Tiny Tales Thursday...

We are a music family. We have music on in the car, in the house, when the kids go to sleep. We love it. I make it a point to have them listen to all kinds of music - jazz, pop, golden oldies, prime country, worship, rock, and even Broadway shows.

Not single one of us can carry a tune, but that doesn't stop us from busting out our favorite lyrics. I love when one of our favorites comes on the radio and all of the kids tell me to "turn it up!!"

So I do.

And we sing.

This happened last night when we were listening to "The Message" on Sirius... one of our favorite worship songs came on and the kids belted out the chorus...

We believe in God the Father
We believe in Jesus Christ
We believe in the Holy Spirit
And He's given us new life
We believe in the crucifixion
We believe that He conquered death
We believe in the resurrection
And He's coming back again

It kind of felt like Jesus was sitting there with us - singing along, lifting us up and holding us close. Nothing's sweeter than those voices in joyful worship.


Life after 5...

Every mom knows that "life after 5pm" (or 2pm) (or the moment everyone is awake) can be rough. I'm not afraid to admit that I know this so well that I sometimes wait until 5:30 to pick up the girls because with traffic time I won't get home until 6:00, which leaves me just 2 hours of real parenting before bed.

Judge away.

There is just something about those 3 tiny hours that bring so much chaos that I just want to cry. And drink. And smoke.  (And I don't even smoke!)  The after 5 routine is exhausting... can I get a "Amen!?"

And it has a pattern. A very real pattern of events that you can expect. Allow me (and Disney) to explain....

1. The Pep Talk... that time period where you are in the car headed to pick up your child(ren) and telling yourself that this is the day you are going to ROCK parenthood. Seriously. You will handle every little minor insignificant problem with poise and grace. You won't speak above a whisper. You will craft and dance and play dress up all while making the perfect dinner. You are basically Mary Poppins... 

2. The Pick Up.... the "let's do this moment". You've had the talk, you are ready for whatever sticky fingered, food covered, painted mess awaits you in the toddler room at your daycare. You will not let their bad moods affect your good parenting.  You've.got.this.

2. The Load Up... The first tiny crack... the moment when someone got in the car in the wrong order, a headband is missing, you put left the art project in the trashcan school (and they noticed), and everyone HAS to fasten their own seatbelt. And you just...

3. The Car Ride... or the time I like to refer to as Frozen on repeat...seriously. Will this song ever die?

4. The Pre Dinner Distraction... Also known as the 15 - 25 minutes from car to table. You come in, slip off your shoes, send one kid to do homework, the others to entertain themselves. You take maybe 2 minutes for yourself to change clothes and walk into disaster city. I don't understand how I am surprised by how quickly they can make mess. But I am. Every single time.

5. The Dinner Struggle... the part where you repeat the same three phrases: eat your food, sit down, quit putting food in your sister's hair. (repeat). Can we please just have one dinner without a struggle? Even when they LOVE the food, I find myself saying - eat. Sit still. Stop. AND, once dinner is finished and you can breathe a sigh of relief, you look at the ground and wonder if you missed this....

6. Bathtime... Kid 1: Bathtime was play time, relaxing time, fun. We used it to teach him things and loved every part of this night time routine. Kid 2: Much of the same.

Kid 3: Lucky to get a bath daily (obviously over-rated).  Kid 2 and 3 play together which generally causes me an extra 15 minutes to clean up their mess as if the Beast himself just took a bath for the first time.

7. Bedtime... FINALLY! I'm exhausted. They don't want to go to sleep because they aren't tired. And I maybe consider investing in one of these...

But don't worry - I'd always wake them up with true love's kiss the next day! :) 


Kyle Field Day - take 5.

There's an unofficial saying in Aggieland that if something happens twice, it becomes a tradition. Well, this was the 5th annual Kyle Field Day and by the power vested in me as owner/writer/contributor/keeper of this blog - I declare this program a tradition. 

This tiny random idea on a DP run to McDonald's has become a vessel that brings light to service opportunities to young and old. From raising awareness about animal abuse, therapy dogs, and rescue services... 

to decorating shoes for orphans in Africa...

