Prehistoric fun...

I got to tag along with my favorite kindergartener on her last field trip of the year. 

Every year the kindergarten classes visit the Brazos Valley History Museum and every time I go, I tell myself that we should go more often. I seriously hate it when I don't take advantage of things in my own home town!

The kids were treated to some super fun and creative lessons by Aggies from the Parks, Rec and Tourism program, some of which were Aggie football players. This group of gentlemen were geniuses - they came prepared with stickers and kept handing them out to kids that were quiet or raised their hands to answer questions. They get an automatic A in my book. 

I never cease to be amazed when large groups of small children do things quietly and with a little order. I was so proud by how well this crew followed directions and paid attention. 

I missed out on the snake lesson but I managed to make the arachnids - including a ginormous tarantula and pretty creepy scorpion. Thankfully, they kept those critters behind glass. 

I popped out early to go grab her some lunch and met her back at school. She is always so excited when we come up to school - it's like she hadn't seen me in 20 years when it had really been less than 30 minutes. 

Love any time I get to spend with my lovely Landry!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

I'm not sure I've talked to many moms lately that aren't playing The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat these days. We were slow to watch the movie but once we did we fell hard. While we were watching the first time I asked the girls if they recognized one of the characters... it took them a minute to register it and then...

Is THAT ... TROY BOLTON!?!?!?!?

Later that caused some terrible confusion and frustration for Emmy especially. He (Troy Bolton/Zac Efron/Phillip Carlyle) ... you guessed ... falls in love and they sing a song together...

During maybe our 10th time to watch the movie, Emersyn had finally had enough... "Troy Bolton is KILLING me!"

She's a loyal Gabriella Montez fan club member.

She managed to forgive him by the time he made his big entrance into the last song...

That Zac Efron makes my heart sing.

Me, too, Emersyn King... me too.


Flowers and weeds...

The girls and I spent the Saturday morning before Easter working in our garden. The months of neglect left nothing more than dead tomatoes, dried up basil, a resilient rosemary and weeds. Tons and tons of weeds. As we were tilling up the dirt, cleaning out the dead leaves and pulling those weeds, Emersyn asked, "Mom... why do the weeds grow so fast?"

I didn't bother with a scientific answer because, frankly, I'm not sure. Instead, I used the quiet moment of the three of us together, filling our finger nails with dirt, knee deep in literal weeds to hopefully teach a lesson. 

I explained that the weeds are like sin... creeping in to take over the good parts of us. Flowers and gardens are harder to grow because they need attention and care - they need light and water and fertilizer to bear fruit. 

Just like us. 

We need His light. 
We need to be baptized in His water. 
Her need his Word to fill us and help us grow. 

I told them that we get to choose what we want to be.... 

A weed. Or a flower. 

Telling lies is easy.
Not standing up for someone is simple. 
Disobeying is in our nature.

Those are all the weeds. The weeds can take over quickly if we let them. If we ignore the truth. If we don't stand up for someone. If we do what we want instead of what we are asked... the weeds creep in. 

"But some weeds are pretty, Mommy... are they bad, too?"

And I looked at her sweet face smudged with dirt and said that yes... we can be deceived by beauty. The enemy puts beautiful things right in front of us to trick us but we have to look around that distraction and focus on what God tells us to do. 

And He tells us to keep pulling those weeds...making sure to grab them by root to make room for the flowers that are waiting to sprout.