Coach King...

Soccer season is back in the swing of things for spring which means we are all resuming our normal positions. While I was busy snapping pictures, Emersyn was dressed to play....

Landry had settled in as snack taster...

and Ryan was on the field with his new assistant, Radley. Yep, Coach King has stepped up his game and is now coaching both Radley and Emersyn. And I'll admit when he signed up (without really letting me know), I instantly thought, "Great. That's just one more thing to do/plan/organize/attend". 

And I shouldn't have done that. Instead I should have thought, that's one more opportunity for him to influence the kids. That's one more way for us to give back. That's one more night together as a family. That's one more way that he gets to show our kiddos that he loves them.

And is there really too many ways to do that?

Seeing him out there is always fun - I love watching him do something he loves. I love knowing that he's using his skills in a positive way. I love knowing that this is his opportunity to be a servant leader and model the way not just for our kids, but for the kids in our community. 

And I loved the smile on her face with her Daddy as her coach.

Because when she gets to be as big as this kid, his stance gets sturdier, his voice gets deeper, his expectations get higher and his rules get stricter. 

But his love for the game, and our kids never fails. 

And the smiles are still on the face of those players - even after a not-so-great game. 

Husband. Father. Friend. Coach. 

What a gift he is to me. 

Lessons from Radley...

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from the school nurse, which is never good. The following conversation happened:

Nurse Reeda: Katy?
Me: Yes...
NR: This is Nurse Reeda from CHE...
Me: Hi... everything ok?
NR: Well, Radley was playing soccer and fell down and broke...
Me: Oh no...he broke his arm, or his leg, or his nose, or his elbow, or...
NR: His tooth. His front left permanent tooth. It's chipped in half.
Me: Oh how I wish it was his arm, or his leg, or his nose, or his elbow, or...
Me: Is he ok??

She let me know he was fine and not in any pain and handled it like a champ. 

I, on the other hand, was a mess. I was just so flustered about one more week of a kiddo being sick or hurt. Leaving work. Not having Ryan around to just hug ME and clearly that was the selfish part. I also immediately thought of poor Radley - and having to deal with this forever. I was worried he was in pain. That he'd get teased. And a million other things. 

Instead I arrived to the nurses's office to a kid calmly doing his homework. His first words were, "Mom - it's ok. It's not that big of deal - it's not like anyone died." 

Right. Perspective, kid. Thanks. 

We made our way to the dentist and got the good news that he managed to miss the nerve - we made an appointment for two weeks from the accident and waited. In the meantime, he looked adorable with that chipped tooth.

He was a champ - he was brave when he wanted to be scared. He was still when he wanted to move. He wanted to learn about all of it as it happened. 

And his smile returned - just like new. 

For an hour. Because when we got back to school I looked down and his tooth was chipped. Again.


Y'all. I still can't believe that it happened. I am in actual disbelief that this was even a possibility. I mean, I knew that we'd probably have to get it replaced but not AN HOUR AFTER IT WAS FIXED!

 I was frustrated for Radley. I was annoyed that the dentist office scheduled us for MARCH 18 to get it fixed. I was worried that he was in pain. I was maybe a tiny bit hysterical. 

But luckily we have great friends that offered to fix his tooth the next day. So we made our way back to the dentist, where Radley knew exactly what was going to happen. He knew he'd get a shot. He knew he'd be uncomfortable. He knew he'd have to be still. He knew that it may fall off again. 

But once again he showed courage. He showed bravery. He showed me that sometimes you just have to do things you don't want to do and you get the choice in how you'll face that thing.

Most importantly, he showed me that with faith you can face anything - even sitting in a chair for another hour getting your tooth fixed just praying that this time it lasts. 

(And it did.) 

(For now.)



This may be the shortest InstaKings ever. Honestly, it's because I rely so heavily on my phone to capture our moments these days that I've used those pictures in actual posts. I should probably start using my big girl camera more often. 

One afternoon Radley asked me if he could take a nap and when I looked up at him I honestly thought I was looking in a mirror. He's gotten so long and his hair and my hair are the exact same color and since it's gotten so long, I just had to laugh at how identical we seem. 

I promise that these kids are half of Ryan - they just really look like me.

We have a Starbucks in the bookstore down stairs from my office so I take advantage of their frequent user card. You know the first nine times I bought one I got a tall and then the free is always a venti!

Besides the perks of coffee, this year the Division of Student Affairs has allocated funding for wellness classes that all DSA staff can take for free. This group of MSC women signed up for yoga so you can imagine our surprise when Thursdays ended up being resistance training instead. 

#werockedit #Imakeanawfulmeanmug

Friday was a fun day in our house. 
Landry's school was celebrating Disney
Emmy got to dress like a cowgirl
And well, Radley got to be an 8 year old boy that dresses himself. 

And that's us in an instant!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Mommy. If you get bwain fweeze...you just stawp and don't take anudder bite. Ok?

Landry, age 3
Ice cream connoisseur


Rad's Reconciliation....

