Let me see your baby...

I wish I would have kept a journal of things people have said to me over the past nine months. The nerve/lack of sense some people show to pregnant women is astounding and it doesn't end when the belly takes her leave... it just continues.

While I was pregnant I had the pleasure of being told the following things...
  • Wow...I can't believe you're showing that much (I was 23 weeks at this point)
  • You look really tired today, you must feel awful
  • You're getting huge
  • I bet you're ready for her to get here
  • You must be miserable; it's so hot outside
  • I can't believe how swollen you are
  • You're never going to make it to your due date
... the list goes on. And while these may not be the rudest most outrageous things you can say... I still can't believe that people would say them (out loud).

So, when Emmy arrived, I thought I was done with the comments...little did I realize they had just begun...

  • Let me see your baby... I swear it was just like that; like people feel they have the right to stare at my child and this happens everywhere, Target, Kohls, Hobby Lobby... all the SAHM hot spots ;)
  • Look at all that hair... you know it's all going to fall out ... why thank you for letting me know you get that your kid is ugly, right?
  • Are you tired? You look tired.... actually, I feel great although I'm sure that's a great disappointment to you
  • Oh, a girl! How sweet! But she's going to be trouble in 13 years.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is other than to provide a public service announcement to everyone out there that may have said a similar remark to someone you know. I'm sure you meant no harm but let this be a lesson that pregnant women already know that they are bigger than normal... but let's not forget that are GROWING LIFE... let's cut 'em some slack! Only 50% of the population are given the opportunity to do this and a large percentage of that may not be able to conceive, so talk about miracles. Who cares about a little swollen feet, eh?

And when commenting on new babies just stick with "How cute" "What a blessing" "So precious" "That's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen" "You look GREAT", etc...

Once again, enough of my ramblings... I have a face to wash (mine), a baby to feed, and some ice cream to eat... for now enjoy some pics of the last few days...

Playing outside (yes I put my baby in the garage)

Our first "Ladies Lunch" with KK

And a pic with Mommy

Playing outside again, but this time she was being carried

Doesn't he look so big in this picture?

Not sure why this is sideways, but I LOVE this hand-me-down gown from Caro and Anna!


There's a first time for everything...

Emersyn had a lot of firsts this weekend...

First bottle...

First bath...

(her belly button just now fell off!!)

First time meeting her namesake...

Kathryn Estelle Martino, please meet Estelle Emersyn King...

It was love at first site...

Hope your weekend was as great as ours!


Our "SAH" lives...

We've had a fun last week with Dad home. I can't believe that she has been here for almost 3 weeks...and I can't believe that our time with Ryan at home with us is over. I just know that I'm going to cry on Monday morning when he goes to work and not because I don't want to spend time with Emmy, but because I've had so much fun spending time with my best-friend. I really am a lucky little girl.... my fairy tale came true with Ryan and I am so thankful for him.

We were out and about a lot this week!

Tuesday we took Emmy to have her "toes done" at U Paint It! A very fun pottery store in College Station owned by my sweet friend, Penny. Penny should totally be a blogger because she is just fantastic! Always has the perfect witty little ditty to say at any given moment. (I secretly think its because her parents are British and I love British humor... I am also obsessed with thinking that I speak in a very realistic British accent, but then I leap backwards to my stint as Eliza Doolittle in Senior Honors English and am quickly reminded that I do not.)

Okay, back on track... we went to U Paint It...

Ready to stick our feet in some paint...

Dad making sure all my digits are covered

And sweet Hannah who did all the actual hard work! Thank you!!

Emmy did great; not one peep out of her. We were actually in and out of there pretty quickly and I am so excited to get our very fun keepsakes!

Wednesday we kept Radley home from school to watch Toy Story 3... you already know how that ended. I was going to take a picture of all of us in the theater but, well... it wasn't the sweetest moment that I wanted to remember. :)

Thursday we got rained out of our plans to take Radley to a local waterpark, Adamson's Lagoon, so Ryan and I just stayed indoors all day long and loved every minute of the quiet! Once we got Radley from school, he was extra eager to help that night.