(lots of shoes)

(over 200 pair of shoes)

and getting information on human trafficking, boundary free camps, and so much more. This one event, brings an entire community together to lend a hand and make a mark on something. 

(and it also offers free food!)

I love this day - I love that I get to share it with my entire family (thanks for taking all these pics, Ryan) and my friends, and their kids and this community of Aggies. 

I am so honored to be part of this program and be able to watch my students create such an everlasting imprint on the lives of others through the act of selfless service. 

Can't wait to see what this tradition holds for years to come!


Fantastic Four...

Not to get your hopes up, but this post isn't about a semi-blockbuster film based on a old TV series about 4 superhumans. I know you are devastated. But, it may still be pretty fantastic. ;)

Holly over at While I'm Waiting answered a set of questions last week and then challenged me to do the same. So, lucky you - more information all about me...see... FANTASTIC!



Check out Holly's answers here and see mine below!

Four nicknames I've had

1. KK - elementary school play ground
2. Gurty - Middle School PE coach/my ever-so-impressive basketball career
3. Babe - Ryan
4. Kates/Katers/Kate - by my nearest and absolute dearest peeps

Four places in the US that I have never been

side note - we have a goal to see all 50 states by the time L graduates HS, so these are on the must-see list

1. Montana - I really want to go to a dude ranch and I totally think that when we go to Montana, it's a basic must. Check out this place that offers GLAMPING. #done #butnotreallybecauseLAWDYthoseprices

2. Maine - In my head, this is where I will retire every summer.

3. Highway 1  - I want to road trip this one summer - maybe take 3 weeks. Fly out there, rent a car, drive to the bottom and then come home. #dreamer #thekidswillhavetobeold #sotheycandrivewhileIdrink #kidding #oramI

4. Hawaii - This will probably be the last state we visit. And then stay forever.

Four must have clothing items

1. Skinnies/leggings/yoga pants
2. Dresses
3. Cardigans
4. Sandals

Four jobs I have had

1. Gift wrapper at JcPenney
2. Stockroom worker at JcPenny (my dad worked there)
3. Sandwich artist at Honey-B Ham & Deli (where I met Ryan)
4. Leadership Educator at Texas A&M

Four movies I have watched over and over

1. Shag  - If you haven't seen this, stop reading, go to YouTube or come to my house and watch it. I can quote it from beginning to end. I also know all the dances.

2. Steel Magnolias - Because any girl that lives below the Mason Dixon line has seen it 100 times.

3. Every Disney Animated film - Because we are a Disney family.

4. The Holiday - Because it's on my Christmas movie list that I watch on repeat.

Four things I have in my purse

1. Pens
2. Chapstick
3. Wallet
4. Tissues
(also known as when everyone discovers Katy is boring).

Four things I don't eat

I'm almost embarrassed to answer this one, because, well, I don't know if there are four things I won't eat.
1. Balut
2. Real sushi
3. Runny fried eggs - just the white part needs to be hard but if its under cooked in any way I gag and won't eat it. Gross.
4. Super super super spicy stuff

Four of my favorite foods

1. My mom's spaghetti and gravy
2. Corn tortillas and queso
3. Christopher's House Filet (or maybe the new short ribs he is doing) (how food snob do I sound)
4. Frosted Flakes with chocolate milk and bananas and two pieces of buttered toast (whew, just redeemed the snob in me)

Four TV shows I wish they would bring back

3. Brothers and Sisters

Four things I always say

Let's place guess who is the recipient of these phrases...
1. Clearly
2. If you don't do this right now then I will... (fill in blank with a sassy ridiculous statement)
3. Do you hear me?
4. I love you. 

Four things I am looking forward to in 2015

1. Summer fun with this crew!

2. Road trip to Breckenridge with the Munsons #lookouteveryone #craziescomingatya

3. A kitchen project we've been dying to try - Ryan is going to build us a banquette just like this. #maybe #perhapswewillpaysomeoneinstead

4. Every Friday when Ryan comes home :)

And that's it! :)



There is very little that my kids enjoy doing more than helping us with "big" things. Cleaning the house, folding the laundry, feeding the cat, taking out the trash, yard work, and cooking. And all because they think it means they are "big". 

