Awards Season...

The end of school means class parties, no homework, too many cookies and my personal favorite, AWARDS DAY! I honestly can't believe the end of another year is here.

Emmy was pretty excited about the morning, but she was even more excited that her little sister was there to cheer her on. Her class was last to receive their awards so we had to wait for a while but I really do love seeing all these kiddos get recognized for their gifts and talents.

In the middle of the ceremony we noticed Emmy's line shifted rather quickly - turns out one of her classmates got sick. Well, the teachers were shuffling kids and handing out awards so.... 

And then it was time for Emersyn to get recognized...

"Good" attendance and Making Connections (which we can't decide if that's about making friends or critical thinking) either way we are so proud of our girl. And more importantly, she was so proud of herself!

I love that they couldn't decide where to look except Emmy just watched me because she appreciates a good picture as much as I do.

They finished in plenty of time to snap some pictures with her teachers... they have been such a wonderful support for her this year. She is so sad to leave them!

She hit the jackpot with teachers and friends (and even little sisters).

Gigi of course made the trip!

And I couldn't pass up a shot with my girl!

We all broke for lunch/work/errands and made our way back to school for Radley's awards.

Good Attendance
A/B Honor Roll
Noetic Math Competitor
UIL Participant
Intuitive Thinker Award

But that wasn't all - he was most excited about the final award...

He tied for second in Road Runners - a program in our district that recognizes running at PE. He ran 256 laps this year which is SIXTY FOUR MILES! Y'all - this kid ran more in 3rd grade that I did in my entire high school career!

This is how Landry fell about it.

Rad's awards were at the end of the day so we were pressed or time with pics.

These girls were so proud of their brother!!!

Another year, another award season, another excuse for me to be proud of this crew!

Royally Waiting: SUMMERTIME

Sorry for the delayed post y'all - I was fighting a migraine last night and just couldn't get it together! Shelly and Holly are basically waiting on me to get my shizzz together.


I know what we are all waiting on ... THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!


If you're a little like me, you may be scrambling for a last minute gift. Don't worry - I've got you covered today!!

We like to get the kids class teachers a little something extra at the end of the year and College Station just got a "Nothing Bundt Cakes" so I made a quick tag and my friend and I split the cards since we both have 1st and 3rd graders in the same class!

We couldn't let the year go by without thanking ALLLL the other people that create these awesome educational experiences for the kiddos!

And I forgot to take a picture of this one, but we also got small gifts for dance teachers, Sunday school teachers, etc... Bath & Body Works foaming soap is one of my favorite tiny luxuries and they now have a fun line of "exotic places" that are the perfect way to say "let the summer vacation begin!!"

Here are all the tags - You should be able to right click and save and then print!

Nothing Bundt Cakes - print 2/page to make 5x7 notecards - will need to trim.

 EXTRA mile - print 4/page and the square packs of gum fit perfectly!
Soapin' you have a great summer - Print 6/page to make square tags!

Now all we are waiting on is for you to link-up!

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Show and Tell: Top Ten Travels

I was worried that I wasn't going to have enough to pull a post together for this week's Show and Tell about travelling. And then I started looking at old posts and y'all - How humbling to be reminded of the opportunities I've worked for and been given and how amazing that I get to share these opportunities with my favorite people ever in the whole entire world. I've seen and done some pretty darn amazing things!!

As usual, thanks for another fun topic, Andrea!

Travel doesn't have to mean "expensive" or far away - some of my favorite trips have happened in my own backyard. An hour down the highway or a trip down the street - it really is who you're with that matters. Maybe you don't have the time to take off from work... maybe this is a season where it's hard to get away or you're not quite ready to leave kids... that's OK! Some of my favorite memories are from some of my quickest getaways!!


Live music is good for the soul!!!!! This can be at a bar in town or a trip around the world to see U2 in Ireland (I mean, I couldn't do that, but it's probably awesome!)... concerts are some of my favorite travel memories. Cindy hit it out of the park when she scored us tickets to Adele - as soon as it was over, we were ready to go again!


There is nothing like getting away with girlfriends! Whether to concerts (see above) or with nothing on the agenda at all, time spent with girlfriends is well worth it! Shelly, Holly and I snuck away the first weekend of school for a girls' getaway and instantly deemed it "tradition" worthy!


We could probably never leave the state of Texas and also never run of out things to see! There are tons of treasures waiting to be discovered in your own backyard! We had the best time last year on a 
mini vacay to Galveston. Three hour drive that brought us lots of adventure and fun and laughs that filled our buckets! 


We set a goal to see all 50 states by the time Landry is 21. Crazy, maybe... Awesome? HECK YES!! Y'all - there is so much to do and see and taste and explore right here in the good ol' U S of A... so we want to do and see and taste and explore it all!!! We are clearly not going to be able to stay a week in each state because sadly we aren't independently wealthy and have to pay for things like gas and clothes and wine and food. But that doesn't mean that we can't have the best time checking off items! We took a quick little road trip to Arkansas last spring break and then decided to go even further and drive to Memphis one afternoon. Car rides aren't always the easiest with wee ones, but y'all... they are always worth it!


When one of your lifelong friends sends you a text saying, "Hey.. want to go the Hamptons? I have the house covered just get up here." ... YOU GET UP THERE!!!! The older I get, the more stressed I get, the more consumed I become with other people's needs over my own... the more aware I am at how important it is to take time for myself. You can't fill others' tanks when you're running on empty! Your friend may not send you a random text asking to go to the Hamptons (because who does that?!) but even if it's a trip up the road - GOOOOOOOOO!!!


When Ryan asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas, I honestly wasn't sure. And then we went and I loved it. Of course, we could have stayed at a LaQuinta in Hempstead and I would have been happy. I love spending time with him reconnecting and getting to know who he is in this moment of life. Never underestimate the power of togetherness especially when you are each being pulled in 1283 directions! You will never lose a bet you place all your chips focused on your relationship!

(See what I did there?)


Gulf Shores is still one of my favorite spots we've gone as We5Kings.
Sun - check
Sand - check
Seafood - check
Fun - check, check, CHECK!!!

Y'all. This is one of the most gorgeous beaches, friendliest places, and full of so much fabulous food and fun! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!

And then when you get back from the beach book a trip to New York City. Hands down one of my most favorite places to go EVER in the history of EVER! It may seem overwhelming and crazy cakes to go with the kiddos but y'all there is so much to see and do and tons of cheap or free entertainment! If you are worried or scared or just think I'm crazy, send me a message and I'll give you all my favorite tips and tricks!


Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone and sometimes you lucky out and its part of your job. A few years ago I had the opportunity to chaperone a leadership exchange program to Doha which is Far Far FAR Away. The sites and sounds were breathtakingly beautiful and I will never ever take for granted that experience and opportunity. If you are asked to do something that scares you - DO IT! You will become stronger and so much more prepared to tackle the next unexpected something that pops up because of it!

But listen, as awesome as all these getaways are, there is nothing like going "home" to refresh and reset... especially when home belongs to Gigi and Pops. I am so thrilled my kids get to do LIFE with my parents - the big and small through it all. We love seeing where they grew up and hearing the stories that shaped them. 

Nothing can take the place of traveling... and I can't wait until our next adventure!!!