Emmy's Sidekick...

Emmy has discovered that she can follow Mitch around.

And she loves it!

He kinda loves it, too!

He finally has someone that gives him constant attention again!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley's "school" does a great job of teaching the kiddos about Jesus/the Bible/God, etc... Since Easter was last week they discussed Him a lot. Ryan and I also do a pretty good job of making Jesus and God a part of our every day lives with prayer, books, songs and stories.

Radley does great at reciting verses and prayers so Ryan thought that we should start teaching him a prayer a month. This month... Hail Mary.

As we finished reciting the prayer Ryan asked Radley if he knew who Mary was.

Radley: looking at me for some help Hmmm....
Me: in a whisper Jesus' Mommy
Radley: Jesus' Mommy! You know Jesus. He was nailed to a cross. And then he died. But that's okay because he rose again.
Me and Ryan: thinking to self  To fulfill the scripture... (such good Catholics).

Thanks for the theology lesson, buddy.

He was just so matter-of-fact... "you know, Jesus" like they were best-friends. I love that. That he accepts this word as truth and although he can't comprehend the depth of what he has learned, I know that one day he will. 


And to make you laugh... more peanuts stories.

As a Mom, the bathroom is no longer a private place, especially when I'm home with just Radley and Emmy. We were playing the other day and I ran to use the facilities real quick. Not two seconds later the pitter patter of a 3 year old was behind me.

Radley: Why you sitting down, Mommy? You have to poop?
Me: No, buddy. Girls just sit down to use the restroom.
Radley: Oh. Because you don't have a peanuts.
Me: Yes. I don't have a penis.
Radley: Oh. Why?
Me: Because girls don't have a penis, just boys.
Radley: Oh. sits quietly thinking to himself
Radley: So baby Cooper has a peanuts because he's a boy!
Me: Yes, buddy. Cooper has a penis.
Radley: That's cool.

You think he'll just bypass the "What do girls have?" question? I hope so!


Picture Perfect...

So in my Easter post I talked a little about getting "the perfect picture"...

and how important it was for me to capture that one moment...

And that lead me to start thinking bigger about the "perfect picture". What does that even mean? Why do we (as people, as women, as Moms) try so hard to create this perfect picture? Is it for us? Is it for our kids? Or is it really for everyone else? 

I will be the first to admit that I don't blog about every single fight had, tear shed, crabby moment, mommy mistake, sad story that the Kings have to tell. I use this blog as a journal for our lives, to share our stories with our friends and family that are far away and to document what we are doing so I have it all in one place. I enjoy writing and telling stories but I don't want to highlight each pooty memory... who would?

However, I have come to realize that by doing that am I painting the whole picture? Isn't what makes our lives so "perfect" all the imperfections we encounter along the way? Doesn't everyone just want to sit and cry for a second...

The trigger for this post is that fact that Emmy is almost a month away from being one. I have begun dissecting each tiny moment of her life and wondering if I have done enough. Do we use sign language enough? Read enough? Talk enough? Play enough? Have I taken enough pictures? Is her baby book up to date? Does she know how much I love her? When will she walk/talk/dance/point to pictures? What if she doesn't? 

I am guilty of trying to compare her to what Radley was doing; what other kids were/are doing at this age and I either freak out or celebrate. 


Shouldn't I be asking these questions instead: Is she loved? Is she healthy? Is she happy? Is she safe? Do we take her to church? Do we tell her about Jesus? Do we pray for her? Does Radley think she is awesome? Does she think Radley is awesome? Does she know I am her mommy? Does she know Ryan is her daddy? If all the answers to those questions are yes (and they are) then isn't that all I should be worried about? Doesn't that mean that I am doing the best job I can as a Mom?

I am lucky and blessed and simply privileged to have this life. Does everything go my way all the time? Hardly!! But does it go His way? Always. This life, my life is as perfect as it is going to get and that is a picture that is worth posting over and over and over again.


Easter fun...

I really didn't expect to write a long post about this weekend, but then I downloaded like a billion pictures, so here it goes... 

We spent this weekend in Waco for a small change of pace. My dad had minor surgery this week, so it made it easier on everyone for us to travel to them. My family is tride and true when it comes to traditions... probably why I fit in so well at A&M... we just do what we have always done. 

We had a low key Saturday just hanging around the house making our spaghetti and gravy (yes, we call it gravy... you non Sicilians call it sauce) and of course dyed some eggs. 

What I love about going home is things never change. The tree in the middle of Jason Street is a welcome reminder that I am home...and with that means that I am surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of familiarity. Of security. Of happy childhood. 