Changing diapers

Making sure she has a "nuk" (pacifier) at all times

Friday we took Emmy for her two week check up. She is growing like a weed!!

Length: 20 1/4 inches (apparently 1 1/4 inches growth since birth/she is stretching out!)
Weight: 7lbs 4oz
(I forgot to ask her percentiles, but I'm pretty sure she's as normal as they come!)

She was so funny at the doctor's. Not a peep out of her and while Dr. Henderson was listening to her chest she was just watching him with this little inquisitive look on her face. We also had to take her to get her heel pricked for the NB screen and once again, barely a peep out of her. She made one attempt to cry but then right back to sleep. We were proud of her!

After that, Ryan played golf and I ran some errands and then we ate dinner with The HMMs. We had a great last week as a "SAH" couple and I am so sad to see it end.

Thank you, Ryan... for being the kind of husband that I always dreamed I would have. For changing diapers, doing laundry, cleaning the litterbox, fixing boo boos, making dinner, getting up in the middle of the night to get me water or a blanket. Thank you for being a wonderful Daddy and thank you for loving me and all my crazy ways. We are lucky to have you and I love you so very much!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tiny Tales Thursday

I've got two tales for you today...

Tuesday night Ryan was putting Radley to bed and I was feeding Emersyn. We had already read his allotted three books, said our prayers, etc... and Ryan was laying him down. When Ryan does this it usually means that in 15-20 minutes I have to go into his room and wake up Ryan and tell him to leave. :) However, Tuesday it only took 2 minutes and Ryan was out of the room. I looked at him and asked if Radley had fallen asleep that quickly. Ryan said, "No, he just told me that he was a big boy and would fall asleep in his big boy bed."

Wow... I was proud of him but a little sad, too.

Well, not 2 minutes later I hear a door crack open and hear two little feet start to walk into the family room. I turn around to see Radley complete with blanket, Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story, and his "music" machine on a mission.

I stop him and ask him where he was going.

He says, "I a big boy, Mommy... I go sleep in Mommy and Daddy's big bed."

HA!! What a cutie!

My other tale is not so sweet...it's more of a confession, really.

Yesterday we kept Radley home from school to take him to see Toy Story 3. The whole family (Emmy included) was going. Now, I must admit that I have on many occasions complained about newborns in movies, but this would be different...

1. This was MY newborn; the sweet angel
2. This was a kids movie, so it would be loud anyway
3. She is a GREAT napper and loves the moby wrap so my plan was flawless....

We get to the movies, unload everyone, buy our tickets and make our way inside. Radley is pumped about Buzz and Woody, Ryan is just excited that he's still off work, Emmy is asleep and my plan is coming together nicely.

Then it happens. The STUPID Dolby sound system thingie that is so cool and loud and disruptive wakes up Emmy. I mean, are we in a theater for the hearing impaired? WHY in the world does something need to be that loud?! We can all hear it just fine, feel free to turn it down about 1800000 notches.

She settles down and the movie begins, but it's too late. Not 15 minutes into the thing and she is not having it. I quickly get up because I will NOT be one of those moms and proceed to spend the next hour and a half walking in and out of the theater, up and down, etc... while Radley and Ryan enjoy a sweet afternoon at the movies. I hear it's really good... maybe I'll take Radley to see it again. Alone. :)

Karma really is a ....

Have a great Thursday! Tomorrow is our last day home with Daddy and I am so sad!! I'll be sure to post our week in review! Until then, check out these two cute kids...

He's either trying to be a World Cup soccer player or a 50 year old man

Sweet baby girl


Simple Mistakes....

Ever wonder who coined the term "simple mistake"? Ever also wonder why "simple mistakes" create the greatest inconveniences?

