Friday Favorites Edition: Memories


Facebook memories almost did me in yesterday. Because this is what it showed me....

That's an 11 month old Landry in all her squishy, happy, baby glory.

I can't even take those chubby cheeks, those rolly legs...


Look at those sweet eyes...

Should we also discuss that pony?

She really was the BEST baby. 

Happy, easy, content, an amazing sleeper, and clearly as lovely as God has ever made a baby.

I mean - how does the time pass so quickly? She's a few weeks away from FIVE and I can't deal. The baby growing up is hard because there's no one behind her to fill that role. She's it, the baby. The last one to do baby things and I'm not ready. 

And as I type that, I know that I am ready... because this growing up stuff is fun, too. We can hop in the car on a moments notice. She gets dressed, brushes her teeth, makes her bed, packs a lunch.... and the list goes on and on. Those kinds of things are my favorite because each kid is so proud at being big. So instead of missing the back then, I'll be grateful for the right now. 

I mean, babies are cute and all but they don't wipe those tooshies. 

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Tiny Tales Thursday...

We were getting ready to go to a friends house one night and I grabbed a bottle of wine. The kids didn't know where we were going because we had made plans about 4 minutes before.

Rad: I bet I know where we are going...
Me: You do?
Rad: Yes. The Prochazka's house.
Me: That's right - how'd you know?
Rad: Well, you always bring wine over there.


Radley typically has soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays but since they had a tournament this weekend, the coach gave them Monday off. I was letting him know practice was cancelled on the way to Spanish tutoring...

Me: Rad, no practice tonight...
Rad: Why?
Me: Well, coach thought y'all deserved a night off since you played so much this weekend.
Rad: Oh.
Me: Maybe Dad can take y'all to the park instead.
Rad: Ok!
Emmy: Wellllll... I think I'd rather just make pumpkin cookies.

Sounds good to me!


Soccer, sisters, and sitting on my hands...

Radley had a soccer tournament last weekend - 3 games in 2 days - which was actually not that bad. This was their first game since the first weekend in December so they were a little rough. 

His cheering section was in full force doing things other than cheering.

He's gotten so tall and just looks giant to me. 

I really do love watching him play but I am TOTALLY not cut out to be a sports mom. Y'all - it's just so much. I KNOW it doesn't matter if they win. I KNOW he will be okay when they lose. I UNDERSTAND that it's just a game. 


They ended the weekend 0-3. Yeah. It was bad. On the bright side, they played so well together by the third game and there are plenty of games left in the season.

Plus he really does have the cutest cheering section ever.

Even if they are just cheering on the beanie boos.