{NO} Sleepover...

So after we finished up our day filled with all things American Girl, we headed home to keep the party going. Emersyn and I went on a date in April to plan her birthday and she named three things that she wanted:

2. Ears pierced 
3. Slumber party

and as nervous as I was about a house filled with squealing little girls, I also know that one of my fondest memories is my own slumber party in the first grade. So away we went... we spent the afternoon "setting up" which included putting my mirror in the play room for their makeovers, setting up the cake and plates, and assembling the fort. 

And that's it because I'm old school. 

Emmy decided that Chic Fil A trumped pizza so they stuffed their faces with some nuggets and soda and then we headed outside to play non-organized games. ;)

I just wanted one group photo before everyone went wild and y'all... 


I mean when a group of girls can put that smile on your daughter's face - you know you've hit the jackpot. 

You may notice that one kiddo looks a little older. Well, you're right. Sweet Kourtney (far left) is the old sister of Kara (orange tank) and Emmy ADORES her. A.DORES.HER. And she asked me to ask their mom is Kourtney could/would come. I told her that I would certainly ask but that since Kourtney is heading in to the 6th grade and Kara and Emmy are just in 2nd grade, she may have other things that she wants to do. 

Y'all. She not only came, but she played and laughed and goofed off and was such a delight. Let's all raise up some Kourtney's in this world because what a blessing!

They basically just did a whole lot of nothing.

And it was awesome!

By the time the sun went down, they were ready for makeovers. I was able to take one picture and then they made me leave because they wanted me to be surprised for "the show."

Worth.the.wait. They are clearly tigers and put on a "tiger show" for me choreographed to, you guessed it, Eye of the Tiger. 

A couple hours and 183 makeup wipes later and they were (mostly) cleaned off and ready for some cake. I loved listening to their discussions, at one point, Emmy got nervous about something she was doing and said, "but I don't want y'all to laugh at me." and Kara responded with, "Emmy, we're your best-friends, we've never laugh at you."

They ended the night hanging out with Frankie and Johnny, settling in to the fort and sleeping the night away. 

I couldn't be more thankful for the sweet friends that God has gifted my children. They had the best time and made our sweet girl feel so loved and that is the best gift any of us could ever receive. 

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