Tiny Tales Thursday...

Gigi and Pops do a great job brainwashing praising the kids. They have gotten in a routine of telling the kids just how great they are. "Radley is so handsome." "Emmy is adorable." Landry is just so precious."

Every time they use the same words to describe each kiddo.

Last night Emmy did something especially funny and I reacted with, "Emmy you are so cute!"

Her response? "No, Mommy. Emmy ADORABLE!!" (dramatic facial expressions and all)

Good to know, Emmy.


Before bed I was asking Radley a series of "when you grow up" questions. You know, what do you want to be, where will you live, etc...

By the end of the conversation I found out the following:

"I don't know, Mom. I mean, I guess I'll be an Aggie and I'll either be a builder man, an astronaut, or a leader because I'm good at all of those things. I guess I'll live next door."

I was thrilled at his aspirations and then asked him when he would be doing all these things and leaving home.

"I don't know, I mean, when I'm ten years old, I guess."

Wow - I didn't know empty nesting started so soon!


Party planning...

We are officially 6(ish)  weeks away from Landry's first birthday party.

And y'all, I am going crazy.

Like my heart starts beating faster than it is supposed to crazy.

Like shoot up in the middle of the night thinking I forgot something crazy.

Like write random ideas/notes down on papers that may or not belong to me crazy.

It's ridiculous.

This is the major con of Pinterest - too many ideas.

It's like a super store. I don't need 100 options of toilet paper - they all do the same thing. Just give me 3...I can decide from there.

I will say that I am excited about the party... and can also share that the inspiration comes straight from her birth announcement....

Can't wait to celebrate our sweet princess.... 


I carry your heart...

So I have a confession. 

I don't love Valentine's Day.

At all. 

I know, it's weird. I think it's the high maintenance part of me that believes you should show me your love every day and not just when Hallmark tells you to. Maybe.


BUT... my kids love it. And I love my kids, so there you go. We took a little trip to Hobby Lobby last week and I found the cutest mailboxes on sale and thought that it would be fun to let the kids decorate their own so we could leave sweet messages to them in February. 

So yesterday afternoon after naps we got to painting. 
(Ryan and I left Abilene early so we could let my parents get home and spend time with the kiddos). 

Emmy wanted to paint hers purple of course, and we did't have "dawk pul-pel" so we had a quick lesson in mixing paint and then got going. 

She also picked purple for her "E". 

I'm not sure if the two inches of paint she used was enough.

I think it was the most I had seen her concentrate ever.

Radley picked "spring colors" for his mailbox.

Aqua, yellow, red and white. Clearly my kid!

I love how much he loves these kinds of projects. I also love that kids see beauty in everything. It doesn't matter if the paint goes on "perfectly" they are automatically proud of their work. They aren't self-conscience of their abilities. It isn't until Ms. Shraunk gives you a "B" in art that you start to lose faith.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

One more layer of aqua and done!

Emmy wanted bright pink for her flag. Such a girly-girl. 

We let Landry get in on the fun, too. But then she tried to eat the sponge, so I finished for her and let the big kids pick the colors for her mailbox.

(Sorry, L...maybe next year!)

I LOVE that Ryan does these projects with us. He isn't afraid to let his inner-crafter get busy and often gets way more "into" than me and the kids. 

We let the first coat dry while we did baths and dinner. 

Which consisted of cereal. 

Don't judge. We were out of town all weekend. And I put bananas in the cereal.

Then it was time to personalize their creations with stickers they had picked at HobLob.

"I love you to the moon and back" is perfect for Rad since he falls asleep telling me he loves me "from Earth to the Moon to Jupiter to Mars and all the way back!"

You are loved, sweet boy! More than you will ever know!

Emmy quickly put 15 stickers on her mailbox before I could stop her. 

And L just tried to eat them.

And done!

They are now sitting nicely on our kitchen table waiting to be filled with {LOVE}!

I just LOVE the way they turned out! And I already put a note in them for after school..I think I may like Valentine's Day after all. 

But I'm still mad at Hallmark. 



For better or worse...

Ryan and I took a little road trip this weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of my most favorite friends of all time. Gigi and Pops drove to College Station to watch the kiddos so we got to spend 8 hours in the car this weekend to talk, laugh, sing crazy songs and make life plans. Weddings always make me reflect more on our marriage so I am thankful for this time with just him. 

Ryan wouldn't "let" me bring a camera in for the ceremony so I only had my phone. The lighting of the unity candle is one of my favorite parts of any ceremony because of the literal representation of "two become one". They  chose "The Servant Song" to be played during this part of the ceremony - so perfect!

I don't know if I have cried this much at a wedding ceremony - such a blessing to see her prayers being answered in finding Kyle. No one is more deserving of happiness than she!

The reception was "so Vanessa"...how would I describe her?

Never-ending support
Serving Him
Simple joys

Loved this "table for two"!

