In the swing of things...

Well, I did it. 

I took all 3 kids out. Alone. 

And survived!!


The outing wasn't that long - but still, I felt accomplished! And we *almost* made it to our destination on time!!!

Double wahoo!!

It's Parents' Weekend, which is a special weekend in Aggieland. 1000s of Aggie parents embark on BCS  to learn all about what their sons and daughters are doing with their time. MSC FISH, one of the committees I advise, held a breakfast this morning. 

It was Landry's first trip to campus; doesn't she look excited?

Emmy and Radley always have fun with "the big guys" as Rad refers to them. 

They also get a new "audience" to show off for. Today Radley was teaching everyone about the planets - they were impressed. 

I'm sure some of you think I am crazy for taking 3 kids (one being a 2 week old) to a "work" event during maternity leave, but, well...these group of students made it more than worth it. 

I am so lucky to get to work with student leaders each and every day that not only challenge each other, but challenge ME to be a better person and I wanted to let their parents know just how great they are. 

Ryan was sick this morning so while we were visiting campus, he was visiting Urgent Care. (Diagnosis: sinus infection - he will live and feels much better now). 

After lunch, naps and some TLC we all loaded up the car and headed to celebrate an adorable 2 year old's birthday. Anderson, the son of a fellow UPSer,  had a train party complete with a TRAIN! 

Radley was in heaven.

He was the oldest kid there and I think he liked being the "leader". 

Emmy liked the hot dogs, grapes, strawberries and cake pops. 

Landry liked being outside.

And I just liked that we were all together as a family doing our "normal" stuff. 


Strawberry shortcakes...

Landry had her two week check up today and got glowing reports!

Updated Stats:
Weight: 8lbs 4oz (gained 1lb in 1 week)
Length: 21 inches (that's 3/4 inch of "growth"/stretching out)
Head: 36cm 

Dr. Henderson was very pleased with everything so we will see him at 2 months. 

 So what do you think? Do our girls look a like? 

Emersyn was almost 2 months old in this picture (the onesie barely buttoned) and Landry is only 2 weeks old. I may have to compare again when she gets older.

And here they are in black and white...

I'm not convinced that they look that much alike, but I am 100% sure that they are ADORABLE!

Ten Tiny Toes...

Yesterday we ventured out and had Landry's toes done. 

Well, not just her toes, her whole foot actually. 

We've gotten tiles made at U Paint It with each of the kiddos now and it really is one of my favorite days. I love each tiny toe on each one of my kiddos and this way we get to remember them small forever. 

(Doesn't Landry just look thrilled? Thanks for all the help, Penny! We will be back soon!)

It must have been exhausting because as soon as we got home, these two were out!


Today is your birthday...

March is full of birthdays in our world...
Landry - March 16
Jenni - March 25
Caroline - March 28
Niki - March 31

I was not nearly as prepared as I usually am with fun, creative gifts since I feel like I spent half of the month waiting for Landry to make her grand appearance. (Jenni, I promise you have something good coming). But, I think it has allowed me to focus on the real importance of what celebrating a birthday is all about. It isn't about the presents or the theme of a party (even though those are super fun things to discuss and plan and host) it's about spending that day with the people you love. 

We got to spend Caroline's birthday evening with her eating dinner and hanging out with friends. Now, as a four year old this may just be another time that your parents have people over. But as a 33 year old, it meant something a little different to me. 

The Today Show reported that in a survey conducted people stated that "33" was their best year. And in the month that I have been 33 - I would agree. I am comfortable in who I am, I have a loving husband,  beautiful/healthy children, a wonderful family, great friends, a job I love, a home, etc... 

All things that at the age of 4 I didn't  really think about. (Heck, I may not have reflected that much at 24 when I was much more selfish and focused on me). 

But as we celebrated Sweet Caroline I did think about all that we have to CELEBRATE. 

Bike rides with friends (Radley outgrew his helmet - don't judge)
Spring rain
Purple cupcakes
Star Wars parties
Cheddar's take out
Bathtime giggles
"Late night" (aka 8pm) dance parties
Long talks with besties

And while this party may have been a **tad** different than the ones we used to attend with the Munson's,

I can't think of a party I would rather attend.

Looking forward to all the celebrating to come...

Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley's class has been learning about planets for the past two weeks and he has REALLY gotten into it. Every day we talk about our favorite planets (except Earth) and why they are our favorites. We talk about the different characteristics of the planets like Jupiter is the biggest, Saturn has rings, Mercury is "really really really" hot, etc... 

I am pretty sure that Jody and Jeremy went through a planet stage because I remember very large books that GiGi probably still has with pictures. We lucked out and had a NASA book in Radley's closet (that may or may not be overdue to the Sherman High School Library from January 1996). Radley has even requested that we got to the library to check out more planet books this weekend. 

On our drive home from school he points to the A&M Campus and lets me know that he is going to study planets in "that building" when he is a Big Aggie. 

And so on and so on...

Something really clicked with the planets, so Ryan drug out his dad's old telescope the other night to take Radley to look at the stars and see if he could spot some planets. 

