Sunday in Pictures...

We may have had the most perfect Sunday ever. I slept late, the kids went to Sunday school, we meal prepped, cleaned up outside, read books, made sun tea, watched every Tinkerbell movie made, had a tea party, ate a delicious dinner, went for a family walked and topped it all off with a newly minted training wheel-free bike rider. See for yourself...

Mental note: Let's make every Sunday this good. 


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Y'all. I do a lot of things wrong when it comes to parenting.

We eat cereal for dinner more than I should admit.
We skip baths. Lots.
Sometimes I'm not sure if the kids are in the front yard or back yard.
You get the idea.

But. I am pretty sure I should get a trophy for teaching my kids about good music. We listen to everything.

The girls have been on an Adele kick with Landry's favorite being...

And she sounds just like her...

Landry: Momma?
Me: Yes...
Landry: I weally wuv this song.
Me: Me too
Landry: I wuv the la la las
Me: Me too
Landry: I also know what it's about
Me: You do?
Landry: Yes. She wuvs the boy and he used to wuv her and now he wuvs someone else. 

She clearly nailed it. 


Royally Waiting: Linkup #9

Welcome back Royally Waiting - a place to share a peek into your week and let us all know what you're waiting on! Shelly, Holly and I hope you link up today!

I'm basically waiting on one thing...

April is my BUSY season at work. We (all of Texas A&M) try to shove as much as possible into 30 days. This Saturday is my students' biggest program of the year followed by a week of banquets, awards, celebrations and induction ceremonies. It's fun and exciting and EXHAUSTING! Ha! So, I'm looking forward to May 1 when work slows down a bit. (Although end-of-year school stuff picks up for the kids.) (Enjoy college, kids.) (Last lazy days of your life.) (You only think you're busy now.)

I am just waiting on a slower schedule so I can spend time binge watching some favorites. Ryan and I recently started The West Wing - we will probably finish it in August since we are committed to only watching it together.

I'm also waiting to start 13 Reasons Why - heard so many mixed thoughts on this with the majority feeling that this is an important topic that we should all discuss. Anyone watch yet?

And I honestly can't wait for Jane the Virgin Season 3 to hit Netflix. Have you seen this show?!? Holy cow - so so so so so so good!!!

Any other shows I should add to my list? What are you waiting to watch on Netflix?? 

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