Roar goes the lion...

 On Thursday, Radley's class took their first long field trip to the Waco Zoo. Cindy and I tagged along and it was awesome! Everyone had a smile on their face and great attitude all ready for some fun!

Radley was quick to let everyone know that he comes to the Waco Zoo "all the time" with his Gigi and Karli-bug. (I chose refrain from blurting out that no one likes a know-it-all, Radley.... but we may need to work on that). 

The Waco Zoo is just perfect for small kids - great size, layout, lots of shade and tons of the "good" animals...

like this guy. He just came right up to the glass and put on the most adorable dancing show for the kids.

And who could blame him when the audience is this cute?

They have lots of fun little "attractions" throughout like these chimes for the kids to step on. They had lots of fun taking turns and I had lots of fun watching the teachers make them take turns.

We of course made them take awkward photos along the way, because really who goes to the zoo and doesn't do this?

I always enjoy watching Radley in his "school" element - I think he is a pretty smart, well-behaved little dude so it's nice to see that in action. These teachers (all teachers) need a giant raise for what they do and I'm happy that Radley loves them all so much. 

He was a great little know-it-all tour guide for his friends...

being sure to point out his favorite parts and hidden surprises along the way.

They LOVED this slide (and really who wouldn't). It is right next to the otters and it's surrounded in water to give the kids the feeling of playing with the otters. Cindy even got in on the fun!

We made it all the way through but stopped for a few silly pics with the kiddos.

Me and my manly lady bug.

Who doubles as a fierce butterfly on the side.

After a quick picnic lunch it was time to pack up after one last (clearly overexposed/camera-on-the-wrong-setting) picture.

We "talked" the kids into riding home with us and lined up some unplanned surprises on the way. Like visiting the bears at Baylor followed by some icecream!

And a quick pic at the Aggie Barn!

I'm pretty sure it was the perfect Thursday!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emmy is kind of her own little boss. She listens really well, does what she is asked, takes care of Landry, doesn't pick on Radley too bad, etc... but she is the definite ruler of her roost.

She is impossible to be angry with because, well dang it, she really is cute. I mean, she just is. Her size, her voice, her mannerisms all come together and you can't help but laugh.

She basically lives life with a "who? me?" attitude.

(and I secretly love it).

She is strong minded and tough but considerate and loving.

She likes to pick out her own clothes and shoes, do things on her own time and will let you know how you fit in the picture... all while manipulating you to think that it's all your idea.

She gladly does what she is asked allowing you to walk away and think that you have succeeded.

For instance.

Bed time.

Same routine, every night...

bath, pjs, play, brush teeth, potty, prayers, bed.

I put Emmy to bed first while Ryan is with Radley and then we switch. (L goes to bed about an hour before them).

We walk away patting ourselves on the back for such a great routine.

10 minutes go by and not a peep.

And then....


From a very tiny voice out of a very tiny person.

I peek around the corner of her room and there she is... STANDING in bed, rocking violet and singing.

(This continues for about 20 minutes almost every night)

We always get some explanation and then tell her to lay down and go to sleep.

But this week, she kept getting up.

I was watching her with an admitted smile on my face, because it is pretty darn cute and then she sees me...

::singing softly and then stops::

"Mommy, kneel down. I singing to Violet and we at church. Be quiet."

Such a good little mischief maker. I mean, how can I argue with church?


Gatorade is awesome...

Radley has been enjoying soccer camp this week (I won't say love, because well... I'll get to it).

Every morning the first stop is always the gatorade because why not?
It's cold.
It's free.
It's neverending. 

High-fives for gatorade!

Today they got their very own "Aggie Soccer" jerseys - he was pumped!

All the campers gathered for a group shot with their coaches and it was pretty adorable. For some reason they wouldn't allow the parents to climb on the press box to get the good shot, so I just zoomed in on this cutie. 

After all that gatorade and picture taking, it was finally time to play some soccer. 
Well, it was really just time for their daily drills and training disguised as games, which is the part that Radley doesn't really {love}. In his sweet little five-year-old head, all you need to know to play a good game of soccer is how to run fast and kick a ball. Done. I mean, what's so hard about that?

He just wants to "play". Clearly. The end of each day has been filled with my exciting explanation of why it's important to learn these skills - he's about at a good 43% of buying it. 

Luckily at the end of the day they get to "play soccer" and it's always fun to watch him to do that...

The coaches do a great job of teaching everyone to celebrate when someone scores. It's pretty darn adorable to see the various celebratory dances of the teams.

Radley does get a little frustrated with the size of the "field" which is really just one grid of space. "Mom, it needs to be bigger. We keep running into each other. There are too many people out there and we can't run. AND... some body kicked me with their cleat today."

That's right, kid, just brush it off.

He keeps wanting to go back which is a good sign and he's pretty excited about Friday's ceremony. I'm just excited that I have gotten to spend so much alone time with him this week. 

And the gatorade. I'm really excited about the gatorade.



Soccer camp...

Radley started soccer camp yesterday and in one moment my baby turned for real big kid. Like too big to hold my hand when he crossed the street big. And too big to give me a kiss in front of the other campers big. (And then I threatened him and all was right in the world again)

(And then something even more amazing happened - I glanced over and saw Melanie (aka Big Mama - aka my bestie from San Antonio). I immediately sent a text to Cindy to let her know that she was there and then tried not to look like the obvious stalker that I was by watching my kid play instead of seeing when she was leaving)

(ps. We have the same blog topic today. Proof that we are friends).

