Happy Halloween...

And if this isn't enough cuteness for one day check out Radley's 3 Year Photos and Emmy's 3 month Photos at:


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley is my dramatic child. This drama brings him the gift of throwing a fit at any given moment for any given reason. We are so proud.

This week has been especially fit-filled....instead of a story (because I really can't do it justice) I will give examples that have set off said fits...

  • Putting on shoes
  • Taking off shoes
  • Playing with toys
  • Sharing toys
  • Picking up toys
  • Going to bed
  • Getting out of bed
  • Eating a banana
  • Wanting a train stocking
  • Brushing his teeth
  • Washing his hands
  • Bringing lunch to school
  • Not having a snack after school
  • Turning left
  • Going straight
  • People touching Emersyn
  • Sitting next to Emersyn
  • Getting dropped off at school
  • Getting picked up at school
You get the idea.

Have I mentioned how much I love having a 3 year old? :)


Pumpkins and Pizza...

We've created a little tradition with our friends, the Bailey's. They are big fans of Halloween and I think they are trying to convert me into becoming a fan as well. (I don't really love dressing up... I know, I know.. buzzkill.)

Well, for the past three years we have carved pumpkins together and this year the kids were ready to get after it!

This was Radley and Kayla last year:

And this is them now:

I can't believe how much they have grown!! Last year we worked hard at getting them into carving, but this year they were ready to go for it...

It's so fun watching them grow up but it makes me sad to realize how quickly it goes by. Radley is becoming a little "mini me" to Ryan and wants to help him do everything. I love watching them together and I love hearing Radley ask Ryan how to do things. He loves his Daddy so much and that just makes my heart so happy!

Emmy wanted in on some of the action, too... but she was just a little too small to scoop anything out this year. She of course had fun just sitting there... makes me wonder what she will be like next year

I'm sure that she will follow her big brother around and try to do everything just like him. As much as I can't wait to watch that; I am absolutely content just remembering this moment.


A CrAfTaStiC weekend...

This weekend was long overdue! My project to do list has been building up since August and I was very close to having a panic attack! So I did what all good Martha Stewart wannabes do and I took the day off on Friday to get a head start!

Friday KK and I updated Emmy's baby book! I have had that book sitting on my table since August 7...and am just now updating it! I vowed that I would keep up with her as much as I kept up with Radley and while it is a little more difficult, I am happy to report that I have done well so far.

I must admit, her cute cheeks are great motivation...

After that was complete, the time had arrived for some major crafting. I can still remember my mom and Ms. Melody turning our dining room into their work space. I feel like they were always working on something as Mindy, Stephanie and I were running in and out of the house. I'm pretty sure my mom still has some unfinished ceramic pieces up in her attic.

With the image of Mom and Ms. Melody hard at work, I got some inspiration and decided to take their lead.

This is what I turned my dining area into:
(and yes, that is an Aggie tackling dummy. We figured with the way things are going we better get Radley ready in case they call on the 12th Man for real!)

My first project was to make a lamp for my office a little more festive.

Step 1: Purchase lamp 25% off at Target:

Step 2: Purchase cute fabric 30% off at Hobby Lobby:

Step 3: Cut fabric in strips and tie around a piece of elastic to create a garland. Attach to lamp and....

My next set of projects were a little more involved. I have decided that I am going to try to make all (well, most) of my Christmas gifts this year. I love putting thought into gifts and I have also discovered that I enjoy getting a little "craftastic" now and then. I read tons of blogs, go shopping in Canton, and should have a frequent buyer card from Etsy... and each time I visit one of these places I find myself saying "I can SOOOO do that".

Well, it was about time I tried! And this little can is my new best-friend...

** Note... if you are on my "too receive" list for Christmas either quit reading or don't be sad if you aren't surprised! ;)**

I purchased these cute metal signs at Hobby Lobby at 50% off which made them $2.00 each! I added some chalkboard paint and then outlined that area in some acrylic paint to give it a pop and they turned out just precious!

I have also turned some old picture frames into chalkboards by removing the glass and painting them with the CB paint, too. I painted the frames different colors and then distressed them to give them a "shabby chic" feel.

As all that paint was drying I made several rosettes (thanks for the tutorial KK) to add as accents.

