Nothing like noticing you have 1500+ pictures on your phone. Why do I keep them for so long? And why do I refuse to delete them even though I've downloaded them all to my compute??? Who knows. What I do know is that my phone has been busy snapping life lately these past two weeks... 

When you show up to work twinning with your graduate assistant who also happens to be a Delta Zeta. #DZLAM

The Easter bunny brought matching pjs for these sisters and their dolls. They giggles were even cuter than those animal booties. 

We are never going to win the prize for theme days, but we gave "cowgirl day" our best shot!

MSC FISH's biggest program every year is Kyle Field Day. I don't mind at all using these three faces as additional advertisement! And it must have paid off because we broke 2000 attendees!

April is crazy in student affairs. We are transitioning leadership, getting new students, hosting banquet and awards all while finishing events and winding up the year. I wonder how I survive each and every year. But somehow I do.  Walked in to my office one day to this bouquet and somehow found a little bit more energy to get it all done.

April isn't just tiring for me - we are all counting down the days to summer, but if it means I get mid day snuggles with this one, then I'll take it!

I glanced down to my console and decided I may have a drinking problem - coffee, coffee, coffee and a little bit of water.

All smiles for Kyle Field Day - except Landry was forcing that grin. She kept saying she was tired and Ryan and I just figured it was because she greeted us with a 5AM wake up call that morning. She didn't want to do any of the activities which is completely unlike her and fell asleep with Ryan holding her. Turns out she was sporting a 102.5 temp!!! 

Poor kiddo - hopefully she perks up next year! I didn't mind the snuggles especially since those feet hit 17K steps by 3pm!

We enjoyed a pretty awesome Sunday and then headed into the busiest week of the year starting with the annual MSC Awards. 

Where this girl was recognized with the MSC Chair of the Year award! No one more deserving!

Tuesday was spent at home with Landry - she couldn't shake that fever so we laid low and rested up. My sweet village handled drop off and pick up for the bigs and we picked up Whataburger for dinner. I was grateful for the break because Wednesday was promising to be an 18 hour day with the annual end of year banquet for MSC FISH. Always a fun night celebrating their many successes and even though I've heard the seemingly same stories year after year, I can't help but tear up listening to those freshmen share their heart. 

Also - let's play spot the almost 40 year old. How in the world?!?!

She was all smiles by Thursday for her FIRST EVER FIELD TRIP!

I was sporting unbrushed hair and yesterdays mascara. 

I was able to meet her for the lunch portion of her field trip... 

but she mostly excited that Gigi was there and got to sneak away early for the day where she was treated to a trip to Hallmark for her 173rd Beanie Boo. 

The celebrations continued into Thursday night where I got to watch this awesome Aggie be inducted into the Maroon and White Leadership Society. I had the pleasure of serving as Ashley's coach for the past two years of her leadership journey and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet an Aggie I probably would not have otherwise. Goodness, I can hardly keep up with her! She is so thoughtful and service-minded, compassionate and driven, smart and diligent and just amazing! 

I was so tired by Friday that I'm not sure what happened. Saturday was spent watching soccer, running errands, prepping teacher appreciation gifts, eating junk food and watching movies. I could tell that Emersyn needed a bit of some special attention so we snuck away to plan her birthday celebration. She turns 7 in the 7th so this is her "golden year" and I wanted to make sure that she got exactly what she wants for her special day. She's my kid and planned the day around food. 

She **really** wants her ears pierced and I'm on the fence. I was hoping we could hold out until she's 10 but she keeps begging. Her plan is take a day trip to the American Girl Doll store with Anna, eat lunch and get her ears pierced, come home and have a slumber party. (Which she opted for over a night at a hotel - dang it.) ;) 

She didn't stop talking for the hour we snuck away which was a great affirmation that she needed this and so did I. 

And that's us in an instant!


Royally Waiting... Linkup #10

In honor of our 10th week of this link-up with Shelly and Holly, I'm going to share 10 things that I just can't wait for....


Landry's FIVE year pics because she is wearing this dress...


Emersyn's GOLDEN birthday pics because she is wearing this dress...


Radley and I to make it to page 400 of Deathly Hallows because we will have an epic skip day reading the rest of the book....


Gigi to arrive tonight because she spoils us all rotten...


This movie because Radley fell in-love with Lightening McQueen at a young age and we are gonna have the best date night whether he likes it or not!


Moody Gardens Aquarium Reopening...

We bought season passes last year and have totally gotten our money's worth! They expire on July 8 so we are trying to work a weekend trip in June!


These to go away...


This to be Whole30 compliant...


Ryan's birthday because he will be thirty-NINE... taking gift suggestions now!


THE WEEKEND because I could use another Sunday like we just had!

Happy Wednesday everyone! What are you waiting on? Link up below!


40th Anniversary Surprise...

I can't wait to share this EPIC party with y'all mainly because we hosted this event before I started to blog. So this is some never before seen footage, y'all. 

And the two stars happen to be the best parents around. Waaaaaayyy back in 2009 they were approaching a milestone anniversary and my brothers and our significant others really wanted to commemorate the occasion. I mean, mainly me, but they are all good sports and played along and paid the bills. ;) We have the most adorable outdoor theater in Bryan that made the best venue and created a theme for us that was easy to follow. 

We sent out tickets as invitations (lots of options here), catered in "movie theater food", served drinks and made a 20 minute movie about their love story. We invited friends and family, surprise guests flew in, and my uncle even drove my MaMaw from Baton Rouge. Keeping the secret was the easy part... getting them there was a different story.

We told them that we wanted to take them to dinner to celebrate which was pretty normal. The event wasn't formal, but it also wasn't super casual and we kept dropping hints that maybe my dad should change clothes. He couldn't understand why and we didn't want to press the issue and give anything away. We fixed Mom's hair and make-up and drove to the restaurant. 

And wouldn't you know... Ryan forgot to make the reservation. (The restaurant was in on the surprise... because I think ahead). So, we staged a small little annoyed wife/apologetic husband scene and decided to walk around downtown while we waited for our seats. I started texting people to get into place and we walked up to the theater and pointed at the marquee as everyone yelled "SURPRISE!!!"

I mean, how cute is my mom's big smile??



Our dear friends made this awesome cake, we had custom popcorn holders (no pics, sorry), hot dogs, nachos, candy and drinks. 

The best part was watching everyone shower them with love.

I mean - can you even with Radley and Ryan?

Owen is now taller than me.

Lifelong neighbors...

tennis friends...


so many people took time to come celebrate!

The Guercio kids said a few words and toasted the bride and groom...

and then we all enjoyed a movie highlighting their courtship, wedding, early years, middle years and now... we had the best time putting it all together!

The Guercio crew showed up strong...

this was a recreation of another picture...

MaMaw was of course front and center...

and a little throwback to just us 5. 

And of course the Guley Girls!

This is easily the best party I've thrown because so many people wanted to just celebrate a milestone. 

40 years is a long time to spend with one person and they are creeping up on FIFTY soon! Fifty years of saying yes, showing up, doing the hard, celebrating the easy, saying I'm sorry, working together, fighting, praying, loving, learning, through the good, the bad and the in betweens. We aren't promised easy but we do promise forever. Thanks for showing us that, Mom and Dad!

 Italy sound good, Dad? I can help book the flights!