For example, a simple mistake on a test could mean the difference between an "A" and "B" in that class. Misreading the speed limit sign (or just not realizing the limit went down) could mean a ticket/defensive driving. Mistaking salt for sugar...yuck! We made a "simple mistake" of mixing drinks for some guests at a 3202 function with everclear instead of vodka... simple mistake? Yes. Big impact? Heck, yes! ** don't worry, Mom... nothing happened! **

Here are some snapshots of "simple mistakes" in our life recently...

The first mistake was that I have cats. The second mistake was that I left frozen chicken tenders in the sink to thaw. The result was the cats tried to make dinner for themselves and I (nine months pregnant) had to clean it up....

This example was an easy fix. Radley wanted to feed the cats... we got him a special cup with the exact measurements of how much food they get. He went overboard while we weren't watching... the middle bowl was actually full of water.

Third mistake? Well, Radley is a "big boy" now in case you didn't know, and big boys are quite capable of dressing themselves... obviously. Please note that the undies are backwards... he didn't seem to mind.

Well, last night a simple mistake was made and it caused us a lot of grief.

My MIL has been in town for the past few days visiting/helping. She's folded clothes, changed diapers, played with Radley, loved on Emersyn, etc... Last night she gave Radley a bath and got him ready for bed and unbeknownst to Mom and Dad put real underwear on Radley instead of a pull-up. While this is fine during the day, at night (as we later found out) is not good because well, he's 2...and a boy... and doesn't "hold it" all night.

Ryan and I have been very smart this time around and go to bed when we put Emmy down at 10 or 10:30pm. Last night she was a dream! She fell asleep early (9:30) and was O-U-T! She was going to be a marathon sleeper, we could feel it!!

Well, at 1:00am our other sweet child wakes us up with his precious voice screaming, "Mommyyyyy, Daaaadddddy". Ryan goes to check on him to see what's wrong. Radley tells him he wants to come to Mommy and Daddy's room because his bed is wet. Surely, he's not saying....yep. Radley wet the bed... clear to the brand new mattress. Radley was confused, Ryan was annoyed and I was just trying to figure it all out in my head.

Simple Mistake. BIG annoyance.

We start to clean the mess up and Radley thinks he's in trouble because we have to take away his sleeping gear, which now consists of blankets, stuffed animals and Buzz Lightyear. I am trying to reassure him that he's not in trouble that we just have to wash everything and he just looks so sad.

Ryan is trying to remain calm and not lose it, moving the mattress outside to air out, washing sheets, etc... I'm still trying to get Radley to understand he's not in trouble. Emmy is sleeping. Fely is watching The Bachelorette. :)

By the time it's all cleaned up, Emmy decides she is ready to eat (2:00am) and Radley wants to sleep with Mom and Dad. We talk him into sleeping on his trundle but he remains awake until 3:30am.... Emmy wakes up again at 5:15am to eat and well, we just hope that tonight is a bit smoother.

I think we'll keep Radley in pull-ups until he leaves for college. Anyone know a good trick for cleaning a mattress???

Simple mistake.


Weekend Recap...

Not much to say... it was an incredibly LAZY weekend in the KINGdom, which was nice. We had a great day yesterday celebrating the wonderful Dad in our lives. Radley, Emersyn and I are so lucky to have Ryan...he is more than I could have hoped for in a husband and all that any child needs in a dad, role model, disciplinarian and friend.

We celebrated by staying at home all day flipping between the World Cup and US Open...it was sports heaven for Dad's today. I also cooked him one of his favorites...spaghetti and gravy complete with bruschetta, salad, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. It was a great way to celebrate him and what he means to us. WE LOVE YOU RYAN and are so thankful for you!

We have a pretty low key week ahead. Ryan is home with me for one more week and I am pumped! It is so nice to have him around and I am going to be sad when he has to go back to work. We're going to try to go to a local water park with Radley this week, paint some pottery with Emersyn and I may go get a massage!

Until then... enjoy some pics from the weekend!

The best daddy in the world!

Helping mommy make chocolate chip cookies

Helping daddy open presents

I thought these pics were cute... the first one is Emmy and the second is Radley. Can you tell they are related?