I caught this sweet moment as they were about to be formally introduced as Mr. and Mrs. She gives so much of herself to others. She sent me a text after the ceremony to tell me how thankful she was that Ryan and I were there to support her. She wanted to let me know what a blessing we are to her and how grateful she is for our friendship. She is ALWAYS thinking of others. 

I have admired and loved her love of God since I have known her. She sets such a great example for me to be a good Christian and Catholic woman. I look to her in my walk with him so many times. I know that I can call, text, email and she just let's me "show up" with no judgment. She has prayed for me and Ryan since 1999 and I promise to do the same for her and Kyle. 

I tried to capture this picture too quickly, but in true Aggie style, they were greeted with "12th Man" waves of napkins by guests. 

She was just beaming and Kyle is so gentle and loving to her.

And I was so happy to be reminded of the sacrament of marriage with my other half. Just what my heart needed to spend uninterrupted time with him.

My sweet Ness...how I am so honored to have shared in this day with you!

Vanessa is loved by so many people and it's easy to see why. Carrie is one of Vanessa's first students and she now works with me at A&M. I know that Vanessa serves as her mentor just like she does to so many others. 

We ate, we danced and we obviously "Sawed 'Em Off"... 


And perhaps enjoyed the open bar. 

And the photo booth.
(Not sure why, but this is my {gansta} face. It needs work or I need help.)

Before we knew it the time had passed and it was time to bid the happy couple adieu. 

Here is to you, friend. 

To love.
To laughter.
To your happily ever after.
Live fearlessly.
Pray always.
Love without ceasing. 
Carry each other in your prayers.
Let his dreams become yours.
Don't be afraid to fight sometimes.
Seek Him first.
Remember this day always.
Remind yourself why you said "yes".
Let him to lead even if you don't want to follow.
And no that you have an army of support around you always. 

Love you, friend!!! 


Counting Lessons...

Today's lesson is brought to you by Emmy King. 

Please note the deletion of 4,5 and 14, 15... 

She is too stinking cute for her own good. 

Happy Friday!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Our kids sit with us during church which at times can be a little distracting, but overall we love being able to show them from an early age the importance of worship through mass. Radley is at the age that he can (and should) participate in parts of mass. I try to explain to him the purpose behind what we do and let him know what is coming next. 

Rad: When do we do "peace be with you"?
Me: After we say the Lord's Prayer
Rad: Why do we say that [peace be with you]?
I give him a quick explanation
Rad: Oh. Ok. So it's kinda like "the force be with you" then.

Yes, Radley, Kind of. But not really. 



Just a look at the last few weeks from my phone's point of view. My blogger bestie, Jenn, does this each Friday and I love it. I may try to do the same, but for now enjoy these moments a la Apple. 

Someone is getting good at standing! Isn't she a doll baby?

Radley loves puzzles like Buddy the Elf likes smiling. 
As in they are his "favorite." 

I found this one at Hobby Lobby and he's pretty much obsessed. I see a road tripper in our future. He wants to know all about each of the states, who lives there, what you can do there, etc. One day I'll tell him about the trip I took with Carolyn (like when he's 25). 

Someone loves bundles. 

And going to work with Mommy.

I woke up to this sweet Saturday surprise a few weeks ago.
Run, don't walk, to the nearest store and buy one. 

A trip to Target with my two favorite girls and Gigi. 

Her first pair of pig tails. 
I know, ridiculously adorable!

This is the face of a little tiny human girl that doesn't feel good. She was on day 5 of lots of diaper changes but still just as sweet as can be. I hate when they feel sick but I will admit I love the extra cuddles. 

We are trying to get Radley to start showering to cut down on nighttime routines. He loves it!

You know, just a typical day at work...starting off with breakfast with Danny Glover.

He was on campus as the keynote speaker for the 6th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast honoring the works of Dr. King during the Civil Rights movement. He was amazing...provided such great perspective on such an incredible time in our country's history. But the thing that stuck with me most was how he spoke of his family, particularly his parents.

"I was in love with my father from the moment that I took my first breath until the moment I watched him take his last." 

I pray my kids speak of me that way one day. 

Every week is shark week at our house. 


Emmy is in a "hair" stage. She wants it just so and my poor girls got stuck with a momma that has the pony tail mastered...and that's about it. Pinterest can't event help me. 

We heart seasonal clothes. 

I spent a Saturday afternoon with Cindy. It as a business meeting. 

I came home from that lovely 2 hour appointment to this. 

A broken sink and lots of toys. Scattered everywhere. Lots and lots of toys. With small parts.

He did fix the sink, though. 

We hosted our first "fancy" dinner party and used Lola's china. 

Ryan and I were getting ready for the dinner party and I realized it had gotten too quiet in the house. 

Emmy informed me that "We nap together, Mommy."

And we were all set for the fun by 6:45pm!

Landry wasn't impressed with our annual MLK Day bowling. 

Left overs = dinner of champions.