Radley dyed his eggs in the same mugs that we have used since Jody, Jeremy and I were small. Same chips, same missing handles, and yes...even the same "dippers" that hold the eggs themselves. 

Radley was pretty safe at first, sticking to one color, but by the end of the dying session he was making stripes, writing names, double dipping, etc... He also got a little too confident in his skills as witnessed by the "air time" of this egg below. ;)

After the dying session was over it was off to bed for the Easter Bunny to make his visit. And visit he did! We don't really go too crazy on Easter, afterall, we are truly celebrating that Jesus has risen...and there is no greater gift than that!

Emmy and Radley faired well with books, candy, pjs, clothes, toothbrushes and a toy. GiGi wanted to get them a trampoline, but well... that is a bit much for this holiday. :)

The wasted no time diving right into what the Easter bunny left for them!
Please check out how Emmy is sitting... she always sits in a "herkie" position...future cheerleader? I think so! :)

Radley LOVED his Mr. Potato Head...I couldn't believe that he didn't already have one! 

Emmy just loved destroying the baskets trying to find something to chew on. 

Then of course it was time to hunt those eggs that the Easter Bunny left behind. At our house he leaves a mixture of "real eggs" and plastic ones stuffed with money and goodies. 

Emmy tried to find some eggs, too... she was really good at finding the eggs that were given to her!

Radley was a man on a mission! He could find eggs all. day. long. 
(Good thing we had church to attend!)

We even came across the evidence the EB enjoyed our snack! This was all Radley's idea. He just insisted that we purchase carrots "with green things, Mommy" so that the EB could have something to eat. I don't know where he got the idea, but GiGi of course saw to it that we did just that. 

Then it was off to church, but not before snapping a few family pictures!

These two just make every day beautiful. 

My poor brother took about 100 pictures of us today. Between Radley's wacko smile (see below), Emmy looking at anything but the camera, me trying to avoid a double chin, and Ryan trying to keep his eyes open.... we finally settled on this... 

And it is only now that I realize I didn't stop to take a picture of the kids with my parents or Pete and Bok! (Please forgive me!)

We had a great weekend...too short...but isn't that how it goes? 

Happy  Easter!

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
John 11:25-26


Dog ears...

I must admit... I have loved every minute of having a baby girl. Probably more than I anticipated...much more. Don't get me wrong, I knew that I was going to be head over heels in LOVE with my child, but I was very apprehensive about having a girl. 

The clothes, the accessories, the shoes, the dolls (still not too pumped about that one... the youngest of 2 older brothers kinda steers me in the direction of GI Joe), etc... 

However, I LOVE IT! All of it! 

I think I am in no way an over-the-top use my child as a doll and put in her in ridiculous outfits with matching everything kind of mom...but, well I try more than I thought I would. ;)

Perhaps my most favorite thing? Emmy's hair. 

From the moment she was born and all I heard was, "Look at that hair!" until now I have loved having a baby with a head full of hair. Especially a girl! 

Exhibit A: Dog ears (or pig tails, whichever suits your fancy).

Seriously. How cute is she?!?!

Clearly these aren't event, but that's kinda what makes them even cuter. 

Emmy liked them so much that she decided to carry her lion around like a dog... 

She wouldn't let it go! 

Gosh, she just makes every part of me so happy. 

Love my sweet baby girl!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley has been potty trained since December 2009.

We were very lucky that his school did all the hard work (money well spent!). 

In that time he has for sure had some accidents, but for the most part was an all-start bathroom goer. 

My "goal" was for him to be using the potty by the age of three since I heard that boys take longer to train than girls. But, he surpassed all expectations and I am so thankful for that. 


He still has problems "holding it" over night. Which isn't that huge of deal since they make some handy dandy pull-ups that refer to as "Buzz" since his have a nice picture of Buzz Lightyear on them. The goal every night is to "keep Buzz dry".

Some nights... SUCCESS! Others, not so much.

We've tried everything. No water after 7. Peeing before sleep. Bribes. You name it. 

Again, I'm not too worried about, but that extra spending money would be nice to spend on a fun pair of shoes the kids' college tuition. 

The other night as it was nearing bed time Radley wanted a drink.

Radley: I'm thirsty, Mommy.
Me: It's almost bedtime, buddy and you want a dry Buzz right?
Radley: But I'm reallllllly thirsty.
Me: Ok, but only a tiny sip. 
Radley: Ok. Just a little sip. I keep Buzz dry.
Radley drinks water and goes back to playing.

10 minutes later he sees me get a not so tiny drink of water. 

