Happily after...

I remember this like it was yesterday...

and then that little bundle appeared and our world continued to get better.

And then a month went by, then six, then we were celebrating a year of Lovely Landry. 

And I can't believe how much she has grown and changed...

And how much room in my heart that tiny little being now completely consumes...

I could fill a million buckets with how much joy her sweet smile, glorious giggle, and sloppy kisses bring to our days...

and my prayer is that she knows that she is loved, she is prayed for, and she is a gift that we didn't know we needed...

Lovely Landry what a blessing and honor it is to be your Mom!

May all of your "afters" be as sweet as you!

(and as usual, a big fat thank you to SG for capturing our fairy tale)

Tiny Tales Thursday...

So we took the kids to see Epic this weekend. If you haven't seen the previews, it's about a young girl that gets transformed to magic world in the forest complete with Leaf Men and talking bugs in a quest to save their world from evil.


So, on Monday night we were sitting in the living room and I did the typical parent, "oh my gosh, Radley!! Did you see that?" as I gestured out the window.

Rad: What?
Rad: WHAT?!?
Me: I think I saw a hummingbird outside our window.
Rad: Ok...
Me: Well, maybe it had a leaf man on it.
Rad: No, mom.
Me: Well, maybe...
Rad: Mom. That's not true it's just a movie.
Me: How do you know?
Rad: Mom. (clearly annoyed at this point)... toys don't talk when you're gone, cars don't talk and have eyes, and there are no tiny men on birds.  Okaaaaayyyy?
Me: Sheesh. Aren't you just chalked full of childlike imagination?

Wonder why he believes in Santa?


Welcome to the neighborhood...

 Earlier this year we were so sad when we saw a "for sale" sign pop up at the house across the street. Mr. Hardy and his wife were moving (literally down the road to a garden home) but we loved having them at neighbors. The kids took every opportunity to yell as loud as possible give a friendly hello each time he was walking his dog. 

Cut to about a month ago and the sign was gone and new neighbors had arrived. 

And y'all... they are so much FUN!!! A couple our age with one little boy and a girl on the way...we got to go hang out with them tonight and the kids were thrilled!

(Did I mention they have a pool?)

(We may or may not have already planned an "adults only" party with babysitting HQ across the street at our casa...Maegan just tell me the day and time!)

This one found her motivation to walk - practically into the pool. 

This one finally feels better - so good that silly faces have made a comeback.

Hudson and Radley played so well together - both loud. Both silly. Both boys.

A match made in heaven. 

Welcome to the neighborhood, Maegan, Joel and Hudson! We are so excited to have normal, loud, laid back, funny, grill loving, party going neighbors! Looking forward to many years of fun ahead!


We've been pretty low-key around here. 

Emmy was fighting this annoying virus that gave her a fever for FIVE days. I did enjoy the extra snuggles though. 

We've done a whole lot of nothing - including not take many pictures. And the ones I do take are pretty horrible for two reasons...

1. I am determined to master the art of the manual focus 
(which is just silly when trying to take pictures of children)

2. I only have my 300mm lens because the lovely airline broke my other one when the flight attendant took the liberty of rearranging a perfectly arranged overhead bin on our flight back from DC.

I was across the room and this is still how close the picture is. 
I love that he still loves his cars.

 I also love these feet. 

That actually work. 

And these chubster knees.

And this toosh too.

(I don't love my inability to focus.)

Bring back the auto button!


An Epic Weekend...

We were all set for a fun and fabulous long weekend. And then it happened... the dreaded call...

"Hi, Katy... it's Vivian. Everything's fine, but..."

(It's the "but..." that gets you)

"...Emmy have a fever."

At 2:00pm. Heading into a 3-day weekend.

And that's when my MOTY award disappeared because my first thought was "I hope we don't have to stay inside all weekend."

(ok - let's be honest, my MOTY award was gone a long time ago).

She seemed just fine after a dose of Tylenol so Friday night went as (kinda) planned. I say kinda because we were supposed to go to the pool, but the Texas thunderstorm had other, more wet and thunder-filled plans for us. 

Instead the Munson's headed to our house for pizza and playing. 