And I can't have a Dad's Day post without recognizing my own Dad. I love you, Dad! Thanks for everything that you have done and will do for all of us! You are the best!


Mommy Guilt....

Well, it has officially begun. Mommy guilt has arrived and I need to figure out how to get rid of him. (Him, because men always find a way to make women feel guilty about something... don't ya think?)

MG shows up at the most random times:
1. Dressing Emersyn in crazy cute embroidered outfits and thinking that Radley lived in a Carter's onesie (also cute) for the first year of his life
2. Taking newborn pictures with Sarah and thinking that all we have of Radley is our Sears shots (which I also love)
3. Looking at all the pictures of Radley in the hospital and realizing we took half that amount of Emmy
4. Putting Emmy's baby book together and noticing that hers may already be more full than his (we just knew what to document this time... I'm resisting the urge to add to his)
5. Dropping Radley off at school knowing that Emmy and I are just going to watch movies and run errands all day
6. Looking at all our photo albums with 1000s (no exaggeration) of pics of Rad complete with captions and laughing because I know that I won't keep up with her

... the list could go on and on ...

And then in the same breath, I think... "ARE YOU CRAZY, Katy?!?!" What do I really have to feel guilty about? Are my kids loved? Yes! Are they fed? Yes! Are they incredibly spoiled by all that meet them? YES! YES! YES!!

But I can't stop. Part of me thinks that being Catholic automatically makes me feel guilt... I mean what is confession for? (Just kidding Mom, Dad, etc... ) The other little part of me thinks that my Type A personality of wanting to conquer it all has something to do with it. (May I also add that I love and appreciate my Type A personality... it allows me to be organized, to stay sane and to maintain order and discipline in my somewhat crazy life. Because of a schedule I am able to accomplish tasks that would otherwise seem impossible to do. Okay, I just had to let that out knowing all of you out there that love to point out how organized I am.) And then there is the part of me that is visioning 20 years from now and hearing who got what and who didn't. ALL of me knows it's silly... but MG still creeps in.

How do we stop him? How do we make him realize that he can't win?!? I think whoever figures out that answer should write a book... let me know and I'll help with the project because we'd make millions!

I know that MG will creep in from time to time but I just have to shove him away and proceed (as planned, Ha!) with our lives! BUT...if any of you moms have pointers out there... feel free to leave me a comment and tell me your secrets!

On another note...

Lola is here for a visit...

And I know two kids who may get spoiled by someone else in the next few days!

Have a great weekend!


Tiny Tales Thursday

I must admit that although Emersyn has been good to us so far (everyone please knock on wood) my brain is still in that daze that comes after giving birth to a child. So... I have not done a great job documenting Radley stories.

We continue to have several more "bridge" one liners that I admittedly coerce out of him simply because its funny.

Yesterday Ryan and I were talking to Radley at dinner and he asked when Megan was coming over. We both looked at each other and had no idea who Megan was.

Us: Is Megan new at school?
R: No.
Us: Is Megan a toy?
R: No.
Us: Is Megan a friend?
R: No.
Us: Is Megan a teacher?
R: NO... she's a LADY.

Oh, our bad.

We took newborn/family/sibling photos today with Sarah Giles and I could not be happier! Emmy was a real trooper and great little model sleeping through the entire shoot and allowing us to pose her in all sorts of fun positions! Radley was a great helper and super cute as usual! I don't know how long I can stand the wait (hint hint, Sarah! :)) but I know that it will definitely be worth it!

I learned some tricks of the trade on how to get a baby to sleep and it was really fun to watch Sarah in action. She is just great, so if you live in B/CS or and are thinking of getting some photos done (or don't live here and want pictures done in the area) then you should think about using Sarah! The link to her webpage is on the left.

For now, I'll leave you with some amateur photography...

Time for bed

These were Radley's pjs... can't believe that he was that tiny!

Silly little man

Sweet little lady


I love...

