Royally Waiting: What's Up Edition

It's Wednesday which means Shelly, Holly and I are giving you a peek into our week. We so hope you'll join us and let us know what it is you are playing/watching/wearing/eating/ and waiting on. Since it's the last week of the month, I'm also linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer and using their prompts for What's Up Wednesday!

What we're eating...

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I find that if I eat a healthy breakfast, I'm more committed to making smart choices all day. My current favorite combo is bell peppers, sweet potatoes and chicken sausage cooked in Kerry Gold butter with a fried egg on top and a dash of Frank's Hot Sauce.

It's also pretty taste sans egg + avocado.

We made burgers last week and I decided to forgo the bun and make a stuffed sweet potato topped off with Tessamae's Creamy Ranch.


What I'm reminiscing about...

Twenty years ago I graduated from high school - still feels like yesterday. Growing up seemed to take forever and here we are - two decades from those kids we were running from. We hit the jackpot with childhoods. Small town fun. Friday Night Lights. Making mistakes that we could fix. Grabbing Jays Burritos during class. Heading to Rocket on Fridays. Winning everything. Losing a little too. Big dreams of far away places and waiting to discover what was yet to come.

The easiness of those days was taken for granted and I'm still mourning the ones we lost too soon and so grateful for the ones that taught us well beyond the classroom.

Robinson will always be home and I will always be grateful for the town that built me.

Our 20 year reunion is next weekend and I can't wait to see everyone!

What I'm loving/wearing...

I **may** have mentioned that I am a JCPenney girl through and through and once again, I hit the jackpot! I am LOVING the new dresses that I snagged with my momma (thanks, mom!)

I mean, how cute is this little floral number?

And y'all - they were SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!!

(I may need this one in black and red!)

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What we've been up to...

Well, we celebrated the last day of school!

And got our summer trims in! This was Landry's first time at a salon - poor third kid. Rad and Emmy's visit's were well documented. Emersyn had a whole "special girl day" with lunch and pedicures.

Landry got a "holy cow - this is your first hair cut at a salon - I need to take a picture!"

She DID get to mark the occasion with the besties!

We went in age order so by the time we got to Millie and Landry we were sick of waiting and respectfully requested that they NOT get their hair curled.

Radley was the champ that day, so we took them all for some ice cream to celebrate. Our stylist moved to Brenham so I see lots of fun trips in our future!

And if that wasn't exciting enough - Emersyn lost another tooth! Caro pulled it out for her and everyone was so excited!

What I'm dreading...

Nothing, really.

What I'm working on...

My summer to do list... which once again includes "putting pictures in albums"... stay tuned!

What I'm excited about...

My "summer to do", Emmy's birthday and my high school reunion!

What I'm watching/reading...

Y'all. Ryan made me watch this.

Two minutes in I realized that it is LOOSELY based on this. 

I may need to admit that I'm already hooked. Lord help me.

What I'm doing this weekend...

OMGoodness. Emersyn's birthday is coming up and she has requested a slumber party so Friday night I get to hang with SIX tiny girls and I couldn't be more excited, scared, nervous, anxious, thrilled.... GAH... we are going to have a blast!

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Frankie and Johnny...

We would like to introduce the two newest members of our dynasty...

Frankie Snow King
Johnny Thundercat King

Frankie and Johnny are already so loved!

A fellow coach at Josh's school lives on a ton of land and his cat had kittens in early April. Ryan and I had been toying with the idea of getting two kittens and these two practically landed right in our lap. Being able to bring home kittens in the summer was perfect timing and the kid's were so excited!

We didn't tell them where we were going today just that we had to "run a quick errand" and when they finally realized what was happening, I heard squeals and saw tears of joy!

And the kids were excited, too.

Getting kittens wasn't an easy decision - we all miss Mitch and Merv still, so we knew that our new cats would have to be special. On the car ride home we also decided that their names would need to "go" together... ideas were thrown out:

Betty and George (as in Ross and Washington)
Abraham and George (as in Lincoln and Washington)
Thunder and Storm
Snow and Lightening 

and so on.

Kids are hard to please.

Well, Ryan's favorite name in the entire world is Johnny. He really wanted us to name Radley Johnny so when he said, "What about Johnny?" I knew that was it and then instantly thought of Frankie because this

Sidenote: having a "Frankie" keeps in line with our pets with mobster name theme.

They played with those kittens all day long. Holding, petting, singing, napping... poor critters couldn't catch a break. But I can't blame them... because I'm pretty smitten, too. 

Welcome to the family... we love you already!


Two tiny tutus...

Recital day finally arrived and this time I had two tiny dancers to get ready!

Sweet girls got stuck with a momma that is not the greatest at hair or makeup but they both thanked me over and over again and wanted to know how I "got so good at the makeup". 

I let them both know that when you start off as beautiful as them, makeup was easy. 

The recital was in Rudder Auditorium this year so we made our way to campus to snag some seats and snap some pics - of course their biggest fans made the trip. 

and the only thing brighter than the sun was their smiles!

(I'm adding this picture simply so you can see that Ryan causes us the most problems when it's picture time...HA!)

The time we had all been waiting on finally arrived and the girls could have not done better! Since Emmy's two dances were after intermission she got to sit with us and see Landry dance.

All these (horrible quality) photos were taken at rehearsal and the girls were watching their teacher on the opposite side of stage that I was sitting.

They dance at a Christian dance studio that weaves the message of God through dance and into recital.

This year they rewrote Annie and told the story of how we are all adopted into God's family. Landry's costume was a fan favorite - I mean I need that star leotard in my size!

She did SOOOO good - she barely looked at her teacher and had a smile on her face the entire time. We couldn't have been more proud of our girl!

After L's second dance, I went and checked her out so she could watch Emersyn dance. And y'all, I get that I'm a broken record with the "I take awful photos" intro, but clearly, I do.

However, maybe the kids will get a kick out of it when they're older, right??!

I wish this one wasn't grainy because HOW CUTE IS THIS LEAP!?!

Emmy's jazz dance was to "never fully dressed" and they may have stolen the show. At the very end, the class is supposed to exit and Emmy runs to the middle of the stage for one last "smile" and she couldn't wait for that part. She kept pointing for her class to move off stage - I wish I could say I was surprised, but she gets it honestly.

Their final dance was actually the last dance before the company finale so they closed the show!

Just like Landry, she kept a smile on her face the entire time.

Even if she wasn't 100% sure of the next step, she smiled through and was so much fun to watch!

Dance wasn't the easiest this year - Tuesdays were LOOOONNGGG  and they didn't always want to go and I didn't always want to take them and Radley definitely didn't always want to sit there... 

but we always follow through our commitments... 

and these sweet faces were more than worth every tired Tuesday we had!