Saturday was a big day for Radley's walk in the Catholic community and something about the day made me realize just how big and grown up he really is. Catholics recognize seven sacraments in our faith - and Radley was set to make his First Reconciliation.  

That morning we laid out some of the keepsakes from his baptism like his gown and baptismal candle and talked about his journey in the Christian community and Catholic faith. 

He is so eager to learn and discover new things and I love his excitement in really understanding the commitment and meaning behind his journey of faith.

Radley and Ryan have been attending sacramental preparation classes since September to prepare for this day as well as when he receives his First Communion. They read scripture and discuss the works of Jesus and relate directly to the works he does in each of us. 

Reconciliation is a time for us to reflect on when we've run astray in our walk and seek redemption in God. Our christian journey began in baptism where we are blessed by Jesus' own baptism and our baptism day is even more important than the day we were born as we were welcomed into the family of God. As we approach reconciliation, we are reminded that God has been with us since that day - he is present in our scriptures, in our prayers, and in each of the sacraments in which we honor Him. We are reminded that we don't fight sin alone, we fight sin with Him and through Him and He offers us His grace even when it's not deserved. 

I love that this very real experience serves as a constant reminder that no sin is too great or even too small for our Lord to wash away. Each of the kids had written down what they were seeking forgiveness for that day - I imagine a lot of lie telling, hair pulling, disobeying and maybe even food hiding - and that's just beautiful to me. That they learn in a very real way that God forgives. Instantly. Without judgment. Without question. Without fail.

His blood was shed for them.

Radley ended up being the last kid in the entire group to go - and I could tell he was getting a little nervous. I couldn't help but relate - aren't we all nervous that we aren't enough? That we've sinned too big? That we didn't try hard? That we are just too filled with wrong to ever be made right? Doesn't it feel like we are just sitting there in an empty pew wrapped up in our wrong and praying to be forgiven?


And we are. Before we even ask - we are forgiven. 

He is our sacrificial lamb that died for our forgiveness. 

We all moved to one of our reception halls and formed a "holy spirit" line to congratulate the kiddos on their victory over sin. I mean - if that's not the cutest way to celebrate then I don't know what is. 

And in true form, our clan was by far the biggest.

Radley had both of his godparents there... 

his adorable sisters (who were champs and sat in church for almost 2 hours)... 

and of course, Gigi and Pops. 

Father Edwin gave a lovely homily around the story of the prodigal son and I never cease to be amazed that I can learn/hear/think something new from scriptures I've heard my entire life. God speaks to us constantly, we just have to be willing to listen. 

We also have to be willing to take the best of 12 pictures and well... 

If we can be forgiven of our sins, then I guess I can forgive creepy eyes and silly face every once in a while. 



While the kids were enjoying a day off from school at Gigi and Pops' house - I was enjoying the comfort of my bed, in an empty and quiet house with a delicious cup of coffee. Did I mention the house was empty because #heaven. 

The next day the house wasn't so quiet or empty and after a long night at work I overslept. So if I said I woke up like this, every one would believe me because well, #itstrue.

Emersyn felt a little left out on not getting any doctor visits so it was her turn to be sick. I picked her up from school on Tuesday and she was rocking a 103. By Wednesday morning her fever was gone, ears were clear, throat looked fine and we were sent home with "a cold". 

The extra snuggles were nice and who doesn't wish they were this cute sick. 

My kids are kind of obsesses with "McAlisters sandwich night". I make homemade club sammies and every single bite gets eaten. I even indulged with an unwich club that Radley just loved. 

He's also loving his chess board - I mean what 8 year olds sit and enjoy an afternoon game of chess? These kids. And that makes me love them bigger than you can imagine. 

And she loves this cat bigger than you can imagine. Seriously. 

On Friday we got an early start celebrating Gigi with a fun dinner out... 

followed by a show. 

Million Dollar Quartet was AMAZING! Such great music, so much fun, we sang for 2 hours straight and new all the words to every song. Happy birthday, Gigi! 

I love these moments with our family. I just love celebrating all of life with the ones I love most. 



As part of my 3C movement, I vowed not to fill the kids love mailboxes with a bunch that third C. You know... all that c*** that they just don't need. And, I'm pretty pleased with myself for sticking to it. I though it would be fun to be a bit unconventional and give them something they could DO instead of just HAVE. 

Rad was gifted a combo chess/checker board that belonged to Ryan's dad and was so excited y'all. 

The girls each got a new princess for their "Little People" collection that my mom bought TWO Christmases ago that we had just put away for a rainy day.

And then we got to the part that I was most excited about - the Mentos Challenge and the kids were pretty excited about this too. We made our way outside, and got everything set up and went one at time anticipating a giant sticky mess of fun.

Landry was first up... she was too nervous so Ryan did the honors.

Then it was Emersyn's turn...

And finally Rad.

And this is the face that tells it all.

Ummm... we were all expecting a VOLCANO of coke. We got a baby geyser. 

Regardless, they LOVED it. They loved that it was something fun for us to do together and they loved that we tried something new. And I loved that we immediately recycled those bottles and had an entire day to celebrate the love that makes our hearts explode!