We've had a fun past few days. My parents came into town for the weekend and Mom stayed until this morning to help out. We took Emmy on a shopping spree yesterday to get some essentials for an upcoming photo shoot (oh the suspense is just killing you already, huh?) and sadly I was a bad blogger and did not document the occasion!

Radley went back to school yesterday and although he was sad when Ryan dropped him off, something tells me he had a great time with all of his friends. This week is VBS at school and he was excited to get a new shirt. Maybe it will fit him in the next 4 years...

After we picked him up from school, we all headed to the Farmer's Market to get some fruit and veggies. Somehow I managed to bruise his EAR!?!? He was sitting in the buggy and I ran into a curb (insert women drivers remark here) and it made him hit the cart and bruise his ear. Is that not the strangest thing you've seen? A few fresh strawberries made him feel much better though!

GiGi set up shop in the backyard when we got home so I could pick up around the house. Ryan got stuck on an awful route yesterday and didn't get home until after 10pm! I was so thankful to have Mom here, she is a GREAT distraction for Radley and just loves to love on Emmy. Thanks for all your help, Mom! Radley and Emmy already miss GiGi but something tells me that we will see you soon!

We ended the day with a home cooked meal provided by one of our friends, Angie. Lasagna, salad, bread and watermelon for dessert... it was DELICIOUS! Angie... you can cook for us anytime! Thanks so much!!

Today was much of the same... except Ryan decided that he wanted to take advantage of his vacation week and stayed home. He somehow managed to pinch a nerve in his neck, so it was a great excuse... that and this cute little face...

She was lost in sleep as her Big Brother played outside in his pool. I am loving having a "summer baby" and can't wait for all the fun we have ahead of us!

I will leave you with a quick video courtesy of our new Flip camera! (Thanks, GiGi and Pops...Ryan LOVEs his bday/dad's day gift!!)

So I am having some technical difficulties uploading a video through blogger. Argh. It is the cutest thing ever, too! I will keep trying to figure it out...if anyone knows how to make it work, please let me know!


Big Brother, big helper...

Someone is smitten with his little sister...

But who wouldn't be when she makes these faces?!? (Anyone else picturing Zoolander?)

You think he's ready to babysit yet?!?

What a fairy tale indeed...


You've Got Mail...

Who doesn't love getting mail? I think my not-so-secret obsession for the perfect stationery has something to do with it.... but that's another post for when I reveal my business ventures!

As soon as Radley and I get home each day, we kick off our shoes and head out the mail box. The days that Ryan comes home for lunch and has it waiting on the counter, just isn't the same (sorry, babe).

We peek inside and just hope that something fun is waiting! Sometimes we are disappointed with bills, junk mail, return to senders, wrong addresses, etc... But sometimes... we hit the jackpot!!

Yesterday was one of those days...

Radley and Emersyn got a package (THANK YOU, Bebe and Papa)!! He was just so excited to open it...

He was even more excited to see the tractors inside... although he keeps asking me what each part is for and I have no idea! That will be a lesson he can learn when we send him to HC with Caro and Anna one summer!!

We have settled in nicely at home. Radley is still in love with his baby sister and doesn't like to share her too much. He's been a great helper and extremely understanding of not getting all the attention all the time. I'm really proud of him.

We are excited about this weekend... headed to an engagement party for Stu and Kelly tonight and of course the World Cup has begun so Ryan has been glued to the TV. And I'm even interested in all this conference changing nonsense that is taking place... ME... the non-sports/non-news watching girl. It's just CRAZY! I mean (not that I want to start a riot) but I for one don't want to compete in the SEC... they are a dynasty! We'll see... I'm clearly no expert.

Other than that...just hanging out and enjoying the ease of summer! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Here are some pics to make you smile on a Saturday morning...

Thought I'd share my title for the day...


Tiny Tales Thursday

While today's tale may not be tiny... the subject of said tale certainly is!!!

