Watch me, momma...

Watch me.

How many times have I heard those words?

Watch me jump.
Watch me dance.
Watch me draw.
Watch me race.
Watch me walk.
Watch me ride.
Watch me cook.
Watch me ::insert bodily function of choice here::

Watch me.

Sometimes it's tiring. Sometimes I don't want to watch or listen or play. I just want to sit in the quiet of the house or room and do nothing at all.

But I watch.
I cheer.
I play along.
I guess.
I pretend to eat a five course meal of strawberries, tacos, hot dogs, hot fudge and milk.
I watch.

Sometimes I want to close my eyes because their bravery takes my breath away. I falter between watching and looking away. Trying to convince myself not to say "be careful" and instead allow them to have courage and test their own abilities.

I watch.

And in me watching them they see that I am there. Interested. Engaged and willing to spend my time cheering them on to whatever feat they try next. Even when I'm tired or busy or just not in the mood. For me the watching can be repetitive, but for them, the adventure is always new.

I'm so thankful to have front row seats of their adventure. To be the cheering section and coach. The medic and the instigator. The mom and the audience.

Because one day all too soon, the tables will turn. They won't need me to watch. They won't want me to watch. When that day comes, I'll have these days to look back on and remember.

Watch me, momma.

Watch me.



The weekend at the beach kind of left us wanting summer - we could just skip right over spring break and head into June. The weather has been so hot and my wardrobe is confused. I started the week unable to pick out a single thing to wear and ended up in stripes and floral. Didn't hate it... didn't quite think it was the best.

Wednesday night I settled in for This is Us. Wine is necessary to make it through each week. Y'all. You HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW!!!

This scene got me. My grandmother died when I was 20 and the last thing she wanted to do was go to the beach with me and mom on our annual trip. My Nanan and Aunt drove her to College Station and she and I headed to Port Aransas alone in the car. It was a long four hours of her sleeping, getting sick and eating nothing by apples and cheese. I still can't eat a fruit and cheese tray without thinking of Grandmother. I wish my 20 year old self would have recognized the gift that those hours in the car were. 

By the next morning I was all smiles with a fresh made breakfast a la Emmy and Landry.

(Feel free to ignore that puffy face.)

The weather was way too beautiful to sit inside so Kayla and I brought our work to the balcony. Talk about an office with a view!

I was asked to pick six songs for a little CD mixing and y'all... I couldn't pick six songs. It was so so so much harder than I thought it would be. In the end, I selected 6 that made the most sense for the receivers of the CD and I'm so stinking pumped to post what this is for SOOOOOON!

You know that moment when you think, "Man. I am rocking at this parenting gig. My children are well fed, well read, well bred you could say."

Yeah. Me either.

Please try not to be intimated by my parenting skills. I looked up at dinner and saw this. Somewhere behind those boxes are two little girls and their big brother. 

Friday morning Cindy and I had a make-up Valentine/pre birthday breakfast date. We solved all the world's problems per usual and managed to make it to work on time.

She gave me my birthday present early and if you know anything about me at all then you know that this mustard yellow tote was PERFECT!

My students had a fundraiser bright and early on Saturday morning. Drew is an exec from last year and could hand's down run all of these events in my absence. This is basically us for every picture. Me making sure I'm on the right side, him combing his hair and making fun of me. 

This group of freshmen and their team had over FOUR HUNDRED runners at this event and raised over $1200 for our service events. 

And this crew is always behind the scenes making it happen. Love my job and the work that I get to do!

ESPECIALLY on days like this!

I ordered this darling little cross body from Stella and Dot at the close of my party and could not love it more. The strap comes completely off and it's small enough to be  wallet. DARLING.

My early birthday celebrations continued with a visit from Gigi and Pops. Y'all. I am ridiculously spoiled. And I love it!

How cute are these pjs? I was actually there when my mom got them and totally forgot about them. I do that all the time which basically makes me the easiest person to shop for because I was so dang excited about them! Super comfortable and the perfect thing as me and Rad finish out the series.

These cuties opened up a "reshdront" for us on Sunday morning. Know what's cuter than little kids spelling big words? 


Sunday afternoon was our big birthday celebration for mom. We all headed to Christopher's for a fantastic brunch. Seriously so good!! (Thanks, Pops!)

The sun was definitely shining and I can't stop laughing at all these pictures.

After brunch the kids went to play dates and the grownups headed to OPAS for Jersey Boys! Such a fun day celebrating the best momma I know!

And that's us in an instant! Have a great week!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

My birthday is right around the corner and Emersyn wanted to make sure she had some things straight.