After all was said and done this is what I ended up with:

I think some people will be very pleased with what Santa brings this year (or at least I hope they will).

And who knows... maybe I will become the next Martha....


I found my kicks on Route 66...

There is new "Show Us Your Life" at Kelly's Korner . Today is all about kids rooms and since I never posted pics of Rad's room I thought I would share.

We moved him up to a "big boy" room in April to get him ready for Emmy and he just LOVES it! I am so pleased with how it turned out and think that it will grow with him for a few years. Since he loves cars so much we used that as an inspiration for "Route 66".... hope you like it!

Sweet Meg made a sign for Radley since he was a little jealous that Emmy had an "E"...

View from the door... I love his bed! We wanted one with a trundle and I'm so glad that we got it because Radley likes to kneel on his "bench" when he says his prayers.

This sign was the inspiration for the whole room. We got it half off at Hobby Lobby and it is just perfect!!

This book shelf used to be in our office but the color matched his furniture and holds all his books and toys to keep us organized!

This may be my favorite thing in his room. I LOVE this book shelf and Pottery Barn sells it for $150!! Well, my brother aka Jeremy aka Uncle Pete, made it for us!!! Isn't it great!

And that is Radley's room! If you want to catch a glimpse of Emmy's just click here !


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Most people that really know me also know that I love the fact that I am Italian -- more specifically Sicilian. I love all things mafia and secretly want Ryan to be "made". :) Any time I do an accent it somehow manages to sound Italian especially since I also am a very big gesturer (is that even a word?).

My love for our culture must be rubbing off on Radley because as we were finishing our prayers he decided to bless the following....

Radley-a; Mommy-a, Daddy-a, Emmy-a, GiGi-a, Popsie, Pete-a, Bok-a, KK-a, Jody-a, Sonya, Owen-a, and all our friendsa.

My Uncle Mitch would be so proud.


A "Puffy" shirt....

You know that "perfect outfit" or favorite article of clothing that you seem to always reach for? Everyone has one; in fact, I have had several in all my seasons of life.

In the first grade it was these khaki shorts, a white shirt and a hot pink cardigan (I was stylish before my time).

In the third grade it was a pink mini-skirt and a white shirt with a tiger image in silver and pink.

In the seventh grade it was this AWFUL outfit from the County Seat that was black shorts with cuffs. The cuffs had colorful stripes on them in pink, orange, white, black, maybe some yellow and a matching sleeveless hooded shirt with the same striped pattern.

In the eighth grade it was definitely my green Girbaud jeans, green Girbaud gingham shirt, with white socks and my green and tan Dexters.

Side note... is anyone else bothered by the fact that the fashion from 1992 is suddenly back in style? Stir-up pants were NEVER a good idea. And please don't get me started on the zipper ankle jeans...

High school varied... probably something that was too large because when I was skinny and physically fit I didn't even think about "showing it off". Hmmph. I do remember picking out "the perfect outfit" for the first day of school each year. (And sadly remember every single one).

Now it's either a dress or my trouser jeans and a flowing top to hide all this "extra" that my sweet precious daughter gave me as a parting gift after her nine month stay.

Radley has also had some choice articles of clothing at his young age. Last year, it was his "grey shorts"...

He wanted to wear them over EVERYTHING! (And who could resist a smile like that?)

Right now it is his "puffy shirt". Or, also known in these parts as a "wife beater", "WT", or tank top. Not sure why he decided on "puffy shirt". Maybe because of the ridges. Maybe he is a musical genius and already understands the impact that P. Diddy (formerly known as Puffy formerly known as Puff Daddy formerly known as Sean Combs) has had on fashion and wants to grow up and become a "mogul" as well.

He is obsessed with these things. He wants to wear one every. single. day. We have compromised that he can wear them under his other shirts and for now he is okay with that. I was surprised the other day when I picked him up from school and he had on cargo shorts and a "puffy shirt". I guess he sweet talked some teachers into letting him change.

He also managed to talk Ryan into letting him wear one to Lowe's the other day. But we figured there would be plenty of men in "puffy shirts" there... some even with large beer belly's, so he wouldn't stand out too much.