Radley: You get a big drink of water, Mommy?
Me: Yes, buddy. I'm thirsty.
Radley: You keep your Buzz dry?
Me: Well, for the past 30 years or so I've done pretty good. 
Radley: Ok. You can have water then.

Gee, thanks. 



Sometimes it's hard being 3....

You think next time he'll listen?

Me either. 


I'm a big kid now...


Closer.... a little bit closer...

That's right! Emmy's first tooth has decided to pop through! 

She obviously thought that this meant that she was officially a big kid and decided to celebrate by...


Mommy and GiGi

as she attempted to jump out of her crib!

Which then meant that my two "work men" had a job to do!

Radley was very eager to lend a hand with his cool new tools from La and Uncle Ryan!

Not sure what he was drilling here, but I hope Emmy's crib doesn't fall! ;)

Seems like a moment ago we were lowering this same bed down for Radley...


How did that happen? How did he grow up so fast? How did he move from baby boy to big brother with just a blink of the eye? When does it slow down? How do we make it stop all the while enjoying each tiny step, each tender moment? 

Sometimes I lay in bed at the end of the day and I am just amazed that this is my life. That I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and awesome daddy to share this life with. That we have two healthy, beautiful, loving kids to raise. I want time to freeze so that I can soak up each individual second in all of it's glory. As hard as this season sometimes is; it is more rewarding than I could have ever hoped and prayed for.  I am so thankful for this and always will be. 

And since I can't make time stop... maybe I'll just put them all in a cage so they'll at least stay with me forever.... 


Small projects with a Big helper...

Radley has become quite the little helper. 

He's always wanted to do what we are doing but now he actually does help

Whether it be silly craft projects that cost $3

and may only last one summer; 


Or bigger projects that will hopefully last much longer than that. 

I just love watching him want to learn and explore.  

He is so much fun

and just surprises me with all that he is capable of doing. 

I can't wait until I have two little helpers... 

I may never have to clean the house again! 


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Every night we go through the same routine at bedtime.

Brush teeth.
"Jesus Story".

Lately he has been adding a prayer thanking Jesus for whatever makes him happy. It's become my favorite part of our nighttime routine because you never know what he is going to "thank Jesus" for that day. A few of my favorites...

Buzz Lightyear
Superman Pillow
Superman PJs
Kasey (yes, our dog)
Visits from GiGi and Pops
"the big guys"
Mommy and Daddy
Planting flowers
Going to see Thomas
Uncle Pete teaching him how to play golf

Every night it's something different and special to just him. Which makes my prayer easy...because every day, every hour, every minute, I am thankful for him!


A Texas Tradition...

Texas is great for about a million different reasons:

1. It's Texas
2. We drive "friendly"
3. Dairy Queen
4. People are polite
5. Small town gossip
6. Small town heroes
7. Friday night lights
8. Trucks
9. Warm weather (except for those 5 days)
10. Bluebonnets... 

Yes, every year we get to witness Moms and Dads dragging  driving their kids all across the open road to get the perfect picture. They stop on freeways, highways, 2 lane roads, and sometimes the interstate just to place their children among the ocean of that precious state flower. 

Mom and Dad took pictures of us every year...

And the tradition continues with the Kings. You may notice a slight difference in our picture, though... as in the lack of bluebonnets! If you look closely to the left of Emmy you will see a few popping up. I like to imagine the whole field behind them covered...nothing a little photoshop can't cure! ;)

You may also notice that my kids are in a chair. Well, precious Emmy is like a little magnolia (which is the Louisiana state flower) and when her skin touches grass she breaks out something fierce. She is just now recouping from her last play date in the grass, so I didn't want to cause her more grief.

Rad's pink shirt matched this little patch of buttercups nicely. 

He was so inquisitive this year, wanting to know what everything was and examining the bugs that were flying all around. This is him watching a bee "makin' honey, Mommy". 

 He loved that bee... 

Emmy just liked all the funny noises we were
making trying to get her attention!

Which weren't near as interesting as all the
cars that were zooming by... 

They both had so much fun and just sat and let me take roughly 200 pictures in all of 10 minutes. Ridiculous, I know. But how can I not take pictures with kids as cute as them?!?

While the bluebonnets were scarce, we did get to enjoy lots of other Texas Wildflowers like...

Indian Paintbrushes...


Wild Orchids...

Giant thistles...

And a few others that I didn't snap pics of. GiGi and I were having flashbacks to my 7th grade wildflower collection... I think she learned more than me!

Yesterday I re-learned that a Texas tradition just can't be beat (yes, that is the jingle of Dairy Queen)!