Emersyn was already in bed and I was inside with Landry when the door swung open and Radley ran in exclaiming:

"Mommy! I saw URANUS!"

Yeah. I giggled. I mean, who would name a planet that? I may have to knock my maturity level up a notch to be this kid's mom.


Picture day...

No, not the matching brother/sister school pics that we all have (those were last week and I forgot to take a picture of my adorable kiddos). 

Yesterday was newborn picture day with Sarah

This took a *tiny* bit more preparation...

This session was a little different for me because I didn't prepare near as much as I normally do since Landry's gender was a surprise. Instead all the planning was left up to Sarah (who may or may not have been given the envelope with MAKs gender a couple of weeks before arrival). 

My only real job was to keep this one's tummy full so she would be sleepy...

And if you ever wonder just how those amazing newborn pics are snapped that you stalk on Pinterest, the key is lots of patience, the ability to adapt your plan, an AMAZINGLY talented, incredibly gifted, wonderful photographer, and a space heater. 

Oh and you have to be ok with chaos and have access to lots of good lighting.

I'd say the few hours we spent together were a success. 

Landry was wiped out. 

And I know that Sarah once again worked her magic and captured this moment in our lives with beauty and grace like only she knows how!! Can't wait to see them!!!


Caring for Cason...

I've posted a few times about how glad I am that I joined a sorority. Besides giving me access to test files, a stocked social calendar, study buddies, wardrobe upgrades, fun trips and endless memories... I am also equipped with life long friends and wonderful sisters. 

No matter the distance or length of time that we have gone from seeing each other, I know that any of my fellow Delta Zeta's would do just about anything for me. Especially my pledge sisters. 

About a month ago I posted about Cason.

In the weeks that have followed Cason is now HOME (such a praise). He is constantly being checked on by doctors but doing well. Cason is a lucky little fellow to have the mommy that he does. Not only is Kim a nurse (see how that plan worked out - God knew what He was doing), she is also one of the most strong willed, determined, and capable women I have known. She may be tiny - but they do say that dynamite comes in small packages. 

I can think of no better way to describe Kim than as combustible. She is passionate and fierce and I know is the perfect Mommy for Coyt and Cason. Not only is she taking care of her two tiny men and husband, but in the midst of all this, they moved homes and she is still working. 

Kim - you are an inspiration! 

I got an incredible response to my last blog post about Cason and I wanted to share something that a fellow DZ has done for their family. As you can imagine, the medical costs for a condition such as Cason's are pretty high (Kim posted a pic of their bill on FB and so far it is over $2 MILLION...yes, you read that right). A benefit account has been set up for Cason Howey through Well's Fargo - the Cason Howey Benefit Fund. Anyone can go to ANY Wells Fargo and make a deposit. If you are interested, willing and able, please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the account number directly. 

Thank you so much for any and all support. I know the Howey's appreciate it as well as any prayers that you offer up on behalf of their family. 


I heart weekends...

It's been a {small} town, {medium} pace, livin' {large}...

sibling bonding...

special friends....
(in this case Landry's godparents)

first package...
(thank you Dooley Family)

heart to hearts....

sweet dreams...

kind of weekend. 

I {heart} these days.



There are a few things that MUST be documented in life...

1. First hair cut
2. First birthday
3. First tooth lost

A girl's FIRST trip to Target...

I was getting a little stir crazy so we {had} to venture out for a bit today. We may have purchased a little {;)} more than we needed  but we had fun. 

And this cutie didn't seem to mind... 

I would say it was a very successful trip!!

(and no, our Target does not carry Polo...Radley had all these duds, I just got the girls some things) 

Ah, "the girls"... such a sweet ring. 


Loving Landry...

Man am I just loving the time spent loving on Landry. She has been such a sweet baby {so far}. It's so funny how "hard" I thought this was when it was just Radley. HA! I could do this forever. She makes the cutest little coos and when she is awake she is so alert - almost inquisitive of what is going on around her. I don't like having her far away and love our naps on the couch. 

Some moments she looks so much like Emersyn, like in this gown.... 

And other times she looks like, well, like Landry! 
(Like in this giant bow that I really think caused her to smile. Oh Lawd, what are we in for?)

And then she reminds me of both of her siblings, like when she was snuggled in these pjs that Tia bought for Radley. All 3 of them have worn these... and the tag on the back couldn't be more true. 

Oh yes, I am loving Landry indeed!

Tiny Tales Thursday...

I hate to repeat a story - but in case you missed it, the day Landry was born, Radley may have said the sweetest thing that has ever come from his mouth...

"Mommy, I'm so happy I could just cry."

He even had real tears forming in his eyes. It will remain one of the most precious moments of my life. 

The kids are both pretty smitten with their new "baby". Emmy wakes up with a new favorite word, pointing to the door exclaiming, "baby, baby" and not satisfied until we show her Landry. 

Makes this momma happy. 


Out and about...

Landry had her first official outing yesterday. Well, it was just to meet Dr. Henderson and get weighed and measured again. But she looked super cute, huh? 

She was so calm the whole time - barely any peep. Dr. Henderson said she looked "perfect". Well, we could have told him that! 