On Saturday morning, we had plans to get up and head to Waco for the day to celebrate Karli's birthday - but Emmy's fever had spiked again and she was pitiful. So Radley and I headed to Waco on our own to celebrate the birthday girl. Eight hours later we were home to find that Ryan had survived the worst ER trip in history and Miss E had an ear infection. 

On Sunday she still had a fever but was in much better spirits. We made plans to meet Cindy, Caro and Anna at the movies to see Epic while Josh, Mills, Ryan and L fired up the grill for dinner. 

It seemed as if our weekend was back on track... just as planned.

We were with good friends, filled with great food, and enjoying the best weather.

We even took the time to play tribute to America's past-time. 
(Yes - Emmy is throwing a fit - she was ready for her turn to bat.)

By Sunday night, the fever was back which meant that our plans for Monday had to be altered too.
Ryan took Radley and Landry to the Franklin Safari with the Munsons and Emmy and I had a date with the doctor and HEB.

Which may have been a better idea since Emmy would not have been very impressed with this heading for our car. 

But Landry loved it...

and so did this big kid.

 And although this picture is missing a very important member of their crew, I loved the unplanned time I got to spend with Emmy. 

And as I sit here and think about what this weekend is about, I can't help but think about all the other unplanned events that lead us here. About all the families that never planned to lose a loved one. Or a soldier who didn't plan for that final goodbye.

And for each of those unplanned moments, I am filled with gratitude for the sacrifices made.



So this will be like the opposite of an instant due to the number of pictures I just uploaded. So here goes the past few weeks from my phone...

We discovered a park that we all just LOVE hidden within some apartments in CS. Isn't this fun?

Radley is definitely my child because he has NEVER met a stranger.

Ummm. I am PUMPED about her party. And so is she! 

I am officially as cool as my kids with my first pair of Toms.

3 awesome kiddos = 1 blessed momma.

Seriously - not a bathing baby cuter than this one.

This was the day my heart fell out of my chest. He really is growing up. And getting older. And starting new adventures. And I just want him little forever. 

Because the next day we went on a tour of kindergarten and he thought he was so big. 

After our trip to DC, Ryan and I started the Advocare 24-day challenge with a 10 day cleanse...this may be the nastiest drink in the world. Times 10. 

But after week one I really do feel better and more energetic. 

And I'm not going to die when I have this as my lunch.

This is her "back away from my spoon and no one gets hurt" face. Or as one of my friends pointed out - just the Sicilian in her. 

Day 3 of challenge was a work retreat. 
Which meant retreat food.

I made it to lunch which generally consists of Jason's Deli or other sandwich-like except for this day when it was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls. 

I said no to this. I didn't even have one bite. I didn't even try to JUSTIFY having one bite. 

They love "super snack" night. And I do too! Try it...super easy to prep and clean up and it's so fun to just "share" food and laughs at the dinner table.

Last Wednesday when I was putting Radley to bed, he asked if we could have some alone time the next morning. He wanted me to take him to school all by himself so we could just hang out. It took me negative 10 seconds to respond with a weepy "of course". 

He talked me in to collecting slugs for his class and I even surprised him with an unrequested stop for donuts. 

That's love.

And so is this... just a big brother pushing his sisters on their swings.

And. Although I don't 100% agree - so is this. 

I came home at lunch with Cindy to find some nice young men hanging our television in MY room. Complete with a touch screen remote. I didn't know this was happening. Although my husband says we "talked about it". Read: He mentioned it, I responded with a "maybe at some point but I don't think it's necessary". 

How is it possible that this took one day but there is a laundry list of honey-dos that have yet to be accomplished. 


One of Emmy's teacher is moving to Dallas for the summer to Nanny for a family. She LOVES Miss Kelsey so we are going to miss her a lot!

Friday night pizza at the pool turned into Friday night pizza and puddles when we got rained out. But these six always manage to have fun!

Saturday morning this one was sick and had to miss Karli-bugs party. 

Ryan stayed home with the girls so Radley and I had a day date and drove to Waco to celebrate.

Can't believe how big these kiddos are getting!

Emms was feeling a little better yesterday so she helped Rad and Dad get food ready for the grill. Don't I have the cutest personal chefs?

And that's us in an instant!