Tiny Tales Thursday...

A few one - liners from Emersyn....

She has become quite the girly-girl. She insists on headbands and purses and her favorite pair of shoes. We were getting ready for pictures the other morning and she noticed I had clothes sitting out. She went over to her pile and looked up at me.... "I put on my pitty dwess, Mommy?"

I could have died at her cuteness.


Emmy was easy to potty train. One day diapers - next day panties. However, we have not made the transition to sleeping overnight without a pull-up. She does nap in panties, but overnight, nosomuch. But...since she is "big gill" she wants to wear panties and stay dry like Radley. The other morning we went into her room and noticed a bare bottom sticking out of the blankets. She stirred and exclaimed, "I dwy, I DWY!"

She held up her pull ups and pointed to the "pin-cess" that was in tact. We were almost excited.

And then noticed the giant wet spot on her bed.

Step one: Wake up to pee.
Step two: Actually go to the potty.

Maybe next time, Emms.


And now for Mister Radley King.

I came home the from work on Monday and Radley was crying. It seems that he accidentally fell down and bumped his head on Landry's head. He was so upset to think that he hurt his "sweet baby sister." Ryan was explaining that the reason Radley had tripped was because he **maybe** was pouting about brushing his teeth and stormed off.

Radley: Nuh-uh (oh dear - have we already entered the "nuh-uh" phase?).
Radley: I was checking on her because she was crying. I was trying to put her paci in because Daddy wasn't even paying attention. He was just sitting there. On. His. PHONE. (with emphasis)

Ryan: ::wounded from the "bro code":: Radley - that was much earlier in the night.



It's gameday, baby....


It was Radley's first soccer game!!

And I have the 200+ pictures to prove it. But don't worry - I *only* included 14 in this post. 

His fan club was there and ready to cheer him on complete with team colors! 
(And this is the part where I complain about the fact that soccer is a "winter sport" except that it's in the fall which in Texas is the equivalent to the hottest day of the year in almost every other part of Northern America). 

His team is just adorable! They were all so excited and ready to play!

They have 4 - 8 minute quarters and a 8 minute half time. So the game is 1 hour long. 

And I'm not going to lie - these 4-5 year olds are in much better shape than me. They never stopped running! (or smiling - which was my favorite part)

How cute is Ashton?

Emersyn was clearly excited to be there to cheer on her big brother to victory (even though they don't really keep score). 

They are just a fun group of kids and I was so impressed with how hard they all played!

Especially this kid....

Y'all. He really is REALLY good. 

His little athletic instincts just kicked in and he played his heart out. 

He never once gave up, never once quit trying, and maybe outran lots of people. 

And this is the face of a kid who just scored is 4th goal for the day! He was so proud but scared to be proud so he held it in as best as he could. 

Congrats on your first game, buddy!!! 

We are sooo proud of you and will be your biggest fans all the days of your life!


Practice makes perfect....

Radley had his first soccer practice on Thursday! It was a whirlwind hour of pick up from school, eat in car, fight College Station traffic and make it to the south part of town. 

But we did it and he was so ready to play!

And she was ready to cheer for her big brother!!

And she of course took a nap.


There are seven kiddos on his team; 5 boys and 2 girls. 
The "head coach" is a former Aggie soccer player (whoop!) and she is just awesome with them!

She had them "walking the dog" and doing other drills to get them used to using their feet. 

He just looks SO BIG out there.

I can't get over it!

Then they scrimmaged each other to get ready for their game on Saturday.

And he got a taste of a little competition. 

And kept a smile on his face the whole time.

(Can you see him his senior year of high school? Because I can and my heart breaks a little)

Emmy was cracking me up. She kept yelling "Go, Radley!" and crept a little more on the field bit by bit  (with chips in hand of course). 

Ryan finally took things in his own hands (literally) and gave her the best seat in the house. 

We were all so proud of him - it's his FIRST team sport. This is HUGE. 

I mean, I don't know if it is really "huge" but I think it is. It's going to teach him so many things. His love for THIS game could really be established. He has to learn team work, and discipline, and hard work, and how to be a winner, and how to lose.... it is huge. 

I'm so excited about the next 7 weeks with these "Tiny Tornoadoes!"

ps. This means I am officially a "soccer mom". :)


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley started Sunday school a couple of weeks ago and the teacher was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the bible and God. She said that she could tell we pray a lot at home and do a good job teaching him about Jesus' word.

Ryan and I felt pretty good about our parenting skills that day - like we were doing something right. Wahoo.

