Ryan had the entire week off so I had the pleasure of being dropped off to work a few mornings. He picks a little girl up on his way to Rad's school to help a family with no car. This made the 1 mile drive from her place to CHE a little cramped. :)

Rad had a big afternoon opening his first savings account. 

And I had a big afternoon getting my first Rent the Runway dress. So much fun, so easy and lots of the dresses are reasonably priced. If you haven't tried it, then you definitely should. 

With a fancy dress, I had to get some new dress and I had the absolute best helpers ever!

I think I'll keep him.

Tis the season for Christmas pjs! And y'all Target has the CUTEST pjs ever this year. For the ENTIRE family! Like from baby to baby daddy. (And even the dog.)

For a minute, I felt a little guilty that my 2-year-old wanted to watch Elf. But then I was proud - I mean it's a classic, right?

Sticking with tradition, this guy and enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving sushi lunch.

And then we got to work on making some sides. Emmy LOVED the sweet potatoes, Landry LOVED making a mess, Radley did not LOVE anything. ;)

We had a house divided on gameday, too bad the score wasn't determined by cutest fans!

After a non-traditional lunch of steaks, potatoes and green beans, we headed to campus for some tailgating. Can you believe that Rick Perry photobombed our picture?

The 6 cutest Aggies in Aggieland...
FTAC of '34, '32, '31 and '30

Dad was a lonely man in purple of a sea of maroon...

but I was pretty pumped about the setting of our "Daddy/Daughter" date. 

Even if we played like crap and lost. 

But, it's just a game right?

And none of that really mattered when I got home, checked on the kids and saw this. How did I get so lucky??

And that's us in an INSTANT!

Thanks giving...

I have a confession.

I decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I know, I know...such a no-no. But I couldn't help myself and well, I'm actually kind of relieved we decided to go for it, because now it's done and check out our view for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday as long as I can remember. I think it started with my love for my momma's stuffing, all the rounds of hide and seek we played at the Crosslin's and the copious amount of cool whip pie we consumed in between. 

I now love it for the simplicity of what is described in it's name.

Thanks giving. 

A day that we gather in fellowship with friends and family in one slowed-down moment of thanks. A day when we say out loud what brings us joy. A day of gratitude and reflection on our abundance of gifts - big and small.

And maybe a little food is involved, too.


A day we share with our family of friends, we welcome people in, we sit around a shared table and we fill the silence with laughter, and stories and hopes for continued goodness as one year winds down and another begins.

Thanks giving. May all of what you are thankful continue to bless you and yours. 


Pre Turkey Day Fun...

We have had the most beautiful week of weather so Rad and I decided to pick the girls up early and enjoy an afternoon outside. 

Some of my favorite moments are spent in the driveway watching them play and laugh and find the silliest things to explore. I feel like I am going to watch them grow up one courageous act at a time. From sitting to standing on a scooter to soaring in circles around each other - I age about 5 years but I smile seeing how proud they are.

Merry likes to join in on the fun too and may be the bravest of all as he sits in the driveway and they scoot and run circles around him.  

They also pause to make silly faces here and there.

After all the play it was time to work. First up was Emmy's favorite dish - the sweet potatoes. They helped peel off the skins and get them ready to be smashed.

And they took the job very seriously.

Later it was time to assemble dessert...

I'm surprised by how much was left for the rest of us to eat!

And if you ask me, it's because they are sweet enough already without that extra sugar.

Thankful, indeed.


I'm glad I'm not a turkey...

I had the best lunch date planned today - amazing company AND a show. I mean, you can't get much better than that. Plus - it was free! (Well, I do pay lots of money to send the girls to school, but there was no additional cost). ;)

The WDS had their annual Thanksgiving lunch and it was bittersweet to see Emmy up on that stage as part of the biggest kids. 

Okay, maybe the oldest kids is a better description, because y'all... she is so tiny! They performed two songs - 5 little Turkeys and I'm Glad I'm not a Turkey - with my favorite line being:

They stuff you and baste you and then they will taste you. I'm glad I'm not a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Then they each got to say what they were thankful for and I'm not gonna lie that I maybe teared up hearing her say playing with Mommy.

I also liked that she held strong with her sign upside down.

A few prayers and we were ready to eat.

Thankful doesn't begin to cover how I feel about this school. They love not just my kids, but all the kids in my village here. What a blessing to be surrounded by those you love in a place you are loved. 

Grateful heart, thankful heart, humbled heart. 


Fidelity Fiduciary Bank...

In case you missed the reference of this post's title, watch this

For some reason we decided that this was the year that Radley needed to open his first savings account. Seven sounded like a good, responsible age. You know, older than five, but not quite 10. Young enough to listen to your parents without too much argument and old enough to kind of "get it". 

We of course then waited a few months to get around to it, because, priorities. 

So, we took his literal life savings and headed to the bank. He had been planning wha he wanted to do with each portion of his money for a while and counted all the money he had marked for "investments" and was able to make a surprisingly hefty deposit. 

(His piggy bank is divided into 4 sections: Save, Invest, Donate and Spend. He is saving for an iPad, investing in college, donating to our church and spends on little things here and there like gifts for sisters, teachers and treats for himself. You can find the piggy banks here.)

After he handed his money over we sat and waited for his first official deposit slip and then Mr. Joel showed him and Ryan around the vault and talked about how banks work. 

And we ended our visit with a handshake guaranty that his money would be safe and protected.


The great Emdini...

Well, if Emmy can't decide on a major in college, she has a good chance of finding a career in...

circus life, as a contortionist, or maybe even an illusionist. 

No children were unsupervised during this "activity."

All children were appropriately threatened for thinking that they can do this while mom and dad aren't around. 



I busted out the Christmas catalogues one night so they could circle some items they wanted. Honestly, the girls could not care less and Radley is pretty much happy with anything, but it was still fun to see them circle things. But as I listened, they were deciding what other people needed more than just things for themselves. I am getting a play table, some shoes, a tent and a chair. 

How lucky am I? 

I never cease to be amazed that the are mine... the moments catch me off guard at such unexpected times. Like as I am standing in line at Whataburger and turn to ask them their order when I look up and see 3 amazing kids sitting together. I am taken aback because they belong to me. Such a normal moment that in a flash becomes extraordinary. And I am grateful. 

So I was having a no-good-awful-very bad day.... and this is how I fixed it. 


Oh yeah, and we got a second tree... that's pretty large. He needs a name... what do you suggest?

Turns out it was the best decision ever to put up decorations a tiny bit early. If you need me, I'll be here until New Years.

The first official "holy cow it is so cold" work out pic. You burn more calories when you shiver.

Speaking of shivering. 



This is just no.



We all know how I feel about that dang elf... but now this? Now I need to play hide and seek with a snowman?!? Foot is down, Olaf. Foot. Is. Down.

And that's us in an instant!