Emmy: Momma, when were you born?
Me: 1979
Emmy: And you're still ALIVE?!?!

I guess she wanted to make up for it later when I was putting her to bed...

Emmy: I love you so much, Momma.
Me: I love you so much, too, Emersyn.
Me: Do you know how much I love you?
Emmy: Yes
Me: Are you sure?
Emmy: Well, is it more than Landry?

That girl. Wouldn't trade her for a thing!

Take me to the beach...

We had the best three day weekend y'all - on somewhat of whim we decided to head south to Port Aransas. We hadn't been to the beach in what seemed like forever and it ended up being the best idea.

And bonus: Gigi and Pops came with us! (My dad even took Monday off from work - that's huge!) My mom's birthday was this week so this was the perfect way to celebrate her!

Everything is just better at the beach.

I really think the waves wash away every single stressful item and you just "be". 

I think it's how God really intended us to spend most of our days.

Surrounded by his beauty. 

Enjoying His creation.

Living outdoors.

Disconnected from our daily distractions.

This guy made their smiles even brighter. They miss him so much, we all do. They worked so sweetly together on that sand castle and they were so proud to show it off to me when they were done. And we couldn't have asked for better weather on Saturday. We stayed on the beach from 9am until 1pm with just some snacks and water to hold us over until lunch. We headed back to the most amazing beach house ever (more on that later) for a some quick naps before heading back to the beach for more. 

Emersyn decided that she wanted to build a sand castle all by herself and she was doing such a great job. Until the sand started to dry out and her castle began to collapse.

This is the face of a discouraged six-year-old that likes things to work how she wants them to.

So she took a quick break with Gigi and then got up to finish...

And made the best castle we had seen all day long!

As the sun started to set, we went exploring for some shells...

practiced some penalty kicks...

And copied big sister with a castle of her own.

I could relive this weekend over and over and never grow weary. Take me to the beach any day and you will have a happy hearted momma!



We had a long weekend but I still didn't manage to get around to blogging a thing. Oh well!!

Our week started with one of the BEST meals Ryan has made to date. For some reason we had about 1830 onions on hand, so he decided he was going to make french onion soup. On an 80 degree day. In February. But y'all - it was SO DANG GOOD! The kids even ate the broth with some rotisserie chicken but I gobbled down every single bite. We froze most of it for that random day in March that will inevitably be freezing. Way to go, babe! 

Since Ryan was home on Monday night, Landry INSISTED that we open our Valentine gift together. She was so dang proud and simply giddy while we were opening her hard work and I couldn't love it more. We have the frame displayed in a space of honor because #truth the third kid doesn't have many pictures in the house. 

Some years I basically forget holidays and some years we go all out - there is no in between. And yes, this is "all out" for us. Cindy found those beanie boo slippers at WalMart and the girls are IN LOVE. They wear them everywhere - to school if I'd let them. And the hats are from the $1 spot at Target. 

As much as I love red, I have hardly any in my closet. I do have this darling skirt that I paired with my new favorite denim shirt and just kind of loved this look. Ps. The skirt has pockets.

And I may be a little biased, but I think that I have the best valentine's around!!

And if all the sweetness from Valentine's wasn't enough - it was COSTUME TRY ON DAY!!! The theme for this year's recital is Annie. Emersyn's class is dancing to "Never Fully Dressed" (but the new version) and she couldn't be more excited!

And y'all. Not gonna lie - I want Landry's costume in my size. CAN YOU EVEN DEAL!?!?! Her leotard is actually shorties and her ballet dance is to "Tomorrow" and she will definitely probably sing the entire time. I can't wait!

Friday morning Cindy and I got to visit with the darling Mr. Zeke Burns, first born to the AMAZING Sarah Giles Burns. You know her from all the photos she's taken of the kids over the years. Zeke decided he was super over all the picture taking and since he's such an overachiever, decided that instead of just pooping on all of the props like a regular kid, he'd land himself in the hospital for 2 weeks. He's just the cutest, sweetest, little guy and he has been surrounded by prayers from so many people!

Friday night we headed out of town for the long weekend and woke up to this view in Port Aransas!

The next three days were seriously so relaxing and fun. The perfect way to unwind and enjoy the extra day from school. We did lots of wave jumping, sand castle building, and lots of snuggling on the sand.

I have decided that there is nothing better than warm coffee on a cool morning walking down the beach. 

Especially since this guy got to be there with us!

And if all that wasn't enough - ICE CREAM for breakfast y'all because you don't want it to go to waste!

Full beach post coming soon - but for now, that's us in an instant!