Later that same afternoon we were letting the kiddos watch a movie {I'm sure it was raining or something, I mean a MOVIE on a Sunday ;)} and the opening part where the studio's image pops up. Radley looks at us and as serious as can be asks...

"Why is Mary always in my movies?"

Is it okay if told him because Jesus is everywhere?


Naptime with Daddy...

This is what happens when Daddy puts Emmy down for a nap.

Every. Single. Time. 

Things to note:
1. She is saying, "here baby...have a blanket"
2. When she decides baby is done with "bank-it" she gives it to Daddy.
3. This is pretty much the most adorable thing. EVER!


Happy Monthday...

Lillian Landry King

you are


What have you been up to lately....

You had your well check THIS morning and Daddy took you this time! 
(What?? Mommy did it ON time...Miracle!)

Height: 26.75 inches
Weight: 16 lbs 5 oz
Head Circumference: 43 cm

You still eat 5 - 4oz bottles each day but we may try to shift to 4 - 5/6oz bottles. I hesitate to mess with a good thing, so we will see. You LOVE food. You eat breakfast and dinner and so far have had pears, apples, bananas, peaches, mangoes (gross!), green beans, squash, sweet potatoes and peas. You liked all of them. Puffs are in your near future. 

We moved you up to a size 2 diaper because Sam's no longer carries the 1-2s; you didn't seem to mind. You wear mostly 3-6 month clothes, a few 6-9 month outfits have fit and you're still hanging on to some 0-3 month onesies (like the one you have on in this picture). Get used to it sister - women's clothing will never be consistently sized. ;)

You still love to sleep but with the start of school your schedule has had to adjust. I feed you every morning at 6am and then put you back down until it's time to leave - usually around 7:30am. You nap 2 -3 times at school and then have one more nap at home. You would go to bed between 7-7:30pm but it's hard for mommy to get you down with the big kids running around. 

Your weekend schedule is sleep, eat, sleep some more, eat/play and then sleep. :)

Speaking of school... you have done so well "adjusting!" Every day your teachers tell me just how sweet you are - no tears, big smiles, and lots of cuddles. (I think you  and Mills are the favorites). 

You are getting much more active, too. You still LOVE the bouncer... we may actually have to adjust the height after 5 years of owning it. Ha! Last night you had that thing going crazy... it was insane! You roll all over the place. You can also sit up for extended periods of time and grab at your toys. Anything that you can get in your mouth is your "favorite". 

Radley and Emersyn are still your biggest fans. 

Radley can hands down make you laugh the loudest out of anyone. He is very good and paying attention to you and "teaching" you things. Emmy has shown some slight jealousy lately - but never towards you. She has been very clingy with me and gives you tons of love. She has even shared a few dolls with you and nothing makes her happier than giving you pacifiers. 

You roll your tongue around in your mouth all the time. I don't know if it's because you are teething or if you just think it's fun. No matter - we think it's adorable. 

You love the following:
Sophie the giraffe (which is good, bc your sister hated it and that thing was $$$)
Crinkly lion, elephant and giraffe
Your hands
Your feet
Sitting up

You can "scooch". 

Kind of.

Ok - maybe only like 1mm...but it counts. 

AND...your hair is finally getting thicker!!!


{ It's safe to say that we are all absolutely 150% crazy in love with you.}

Every smile.
Every giggle.
Every inch.
Every tiny strand of hair.

Your sweet baby smell.
Your loud baby laughs.
Your beautiful baby face.


Happy HALF Birthday, our Lovely Landry!!!!!!!!!!



Someone is obsessed with her toes.

And someone else **may** be obsessed with her. 

::heart swelling as I type this:: 


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Two weekends ago Jeremy (aka Uncle Pete), Ryan and Radley were working on the tree house and I was inside with the girls. I looked up and saw that Radley was on top of the tree house on top of a 6ft ladder so I obviously went outside.... to take a picture.

I came back inside and heard Emersyn talking to someone.

Me: Emmy - who are you talking to?
Emmy: Gigi.
::thinking how cute she is during "pretend play"::
Emmy: Hiii, Gigi!
Gigi: Hi, Emmy!!
Me: What?!? Mom?
Gigi: Hi, Kate.
::look at phone and see that my child is on FACE TIME::
Me: Mom, did you call?
Gigi: No... Emmy called me and said she wanted to see me.
::slightly confused, mildly proud, and very frightened that my 2 year old figured out how to call Gigi::
Emmy: Whatca dooin' Gigi?

Oh lord. If this is 2, then I don't know if I can take 13. Let the phone rules begin!


This week in pictures...

