We 5 Kings

Allow me to tell you a little bit about {the Kings}...

Our story started in the time when fashion was grungy, phones weren't mobile, and people spoke to each other in person - also known as the 90s. Life was simple. 

In this blessed decade of far far away, there was a boy and a girl. 

They met under the most romantic of circumstances hard at work at a local deli. She was the new girl and he was the seasoned employee. While it was not love at first...it was, "he is very cute" and "she has a nice... ehmmm... smile". There was flirting over lettuce, chatting over turkey and maybe even a smooch or two in the freezer. :)

Long story short, they dated for six years, he finally proposed, she said yes and the rest is history in the making! They were eager to create their College Station dynasty and nine short months into marriage discovered that a baby was on the way! Their tiny prince arrived in September of 2007. Radley is kind and caring, sensitive and strong, smart and vulnerable. His eagerness to learn, desire to please, and commitment to be an amazing big brother is such a gift! He teaches us constantly the meaning of love and the significance of grace. He has made every day since the day he arrived one blessing after another...

As the years passed, we knew that we wanted to add to our mini kingdom and God blessed us again with a healthy, beautiful, adorable princess in June 2010. I didn't think that it would be possible to love any more - I wasn't sure my heart would have the room. But the moment that Emersyn arrived, my heart made more than enough room. She is every bit as sassy as sweet. She is like that moment when a sparkler first ignites - so bright that it's blinding. Her stature may be small but she brings a mighty presence to every thing she does. She can work a room. She is delightful and smart. She is beautiful inside and out. She is an amazing sister and a blessed miracle that I never want to take for granted. And while ever moment isn't perfection, every day is joy with her... 

A little after Emmy's first birthday, we discovered that God had mighty plans for our growing monarchy. We had experienced a tough year and our grace was in the miracle of life. Our darling duchess arrived in March 2012, a day late but more than worth the wait. The world better watch out for this one. She is determined, she is strong, she may have a slight stubborn in her, too. More than anything - she is a delight. A precious, joyful, loveable, baby. Our baby. Our surprise of a lifetime. Our grace. She fits perfectly in my arms and belongs in my heart. Our Landry has made out world even more lovely than we could have hoped for. 

The King's lives have become full of the good stuff that makes up our own happily ever after. Our castle is humble and our steeds are almost broken, but the love and joy that enrich our lives daily really are what dreams are made of. 

 Thanks for stopping by - stick around and watch our fairy tale unfold.