mean, really... how adorable are they?

And then the morning arrived for pick-up... there is nothing like the full-on tackle hug of your kids. The smile on her face playing with her friends  turned to sweet elation at seeing us... goodness... nothing like that feeling!

This year Emmy was recognized for being "bold" in showing confidence in believing and expressing God's truth... just as Paul did (Acts 19:28). She was apparently never at a loss for words during devotional time and wasn't afraid to speak up... I have no idea where she gets that from.


We made our way to the ark for one final worship hour and man, did they go all out this year! The set was amazing and details of the story of "foreverland" was just too cute. Emerysn got home and immediately started playing "foreverland"!

So proud of these two amazing girls - for being kind and loving and bold and beautiful daughters of Christ.

And thankful that these two missed her so much that they waited 17 whole minutes before getting into an argument. :)

Happy to have our girl back in my arms... right where she belongs!

See you in August, CC... 


Tiny Tales Thursday....

I promise that all of children are hysterical...it just seems that Emersyn has been extra witty lately.

So ever since my first successful, strict, didn't break any rules Whole30, the kids have noticed how and what I eat. They ask if things are "whole30" or "too sugary" or if what they've chosen is healthy. I'm actually surprised by how much they pay attention to their food because of my experience. I guess we really do lead by example.

We grabbed Subway last week and Emersyn noticed that I got a veggie sandwich with ALLLLLL the veggies. Basically a salad on toasted bread. The best. She equates veggies to "realllllly healthy" food.

Emmy: Momma....
Me: Yes....
Emmy: I think I'm going to do that Whole30.
Me: Really?
Emmy: Yes, except I think I'm just going to do like a Whole7... just a week.
Me: Ok... you should probably give me that coke then.
without missing a beat
Emmy:  Oh, I'll start next week then.

My little girl really is growing up.



Royally Waiting: Road Trip Edition

Welcome back to Royally Waiting... the place where you fill us in on all the ins and outs of your week! What you're eating, thinking, studying, doing, ignoring, remembering.... and so much more. Shelly, Holly and I hope you'll link up and share when you can - we love getting to know you!

I'm pretty darn excited about something that we've been waiting on... VACATION! Ryan and I set a goal to see all 50 states with the kids when Landry was born. We really want them to enjoy the art of the family road trip and all the crazy that entails! Usually we drive to one singular destination and check off states on the way, so this year marks our first road trip where we stop and see lots of things along the way.

Hopefully we will have better luck than Clark...

Our big destination is Chicago where we will spend two full days enjoying the sites, sounds, eats and treats of the windy city! Here's our plan along the way...


Holly just made the trek to Tennessee with her family and they stopped in Hot Springs to tour the Garvan Gardens and Anthony Chapel. Since it's only 4 hours from Memphis, we are making a tiny detour on our route to do the same. How stunning is this chapel?


We actually can't decide what we should do in Memphis. Mud Island sounds like fun but we want to get on the road since we still have a long drive ahead. We toured a bit of Memphis last spring break and we can certainly go back, so we may just enjoy dinner on Beale Street and then hit the road early the next morning. 


Goodness, so much to do here! Plans include: Wrigley Field, Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park, Giodarno's, Garrett's Popcorn and anything else we can fit in! Ryan and I visited Chicago a few years ago for his birthday and just couldn't wait to take the kids! 


When you're from Texas, a small road trip is nothing new, so the less-than-two-hour drive to South Bend will be a great way to check off Indiana AND walk around Notre Dame. I LOVE visiting college campuses and this is one of the most beautiful there is! We will leave after breakfast, make it in time for a morning walk through campus, enjoy a quick lunch and then head back for one more night in Chicago (and hopefully have naps in the car)!


We will head back through Missouri with our destinations being the St. Louis Zoo and the Arch. The drive back to Texas is pretty long from here... so we shall see if we make it in one day. 


Since we will be tired and broke by the last leg of our trip - our only plans here are to stop at the nation's largest McDonald's because #merica. 

By the end of the week, the kids should have four new states to cross off our list! I have big plans for some in car entertainment of US coloring pages, books on tape and sleep. Haha - wish us luck!

So tell us, what are you waiting for?!?!

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