I, admittedly, get a giggle out of these phases in his life and wonder what is next to come. As much as I will never understand the "why" of his fascination... it really doesn't matter when it puts that perfect smile on his face.

Okay...off to bed and to put on my other favorite outfit.

Black, stretchy pants. ;)


Fall Fun...

Fall may just be my favorite season! The sounds,the smells, the colors, the food... I just love it! Saturday while the world was watching my Aggies lose, Emmy, Radley, GiGi and I visited the Farm Patch to pick out some pumpkins.

I also used (or tried to use) it as an opportunity to take some pics. What? You aren't surprised?

Emersyn was actually awake for this little adventure and was so happy to just sit on some pumpkins. I promise that she does smile, and laugh and make cute noises like most babies...

but she looks cute no matter what! And if we ever need a big cheeser there is someone else around to help us out...

Radley had "too much" fun running around and picking out pumpkins. And GiGi also had "too much" fun snuggling with a cute little baby...

Radley got to pick three pumpkins because he's "3 years old, Mommy". This one was giving him a bit of a problem...

And for all you non-Texans out there; what they say is true... every thing really is bigger in Texas!

It has been a great weekend! The weather is perfect! The days are calm and the nights are made for relaxing and playing hide and seek with Pops. My dad's face is priceless in this picture...

Hope y'alls weekend has been as fun as ours!!


Tiny Tales Thursday

We had an eventful weekend. On Thursday, one of our friend's Mom was in the hospital (she's okay now). On Friday, KK got into a car accident. On Saturday GiGi went to the ER (she is also just fine).

So on Monday we had to do some shuffling of the cars so that KK could have a vehicle to pick up the kids from daycare. Luckily, we are a "three car family" (I like to say that, but it just means that we have 2 cars that no one wants to buy and 1 car that actually runs well). Car shuffling meant that I got to drive Radley to school. Since this isn't normal for him, he had some questions...

Rad: Daddy not drive me to school to day, Mommy?
Me: No, buddy. Mommy is going to take you.
Rad: Okay.
Rad: Why?
Me: KK, got in an accident so she needs to drive Mommy's car.
Rad: What happened?
Me: Well, KK accidentally hit a car and then another car hit KK, but she's ok.
Rad: Okay, Mommy.

He proceeds to think about this a little bit...I drink my coffee.

Rad: In a very demanding voice... TWO HANDS, Mommy. You don't want to crash!

I didn't know that I was in driver's ed... apparently I have a lot to learn.

So after school, KK picked Radley up as usual on Monday.

Rad: KK, you had an accident?
KK: Yes.
Rad: Why.
KK: Well, we were just going to fast and a car hit KK.
Rad: Oh.

Rad thinking some more...

Rad: Your wheels fall off like Lightening McQueen?

Yes, buddy. Just like Lightening. :)


Blessed beyond measure...

It never ceases to amaze at how quickly "it" goes by. I feel like I have waited forever to get to this point in my life but watching Radley and Emmy grow happens in an instant. I can't even grasp that he is already 3 and that she is already 4 months. I just want to hold on to each and every moment for a lifetime. Radley's growth has slowed down a bit...his milestones are more gradual now, but Emersyn is growing and changing so rapidly.

I had almost forgotten that we don't get to keep them like this forever...

With Radley it was very "easy" to document the firsts. First smile, first laugh, first solid foods, etc... I have given my best effort to do the same thing for Emmy to capture those tiny moments that make up her life story.

She has accomplished some major milestones recently...

Her first wedding... (not counting the two in utero)

her first garage sale (I like to start them young)...

her first pajama party...

...the first time she rolled over (shortly after this picture)

her first time eating solids....

she liked it so much she tried to eat her bib!

I just want to freeze these moments in time. I just want to hold on to them. To her. To her being little. To everything. In all the tiredness, the scheduling, the diapers, the bottles, the juggling of kids... when I stop to look around and examine what I have been given, I am in awe.

I am blessed beyond measure indeed!


Friday Night Lights

Fall Friday nights in Texas mean one thing.... high school football. All over this great state small and big towns alike are lit up by stadium lights! The sounds of crickets and frogs are over shadowed by the roar of a crowd, kids are playing cup ball, teenagers are holding hands in the stands, and they all come together to support their hometown heroes.