So I am okay with admitting that I can waste lots of time looking at post after post of "the week in pictures" on MSNBC. Some of them are tragic, some of the are uplifting, all of them are beautiful. They give a little glimpse into the lives and nature all across the world. 

It really is true that a picture is a worth a thousand words. So, in honor of the art of photography (and because I took three "semi-cool" pics over the weekend) I give you our week{end} in pictures... 
(Sarah, I hope I make you proud). 

Picture One:
Dad at Party
You know the guy you see at most functions behind a lens, yelling commands like "smile!" "NO...look over here!" "Just one more then you can play!". 

Picture Two:
Thirsty bird

This is our backyard - and if this is really how my kids remember it then I will have done my job as a momma. Toys scattered about, green grass, noise in the background from Daddy, Pete and Pops working on a project and sweet hummingbirds making an appearance. 

I only had to take 23 a few pictures before getting this one! The bird isn't completely in focus, but I ain't gonna lie... I was super impressed with my photography skills. 
(please ignore that it's not completely straight). 

Picture Three:
That moment when you almost pee your pants in front of your kids

I noticed that wasps seemed to be making a more frequent appearance every day when I would go grab the mail. Ryan and I couldn't find  nest and thought that they were just "hanging out" in/near the porch. Sunday after church we were heading out to take a picture of the kids and my mom asked if we had ever found the nest to which I told her no. 

All of a sudden Radley pipes up, "You mean that nest, Mommy?" as he points to our house. We all look up and tried not to scream. This is the eve directly above Landry's room. That is about 25 wasps. THIS IS NOT OKAY. 

Daddy and Pete went on a killing spree later that day and found another nest in a tree on the corner. The bug man made a visit on Monday. 

{as a bonus}
Picture Four:
My heart, personified

Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. 
~Elizabeth Stone

Pictures may speak 1000 words, but even the best pictures can't do justice to the love of a parent. 


The "after party"...

As I learned in college ... any good party is immediately followed by an "after party"! We headed back to our house with Karli Bug, Cooper and Mason (and parents) in tow to open gifts, destroy the house play with toys and chow down on Chic Fil A. (because after parties also included greasy food. Is it ok that I am comparing my five year old's birthday to a college kegger?)

Needless to say he was pretty excited about what was inside all those bags. And Emmy found something just for her to play with, too. 

Eventually we put them down for naps and hung up the birthday banner for one more round of gifts from Gigi and Pops. 

But first it was snack time in the "man house". I'm not sure if at this point they are still building this for Radley or for themselves. I think I heard something about insulation, cable TV and a couch. 

Gigi and Pops got Radley the coolest solar system wall display. It's 6ftx4ft and comes with the planets (sans Pluto), 4 constellations, astronauts, and some stars. It glows in the dark and is just awesome. He has loved rearranging all planets!

Landry even stayed awake for this party!

We had a great weekend celebrating our big boy!


Party pics!...

Radley could not have had a better time at his party! He was surrounded by his favorite people (like his Godparents, Stephanie and Pete) and just enjoyed every bit of the day. 

I love this pool because it is made for younger children. It's a beach entry and stays at 2 feet deep for almost half the area. The bigger kids can run around and play and the parents don't have to be in the pool the whole time. (I sound like parent of the year, right?)

Sweet Atticus had a blast! 

And check out the diving skills of Radley... 

and Cade! :) 

Jillian and Julian were all smiles, too! 

I loved this. 
I remember this. 
Thinking my dad was the tallest person in the world and climbing all the way up there... 

So so he could flip me into the water. 
(He was the most popular parent at the Robinson pool for sure!)

Emmy just walked around like she owned the place. It was so fun to watch her giggle, splash and laugh. 

Everyone really did have a great time. From 6 months to 6 years! 
Mr. Mason rocked the slide!

And sweet Delaney was all smiles, too. 

And of course Landry managed to get a nap in there. 

The time went by much too quickly - before we knew it, we had to call everyone out for a picture and some cake. 

This picture cracks.me.UP!

Mason - hanging out in front, wondering what everyone is doing
Carlos - did not want to smile
Rory and Emmy - twins
Kayla - trying to touch Landry
Karli - letting Kayla try to touch Landry
Radley - smilng like a champ wanting his cake
Jackson and Atticus - sweet brothers
Connor - waiting to sing
Munson girls - practice of posing pays off! (Mills was distracted)
Justus and Delaney - Also sweet siblings
And Cooper- clearly more into the basket than a picture!


Then it was time for some cake!

We had such a great time celebrating our FAVORITE five-year-old.

 We love you, Radley!