Church with me...

One of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave to us was their support in our pursuit of Jesus. Not just at our own church events and services but anywhere we could find Him. Whether it was attending mass as a family, my brother going on a ski trip with his best-friend's baptist youth group, a Bethel Methodist weekend retreat or Sunday service with my bestie at her Assembly of God church. We knew Jesus. 

We knew Him through communion.
We knew Him through prayer.
We knew Him through worship songs with hands extended.
We knew Him kneeling before the stations of the cross.
We knew Him in confession.
We knew Him in tongues. (That may have been my favorite)
We knew Him in Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames.
We knew Him in RAs and GAs and Daisies.
We knew Him in CCD.

I could go on and on. The point is we knew Him. We were encouraged to know Him in any and all ways. I never once felt like I couldn't worship along my friends at their church. I event attempted to bring some of that "revival" to mass but I **may** have been shut down when I tried to clap during the Ave Maria. ;)

Not until I was in college did I start to focus on our differences in Christianity. I wasted time on dissecting what drove us apart rather than focusing on what brings us together. 

His body. 
His blood. 
His sacrifice. 
His grace. 
The Holy Trinity. 

I was able to attend a live taping of one of my favorite podcasts, Sinner Saint Sister this weekend. Allison, the host, brought an amazing group of women together to talk about how we stand united in Christ. Catholic, Protestant, non-denominational... there was a seat for all of us at this table. Just like there is a seat for all of us at His table. 

We heard from a variety of pastors and community members all challenging us with one idea - to leave that sacred space we created in unity. To bring light to our sameness instead of shining down on our differences. Because God wants us united through Him, with Him and in Him. 

As I thought about this, I thought about all those times I went to church with someone else and what an intimate moment that really is. To share your faith with another is sharing the most sacred parts of yourself... 


The actual greatest show...

I know that I talk about my "favorite day of the year" in about twenty different ways... but y'all... this may be my actual FAVORITE day of the year because it was KINDERGARTEN CIRCUS DAY!

I'm sure that we can all agree whether or not you are sending your first kid, your third kid, or even your 10th kid through kindergarten, the year kind of feels like a great big circus! Crazy, fun, a little scary but totally awesome... this event perfectly sums up the entire year in one tiny, ridiculously adorable package. 

The "green group" in dual language showed up ready to be snakes, snake charmers, seals, seal trainers, jugglers and ring master. I mean, can you even with this cuteness?

We took our seats, turned on our cameras, talked about our favorite acts and waited patiently for the actual greatest show to begin and before we knew it, elephants, painted horses, lions, tigers and even some bears began marching in!

Emersyn even got a little weepy this year... "Mom this is the LAST Kindergarten Circus for the Kings. Can you even believe it??" 

I have no idea where she gets her drama from... but I agree with her 100%. There is just something so sweet and special about this school tradition. A momma sitting behind me was talking about when she was a horse in the circus, grandparents talk about when they were in kindergarten at College Hills... I just couldn't love that more!

This show just keeps getting better every single year, and while all the acts are darling, my favorite this year had to be the seals and seal trainer. One in particular was especially talented at getting those seals to clap and flip. 

And of course no circus is complete without strong men and woman(!) ... 

tigers and lions... 

 and of course... painted horses, jugglers, acrobats, clowns, snakes and tight rope walkers!

After the show the talented youth took one more lap around the gym and headed back to real life.

After greeting fans of course!
(Not pictured, a proud daddy that had to return to work and two proud siblings that begrudgingly went back to class!)

But the proudest momma of all managed to snag a picture of the loveliest seal trainer around.

And if you want to take a walk down circus lane


Swim Mom...

Soccer mom.
Dance mom.
Art mom. 
Basketball mom.
Gymnastics mom.

and now...


Radley has finally ventured beyond the field and dove head first into a new sport and we are all loving the change of pace! His biggest cheerleaders have quickly adapted to their new role and can be heard shouting "KICK KICK KICK" and "STAY STRAIGHT" on the sidelines of that pool.

And y'all... Ryan may be loving this the most! I'm honestly here for any sport that allows me the opportunity to sit next to a pool... especially if the choice is between that and being IN the pool. I went to his practice the other day and nearly died just watching.... they swim NONstop. Like hundreds of yards. Back and forth... back and forth... back and forth. Feet never touching the ground. 

Y'all. Just no. 

He's already got a sweet crew of friends and support showing him the ropes and cheering him on and his sisters are there every literal step of the way. Hopefully next summer they will be joining him on this team because beyond the competition, this is fantastic exercise! 

(See the practice reflection above). 

So here's to a new adjective to add to the list of "mom"... my favorite and most treasured title of all!