All that poking and prodding wears a girl out. 

The fun didn't stop there, though. The weather is so nice right now and Radley and Emmy love being outside so we went on our first walk as a family of 5. The SUPER SIBLINGS led the way.
(Jenni - they LOVED their shirts)

And we were off. Radley did so good on his bike and Emmy just kept looking back at me and Landry, I guess she wanted to make sure we didn't leave her behind. 

They did get a little fast for us, but I didn't mind the view. 

What's in a name...

Thought I would share how Ryan and I chose Landry's name. It really was a tough decision - much harder than Radley and Emersyn. Partly because we didn't know the gender but also because we knew that it had to be just as special and meaningful. Like Radley and Emersyn, we wanted her name to be unique but grounded in our family. 

Radley's full names is William Radley King - he is named for Ryan's dad and grandfather (William) and then given a name that we hoped would be as full of life as he has become (Radley). A name that isn't shared by many but that isn't some random item you find in a grocery store. 

The same thought was given when we named Emersyn. Her full name is Estelle Emersyn King. Estelle is my MaMaw's (Mom's mom) middle name. Emersyn is a name that we just both attached onto very early. I love it as much today as when we first thought about it as an option before we knew if Radley was a boy or girl. It has turned out to be the perfect name for her. 

We finally settled on two choices per gender:

Michael Aubrey King or Joseph Landry King for a boy
Marilyn Aubrey King or Lillian Landry King for a girl
(yes, two of the choices had MAK for initials)

The meaning:

Michael is the first name of my godfather. He was like THE godfather and I just adored him. However, he went by "Mitch" so I wasn't sold on using Michael. 

Joseph was my PaPaw (Mom's Dad) first name, my grandfather (Dad's dad) middle name and my oldest brother's first name as well. 

Marilyn was my Grandmother (Dad's mom) first name

Lillian was Ryan's grandmother's first name and my mom's godmother's name as well as many other family members

Aubrey - we just both like for either gender. I will say that it was the front runner for the boy (gasp, Aubrey for a boy!) but I think in the end we would have paired it with Joseph. 

Landry - another one that has been on "my list" since Radley. I just love this name and it fits well with our kids. 

At some point we both decided that if MAK was a girl she would be a Lillian Landry. I LOVE her name. Just love it! I like the way it sounds, I LOVE that it represents both sides of the family. Emmy's initials are also "double". It was the top choice by far. 

And yes, all of our names now have a 'y'. And all of our children's first names have a double 'L' (which was not intentional at all, but kinda fun). 

We never really did settle on the boy name. 

So yes, Ryan and I have chosen for our children to go through life with their middle names. They will forever correct teachers, classmates, doctors, and strangers. But they will also forever be reminded that someone else came before them to create the life that they now lead. Someone else sacrificed for them before they existed. These namesakes survived wars and depressions, and also witnessed the joy of handwork and perseverance. They taught Ryan and I what it means to live a life of integrity, to give your all and put your family first. 

We hope that one day Radley, Emersyn and now Landry know how blessed they are to be named for the individuals that we chose and that they, too, will create a legacy that lives on in their families. 


Welcome Home, Landry...

 We got to bring Landry home yesterday and before the day was filled with the chaos of happy siblings Ryan and I took the opportunity for some snuggle time with our little girl...

She already has her daddy's heart just like big sister. 

She also has mine.

Landry got glowing reports from the nurses and pediatrician (I think I even heard the word "favorite" from Miss Corretta, the cutest nurse ever) so we got to leave pretty early in the day. Can't believe this is our new crew...how did we get so lucky?

One last pic in the hospital before we go!

Ryan went to grab the carseat and look who thought that SHE was still the baby. It's so funny how just four days ago Emmy seemed so small and now she seems so BIG! 

Radley wanted to make sure I was okay as we left (my sweet boy).

We made quite the exit. 

We got the car all loaded up and were ready to drive all THREE of our kids home. 
I think I will always remember this moment as one of the happiest/scariest of my life. Not scary as in I was scared to have 3 kids, I am scared by how much my whole heart is just consumed with love for them. 

The whole way home Radley couldn't stop talking about how when we got there he would get to yell "SURPRISE" when I saw my pink balloons. "It's your special day, Mommy...so I get to yell 'surprise!'"

(Bok has made a sign for all 3 of the kids and I will treasure them always).

Radley and Emersyn were so eager for her to be there that they ran right to her room.

And as soon as we opened the door they wanted her in the swing. I wonder how many heart attacks I will have hoping that Emmy doesn't try to climb in there with her.

We got settled in, ate lunch and hung out with GiGi and Pops before they headed back to Waco. 

THANK YOU so much for being wonderful parents to me and Ryan and grandparents to our kids. We are so blessed by your support!!

And then shortly after naps, our lives resumed to "normal". This is the chaos that we welcomed Landry into. So far, she doesn't seem to mind. 

Oh...and guess what else yesterday was?
Our SIX year wedding anniversary! 

We celebrated in style with take out from Christopher's after the kids went to bed. 
Six years. 
Three kids. 
One blessing.