Harry + Junie B.

One of my favorite events of the year was on Friday... the College Hills Annual Book Character Parade!

Supergirl was ready to watch!

I am seriously always so amazed at the creativity - CAMP took the prize for me - they each dressed up as their favorite Dr. Seuss book.

The only thing I don't like about the parade is that it's almost impossible to watch AND take pictures. 

I spotted Harry pretty easily and snapped a few good ones of him. 

This kid. His first attempt at creating the cover of the book included writing the title and that's it. He has a tendency to just want to finish things and move on because he doesn't want to miss what's next. Or because he just wants to check it off his list.  (Ehm, he **may** get that activator/achiever combo from me). Once I finished threatening to take away something he evaluated and processed his decision, he completed his second attempt and came up with this masterpiece. 

Mrs. Fargason was cracking me up - she has been so much fun this year. 

We seem to have a trend of fun teachers - loved seeing Mrs. Vega as Pinkalicious... 

and I'm not sure who Mrs. Adams was, but she clearly rocked it. 

Where is Waldo? Oh - he's right there! 

I spotted a familiar little Junie B. and crew...

she was walking with her bestie, Fancy Nancy.


I just love this day so much - even if I don't know the books, I know that each person that dressed up like a book character chose that character for a reason.

Once the parade is finished, we all gather in the gym for a pep rally...

the teachers put on a "show"...

and (my favorite part) the band, cheerleaders, football players and dancers from AMCHS come and address the kiddos. 

The whole morning is meant to promote reading and I love it!

Four down... five to go! Can't wait to see all the characters they will pick!

What character would you be?


We had a whirlwind week of fall fun that included some finishing touches on someone's Halloween costume... 

Monday kicked off Red Ribbon week and I while I didn't post a picture every day, I did TAKE a picture every day. (I mean, after school counts, right?)

Monday was "Drug Free America" so they were asked to wear patriotic colors. Poor Rad, he was fresh from soccer practice and covered in sweat but I had to snap the pic. :)

That night I went to check on the kids before heading to bed and I just love when I catch them like this. Some day I feel like the worst mom - always failing at something whether it's at work or home... but moments like this let me know I must be doing something right. 

Tuesday was "Don't let drugs ruin your dreams" (I think) so kids dressed up as their dream jobs.
Emmy - Teacher
Radley - Professional soccer player
Landry - little sister that didn't want to be left out

Meanwhile at my dream job.... 


We got fancy at dance. She thought this was the coolest hair ever which just reminds me that kids really are easy to please. 

Tuesday night we celebrated our last Family Fall Fun Night at the WDS with these two. 

So grateful for the almost EIGHT years we will have spent here. These three sure have been loved over the years. 


Wednesday: Crazy sock day - not gonna lie - I was disappointed in their lack of enthusiasm. :)

During Wednesday night soccer practice, I try to stay moving the entire 1.5 hours. The girls will ride their scooters while I struggle to keep up and then I'll do a bootcamp type workout while they play on the playground. We needed to head to pick up Radley and they wouldn't let me leave without taking a picture of their castle. I have no idea how all that sand got on the sidewalk - they assured me that it wasn't them, but they were extremely proud of all those sticks they collected. 

Bath and bed time routines were fast and furious because Shelly and Holly were heading over for some much needed wine time. Shelly was so excited that she was sitting outside our front door and the kids saw her before I did...and wanted to know what our plans were. I **may** have implied that we were going to discuss a bible study. Radley then filled Shelly in on all the ways that we can talk to God, I think. I got the kids to bed and then we proceeded to just hang out, sip some wine and laugh enough to fill up our tanks. Love these women!

Thursday: I basically have no idea what the theme was - something about not letting drugs hunt you down? Clearly wearing camo keeps you drug free. That's Emmy's "I'm hiding from drugs" face. 

By the time I was walking into work on Thursday, I was extra grateful for the decision oh-so-many-years ago to become a coffee drinker as a my NY Resolution. I was in grad school and while I've always liked coffee, I made it part of my morning routine to drink coffee. 


The kids got a fun Halloween treat in the mail from Aunt Niki and Uncle Joe this week. They loved that one of the jokes allowed them to say an "unapproved" word:

Question: What did the zombie say to the vampire?
Answer: You suck.

I loved that this is how she addressed the envelope.

(I also love that we've been friends for so long that I knew who it was from by the handwriting.)

Halloween Party number one on Thursday night - seriously such a cute crew. Caroline seemed so grown up to me - she wanted to get dressed in the bathroom, she had a specific request for a hair style...it's crazy how and when it hits  you that these kids become bigger and bigger at such a rapid rate. 

We ended the week with one of my favorite days of the year - the College Hills Elementary Book Character Parade! May I present...

Junie B. Jones - First Grader at Last

Harry Potter... 

and Supergirl?

L's school was hosting superhero day, so she was super excited that that she also got to dress up. When I asked her to go put on her tennis shoes, she replied, "You mean boots? Because super heroes wear boots."

I can't even stand how adorable they are. 

Meanwhile, I was just thankful that I could get away with this outfit on a Friday at work. The struggle of an out of town husband M-F is real. Update on life post coming soon. 

I can probably count the number of times I've read a magazine cover to cover on two hands in the past nine years. Friday afternoon, I called off all the "must dos" and decided to settle in on my favorite spot in the house for some "want to" time. And I read this beautiful, glorious, glossy spread cover to cover. And the kids survived. 

I don't even remember what we ate for dinner - I think I fed them. I do remember that we had a movie marathon and watched some flicks while snacking and laughing and reading. My mom sent me a text letting me know that she and my dad were going to our high school football game. 

TWENTY YEARS ago was my senior year. HOW in the world did that happen??? TWENTY YEARS.

2 - 0.

10 x 2.


RHS still really is the best. 

Meanwhile, Ryan made it home after 10pm and found this:

Saturday morning we were greeted with some major fog but that didn't put an end to futbol. This week Rad's club team scrimmaged the girls' club team. We had so much fun cheering on both groups and Ryan and I voted that while the score was in favor of our boys, that the girls played a much more disciplined game. :) 

Post soccer, we traveled to campus to get our early voting in. We wanted to bring the kids to have the discussion about why we vote and how lucky we are to get to vote. We set some clear rules about voice levels and opinion keeping. Radley is so interested in all of it and has some very real opinions on some of the candidates. I'm just amazed by his questions and thoughtfulness because I'm pretty sure I didn't really "care" until I was 20. 

We went to mass on Saturday evening and a skipped nap meant that this girl was angelic during church. ;) 

Family date night to watch the Aggies and enjoy some Grub!

Sunday was an "everyone MUST nap" day. We went to check on the girls and couldn't find Emmy .... she was under her bed. HA!

We rounded out the week with some Pokemon pumpkin carving and took at least 20 pictures before we got one where everyone could be seen!

And that's us in a not-so-Instant!