As I mentioned before, Sunday night Ryan and I had a "date night" since we new that Emersyn was going to arrive any day. Well, we clearly didn't realize that "any day" would be the NEXT day! I felt "normal" all day and starting having small contractions around 11pm but nothing out of the ordinary. I went to bed but woke up around 1am with stronger contractions.

1am turned to 4am and Ryan was trying to convince me to go to the hospital. I refused to go "too early" because I didn't want them to send me home (as they had done with Radley). So I am stubborn and set out to drink 32 oz of water in an hour, take a long bath, walk, etc... just to make sure that this was the real deal.

By 5:30am if this wasn't it, then she was staying in forever! We called Uncle Pete to be on Radley duty, packed up the car and headed up to St. Joseph's. By this time the contractions were starting to feel more like back labor pains which was not fun at all. Needless to say, I was very excited to see this sign...

One last stop for a photo op (sorry about the fog...cold car + humid Texas = foggy lense). Check out that BELLY!

So I was admitted and we made some phone calls to very surprised and happy people! GiGi and Pops headed down to CS (sorry about that ticket, Dad!) and I was feeling good from my new BFF, Epi Dural.
Josh and Cindy came by around 9:30 to say hello and my Mom and Dad arrived soon after that. My other BFF, Sammy the L&D Nurse (who also delivered Radley), said that it would probably be later in the afternoon before we would meet Emmy. Dr. Dawson had two surgeries that morning and they don't want me to progress to too quickly so that he could handle those cases. I was settled and happy and feeling no pain at all... so that sounded fine to us.

Around 10:10am Dr. Dawson stopped by for a visit and to check on my progress. My parents kindly left the room, Ryan was getting some coffee and I was thinking that it would still be hours before she arrived. HA!! Dr. Dawson looks up and says, "Well, you ready to meet your daughter?" I'm so confused..."What?!?" Ryan walks in and I told him, "Babe, I think they want me to push." He's so confused... "What?!?"

At 10:20am Estelle Emersyn King had arrived. Healthy. Crying. Beautiful. Pink. It was love at first site...

It was just crazy how fast it all happened! And I thought Radley came in a hurry... I guess when a girl decides to do something, she does it! :)

Meanwhile, my parents are in the hallway thinking that I'm just getting checked out. Ryan goes to let them back in and I'm holding Emmy in a blanket. My mom looks at me and says, "very funny." I'm confused again because surely someone had told them that I was pushing. Nope. When they peeped around the blanket to see their granddaughter, I thought they were both going to faint right there!! HA!!

Definitely a moment to remember.

Since then, we've all been doing well. Emmy is a sweet baby (for now) and I hope that she stays that way. Radley is S-M-I-T-T-E-N with his baby sister!! I am so proud of him and he has been such a giant helper. He is just so excited that she is here and that we are all finally at home!

Here are some pictures from the last few days...

Sammy, the best nurse ever!

Our first pic with Emmy

Our "tiny tale"

Just looking cute after her bath

First family photo

Emmy and KK

Ra Ras


Day 2 with Big Brother

Love from GiGi

Holding his sister

Look out world, the King/Munsons have expanded!

We just had to try a bow out in that hair

Taking a nap

Daddy's little girl...ready to go home

Let's get out of here

Radley was SO excited to have Emersyn next to him in the car

Welcome home
Good night sweet sister...

Have no fear...there will be PLENTY of pictures posted soon. For now, we are just trying to get in a routine, get some rest and enjoy being a family of four. Thank you to everyone that came to visit, sent flowers, sent prayers and thinks of us daily. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of family and friends!!

We love you!!

And, just because Radley has some pretty funny "tiny tales" I leave you with this...

One day last week Radley was playing with his trains in the living room. He kept telling me something that I clearly did not understand.

R: I need a big b*@#&, Mommy.
K:Ummm... excuse me?
R: I need a big b*@#&, Mommy.
K: One more time.
R: I need a big b*@#&, Mommy.

Finally, I looked around at what he was trying to do... build a BRIDGE. OHHHHHHH....right.

That kid. He's cute.