Happy Halloween...

Our sweet goblins woke up with all smiles and ready to tackle the day! (One even woke up with the extra fun of a 101 temp...yay!) We kept the treats from us to a minimum this year.... favorite drinks, $1 socks, and a Target gift card from Gigi and Pops!

The girls were off to school and Radley and I were off to the doctor...

And my suspicions were confirmed by the positive strep test. Yuck. Luckily he was in pretty good spirits, the Tylenol kept his throat from hurting, and we went to the doctor as early as we could get in, which meant two rounds of meds by early evening. 

I still didn't want to take the chance of spreading his yuckies to his friends, so we didn't make it to the annual Halloween Party at the Bailey's. Instead, we opted for an early brinner and trick-or-treating down the street. Like we were out the door by 5:45pm - ha! 

To add to the yuck of the day - Ryan got stuck at work, so I was on my own with the traveling Disney parade! 

As sad as we were to miss the party, it was kind of nice to just walk out the door and start our journey. At first we came up pretty empty handed - didn't seem like anyone was home or handing out the good stuff yet. But, I was in great company - great ADORABLE, HANDSOME and PRECIOUS company!

And then... JACKPOT. I learned very quickly that the houses on our street do Halloween big. 

And Landry was very okay with that. She discovered suckers and was in heaven. 
(And I'm pretty sure this picture should become the poster for Halloween, Disney and/or dumdums. So if any of you are reading this blog - feel free to hit me up!)

We met one of Emmy's classmates along the way and took a stroll down the street with them. 

Some houses even handed out "treats" for the parents. 

Y'all. I can't describe the crazy that it was. Big screen tvs, grills, fire pits, you name it - they pulled out. Grilled hot dogs and passed them out to people. REAL food. Dinner. Like as part of Halloween.


Landry seemed to win everyone over with her Snow White - she caught on real quick to playing it up.

Everyone got in on the fun - most of the people that were handing out candy were also dressed up and the kids loved it. 

Radley tried to be all smiles, but he was getting pretty tired. so we started to make our way back home. 

Landry could have kept going all night. 
(And this picture totally reminds me of this buzzfeed. Is that awful?)

Emmy was so brave all night - she didn't let gorillas, or strangers or DOGS hold her back from getting candy!

So while the day didn't go as planned - it ended up being a pretty awesome holiday with my 3 favorite tiny humans. 


Making the rounds...

This week has been full of Halloween goodness! 

First up, the annual MSC Hospitality Halloween Party! I advised Hospitality until I switched my contract this year and this program was always one of my favorites. They really do such a good job of creating fun activities for the kids and my kids LOVE anytime we get to go to campus. 

And - to make it even more fun, the first people we saw was the Baileys. Who fit PERFECTLY with our Disney theme (because Radley switched from a shark to Jack Sparrow at the last minute (all on his own)).

Allow me to introduce to you...

Jack Sparrow, Merida, one of Merida's brothers when they turned into bears, Snow White and Tiana (or "Tee-nana). 

Emmy Tiana made herself instantly "at home" and created new rules for each game. 

Snow White just marched around with sass and cute. 

This is the first picture I have taken where Emmy looks like a "little girl" - a true little girl. And it kinda breaks my heart. 

Kayla was the best helper and so sweet and patient with Landry. The Aggies also let them just play as much as they wanted and were sure to reward everyone equally.

Our neighbors had a pirate hat for Rad to wear and it's kind of awesome. I seriously can't take it. 

I also can't stand how big she is getting. Or how long her hair is. Or the fact that she is closer to 2 than 1. 

And her. The dress is too big, but nothing a piece of ribbon can't fix!

We just walked around at our own pace, chatting with friends from around town, playing, laughing and enjoying the view. :)

These kids are celebrating their SEVENTH Halloween together. 

I always enjoy the face painting booths at events like this because you never know what's going to end up on a face. This particular evening the artist was incredibly sweet and I'll let you judge her talent for yourself. (Radley's modeling a skeleton pirate, because of course). 

Ryan snapped a few pics of his princesses ;)

and then one of the group and we headed home! Thanks, Hospitality for your, well, hospitality!

Tonight we attended the annual Fall Festival at the WDS! This annual event includes a chili cook-off, book fair, cake walk, and tons of games for the kiddos!

Oh, they also have pizza for those that don't like chili. In our case, we love chili, maybe too much. Landry didn't need anymore chili (if you catch my drift).

Josh and I were all hands on deck since Cindy and Ryan had that silly thing called work to take care of.  We finally smartened up enough to sit at the table NEXT to the food. Less of a walk.

Once everyone was done eating it was time for games and Kayla once again resumed her role of guardian for Landry. She basically made my night a breeze. Thanks, Kayla!

Everyone was welcome to wear costumes and Landry's class all dressed as superheros so I pulled out our old capes and we joined in! 

Miss Natali and Landry - she literally leaned into Natali for this picture like she couldn't get close enough. Which clearly makes me happy that my kids feel so safe and love their teachers so much!

After we made the rounds we gathered all of our stuff and headed home all ready for our next Halloween adventure!


A carving we will go...

Sunday afternoon Radley and Ryan headed over to the Bailey's to help Will fix his fence from the monsoon of October 2013. Meanwhile, I played pick up every toy imaginable enjoyed the afternoon with the girls. When the boys returned I had our pumpkin carving station all set up to go!

He really wanted a picture of his eyeball hand.

Emmy drew a lovely design on her pumpkins that consisted of lots of Es, Ms, Ys, and Rs. 

Landry's task was to paint the smallest pumpkin I have ever seen. 

Sadly we had to set up shop in the garage since our backyard is still under attack from about 1000 mosquitoes. Ugh.

But it was still tons of fun and all of us were entertained and enjoying the cool breeze that accompanied our afternoon.

Little hands hard at work creating their very own masterpieces. 

Landry wasn't so sure about the paint on her fingers, but if she takes after her momma, she will learn that no matter the size of the paint project, it will always end up on something besides the project itself.

The gold actually turned out pretty nice on the orange!

After the boys got their pumpkin all cleaned out, Radley created an original design inspired by Angry Birds. 

"Hands up Landry, don't touch anything."

He really surprised me with this carving skills!

He did get a little help from Daddy, though.

He was just so pumped with the final masterpiece! 

"This. looks. AWESOME!!!!"

Emmy and Landry lots interest at some point and stuck to blowing bubbles and looking cute. 

Once everything dried, we placed the painted pumpkins inside for all to see. Emmy wanted me to make sure and let Gigi and Pops know that she painted a purple and gold one for their Tigers. 

And once the sun went down, we all felt safe with this ghostly ghoul on our porch!