Last Friday we went to the "Cross Town Showdown"; the annual football game between A&M Consolidated HS and Bryan HS.

We were rooting for the Tigers of College Station, who luckily are maroon & white, colors that we have in mass! Now, while most of what I stated at the beginning of this post is true.... man oh man how some things have changed!

Ryan and Josh immediately noted that tickets were a little outrageous at $9.50! This game is played in Kyle Field, so I can understand charging more for this event, but WOW... I think a Robinson Season Pass is just $20 total!!

Cindy and I noticed several things...

1. Teenage girls dress a little too scandously for our liking. We noted that Caroline, Annaliese, and Emersyn would NEVER wear what some of these "kids" had on.... or should I say DIDN'T have on. Clearly Cindy and I NEVER left the house looking like that. (Promise, Mom!)

2. Schools have forgotten the lost art of a break through sign. For those of you who aren't familiar with a break through sign let me show you:

A break through sign is a giant sign made from butcher paper and hand painted with a funny slogan/trash talking phrase directed at the opposing team that the football team would run and "break through" before the game! The RHS Spiritleaders painted a new one (sometimes two) each week just for the game!

Now, these kids have this...

So sad.

3. Bands are still super fun to watch! :)

4. Games are a lot more fun when you are either cheering in a cute little uniform:

(Please click on this picture to see how my scanner distorted our faces!! Too funny! HA!)

playing in the band, dancing with the drill team, sitting in the stands with friends, or watching from your couch. You don't even realize a game is going on when you have one 3 year old, one 2 year old, one 1 year old, and one 4 month old with you!

But they are pretty cute....

5. Popcorn makes everything better.

6. You can leave at half-time now and no one will judge you. (See #4).

I made some great memories on "Friday Nights" growing up. I can still smell the "season". I can still feel the excitement and fun that we all had. I hope those things remain the same. I hope those things never change and I look forward to many "Friday Nights" to come!


Happy Monthday...

Happy Four Month Birthday, Emersyn!!!

This celebration was actually yesterday, but I ran out of time
to update the blog!

So what have you been up to this month?

You have definitely been growing! We took you for your four month well check yesterday and everyone just oohed and ahhed over what a cute baby you are! And who could blame them because you are just precious!

Four month stats:
  • Height: 24 1/4 inches; 50th percentile
  • Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz; 25th - 50th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 40 1/2 cm; 75th percentile (HA!)
You wear mostly 3-6 month clothes with some room to grown and are in a size 1-2 diaper. (This is mainly because Dad and I are cheap and have 700 diapers in this size so even if they have some extra room they are good enough for us!) You continue to be healthy and happy which are a parent's dream!!

Hey, I thought this was MY photoshoot!

You have discovered your hands and feet and just love to play with them! I think that your favorite "toy" by far is still your bouncy seat. You like the lights and the sounds and Radley loves to come tell you about the animals. "Parrot, Emmy. Tweet TWEEEEEEEEET!" Whenever you sit in the seat you put your right foot through the little "monkey" and just sit there with it propped up! You reach for the animals and other toys and follow anyone and everyone that is in the room.

Even though you look just like Daddy, you are officially your momma's child. You are such a talker!! You squeal in delight and can get so loud! You make the cutest noises and have really extended beyond "aaa" and "ooo" to a few "gaas" and "goos"! You blow bubbles and make raspberry sounds and your brother thinks it is just so silly! We have loved watching you really show us your personality and Radley has really noticed that you are becoming more interactive!

We just switched your feeding schedule to eat every 3.5 - 4 hours and you seem to be handling it well. We also moved your bedtime to 8:30pm and you consistently sleep to 7am. We have had a few nights where you lose your nuk or "unswaddle" yourself and you wake up, but you always go right back to sleep once we have solved the problem. We are going to move you into your room this weekend because you are rapidly outgrowing your bassinet. I am so sad to think that you are old enough and big enough to not be in my room, but you will be just fine!

You are getting so strong! Tummy time is no longer torture and you like to look around at the world and explore. You rolled over the night before your "monthday" and Mom, Dad and KK were all there to witness it! I was so happy because I missed this milestone with Radley :(.

We love you baby girl, and can't wait for the many milestones yet to come!!