He was excited to get out on the Aggie field and kick the ball around with the other kids and was excited to see his teammate, Ashtyn, there. I love that he wanted to wear his soccer jersey to camp. 

I'm so proud of his confidence - he just went right out there, introduced himself and made some new friends. He looked so tiny out on that big field surrounded by bigger kids.

They broke up into teams and then started with drills. 

Notice who is in front of the line?
(the kid who hates to be last.)

This one is called "the blob" and Radley wasn't a fan. Mainly because he just wants to run, dribble and score. Being "the blob" didn't allow you to do that. Camp is definitely going to be good for this kid!


He did, however, LOVE the all-you-can-drink water and gatorade. I'm pretty sure it was most of the kids age 5-6 favorite part of the camp. 

Can't believe I have a kid old enough to be in the "camp" stage of life.

Also can't believe how much I LOVE this part of parenthood. 

And I really can't believe that I have now met Melanie twice in 6 months. 



While Daddy's Away...

Ryan headed off on his annual guys golf trip to Pinehurst, North Carolina early Thursday morning which meant I got the spend four days with the kiddos. Alone. :)

I actually love having them to myself, it's having the house to myself at night that I don't love. 

(Not that Ryan is some fierce ninja that keeps away all things scary, but it's nicer sharing the bed with him than not). 

So - what did we do? 

Thursday and Friday were much of the same, the kids went to school and expanded their little minds while I stayed home and got sucked into Season 2 of Scandal. I happy to say that I completed the Season so now my little obsession can be over.

(Except that the other day I thought of something in terms of "what would the Grant administration do?" which signals that I need help). 

Anyway - yes I sent them to school while I stayed home. Judge. 

Friday night we took the long trek across the street to go swimming with Hudson. I am kinda obsessed with our new neighbors - we have become fast friends and it is just lovely to have a texting, walking, obsessing over whatever buddy yards away from my house. We picked up some pizza, splashed, laughed and just hung out. Then Joel, Hudson's dad, pulled out the ice cream and sealed the deal as best night of the summer (so far). 

Perk of the short distance is that kids were bathed and in bed within 10 minutes of us leaving. Rad, Emmy and I had a movie night and slept like fully fed babies. 

Saturday morning meant a trip to Shipley's and then Hudson and Maegan joined us at the Children's Museum (which was another item on that Bucket List). 

It was Landry's first "real" time to go and play and she loved it!

This kid always has fun and he's so big that he just explored on his own, made new friends, and was happy as could be. 

(And my heart just cried).

 I looked up to find "Woody and Buzz Light Year" picking up a few supplies at HEB.

(And yes, that's what they called each other. All morning. I don't even think they asked each other their real names).

Emmy sat and made about 100 "cards" for everyone she knows. Spoiler Alert - she insisted that we mail some of them so cross your fingers that you get one!

Then practiced her skills at being a bag lady.

And Landry just hung out in the treehouse the whole time.

Sidenote: Hudson was with us - he is just obsessed with a certain train these days and did not leave the train table. Which he has at home! (Ha!)

Saturday night, Maegan and I took the bigs to see Monster University (go see this movie - it's adorable! It could have ended about 15 minutes before it actually ended, but still cute!) and Miss L got to hang out with Miss Alyssa.  

Sunday we got dressed and headed to church, ran to Academy and Target, and then spent the day playing with everything from puzzles, to dolls, to blocks to the ever-trusty color station on the floor.

Landry is kinda obsessed with this. I may have to figure out how to just make this a permanent part of the house.

She got big overnight. Seriously, make.it.STOP!!!

 Make them all stop growing. I would like to keep them just as they are forever.

And while I would like to say that as a supermom the four days was a breeze, I won't. I will say that there were a few tears, some minor frustrations, a raised voice (mainly at meal times....does that happen to anyone else... I think if we just skipped eating life would be easy), and a thankful sigh at nap time... but I will also say that I treasured the time we spent. Nothing is better than having these three to love, well, except their daddy.



Well, hello! Another week means another update via my phone. Here goes...

On Monday I got TONS to work done on projects around the house. I finished a little Pinterest project I've been working on (full post later) and also checked this off my list (also Pinterest inspired). This is my absolute newest favorite part of the house. It is by no means perfect, the numbers are clearly crooked, and it's not as fancy as some of those we that have been pinned a thousand times, but... it is like a little time capsule, something to document our lives that I just love! 

That afternoon I surprised the kids early at school to take them to the library - just checking off items on that bucket list!

He also got to check off getting his first library card off that bucket list, too!

Sidenote: how stinking adorable is he? Gah!

Funny story.

I've been trying to get in shape this summer so the other day I got my bike out and took her for an inaugural spin. There is a park nearby so I decided to ride my bike there and then run one of the shorter trails. 


The drive to this park is easy because obviously the physical prowess needed to push a peddle down is that of my one year old. A bike ride was a little different. There are things like hills, and wind, and breathing that are required. 


I made it all the way there. And then decided it was in my best interest to just look at the map of the trails before heading back home.

One day at a time, right?

Pops and Gigi keep insisting on buying articles of clothing that are purple and gold for the kids. It's a good thing they are so adorable. 

Late night stop at the best beauty shop in town. Just a little off the bottom and a braid in the back.


And that's us in an instant!