So we obviously let them - encourage them - help us. Measuring and mixing, cracking and pouring - they get to do it all and make a mess along the way.

It's gotten them interested in tasting more things because they actually made it.

And it's gotten us moments of fun and laughter in this live story of happily ever after. 

And I'll take that over a clean kitchen any day of the week. 



Some weeks are hard. Some weeks are easy. All weeks fly by at warp speed. But each day holds goodness - even on the not-so-good days.


This is a day that always seems rushed no matter how hard I try to be prepared. It's a big meeting day at work but I also feel like I always have tons to get done which makes the meetings even longer. It's also "dance day" so I leave to pick up Emmy (sometimes Landry, too) before heading to Rad's school to sit in the carpool line. We try to get there early so we are one of the first ones since dance starts 15 minutes after he gets to the car. RUSHED. 

But, those 30 minutes in the car with her when it's just us are such a fun part of my week. We snack, we laugh, we sleep (!) and just jab away. Last week I asked her if I could play with her hair and she enthusiastically said yes! (She was probably surprised, because I am not a "hair" mom... I kind of was, too!) And then I made her hair CUTE in something besides a pony tail. Y'all. This is a miracle. (I mean a tiny one - it's just braided piggies pinned over). 


Let's play guess the theme:
Landry - I am three and super cute day!
Emmy - Rodeo Day!
Radley - I am a seven-year-old boy that dresses himself and thinks yellow on yellow matches. 

I also finally took this one for her 3 year well check (oops!). I actually couldn't remember if she had been or not. #thirdkid 
10th percentile for height
35th percentile for weight
100th percentile for cute

Fridays usually mean we get to go out for dinner. Because who wants to cook one more time? I saw these sweet ladies dressed up for prom and the girls just HAD to go talk to them. It may be have been the sweetest thing I have seen when one bent down and talked to them... "Are you going to a ball??".


A&M celebrates Parents' Weekend in the spring so that families can see what their kiddo has been up to all year. It's always such a bittersweet time closing a year while getting ready for a new. Couldn't have asked for a better pair to spend my time with this year!

And this crew wasn't too shabby either! :)

After work comes play and it was time for another CK dinner. Ronnie and Willie were ready to dig into... 

This. Yum. Times 1000. 


We took it slow, went to church, enjoyed some naps and made these muffins. I'd say they came out exactly as they were intended. I'd also say that I didn't like them. I can't get over the oatmeal base for the muffin. Muffin means bread. Muffin does not mean oatmeal. 


Monday was the start of a CRAZY week. I was heading to Miami (what! I know!) and Ryan was already back in Houston. I planned my flight so that I could drop kids off at work and get a couple hours of work in before heading out. This is my new travel outfit of choice. The places I visit need to understand that #texasforever.


By 3pm, Gigi had the kids, my feet were up and I was enjoying a moment of silence to just sit and read.

And then by 6pm, this. 


Tuesday got interesting, y'all. I was getting ready for the day when my phone started to ring and "Weekday School" popped up. They only call when something happens. And something happened. 

Landry had fallen on the playscape at school and cut above her eye. 
I was in Florida.
Ryan was in Houston.
Gigi was on Rad's field trip. 


Luckily, they knew all of this and had already called Cindy. (Who by the way was giving a speech to over 200 people later that night and maybe needed to drive out of town. But she never hesitated.) Cindy met Jeremy at Urgent Care. Urgent Care called me to make sure they had permission to treat. I texted pics of my insurance card to Jeremy. Gigi and Will drove back from the field trip. Ryan and I felt helpless. And Landry was pooty but had a purple Popsicle. 

By the end of it, she had 4 stitches, a new band aid and ice cream for lunch. 

It was the worst feeling in the world to be away from her. But we have the best village around and I am so thankful that they were all there and Landry was well loved. Morale of the story: Surround yourself with YOUR people. People that love you, that love your kids and the help with question. Not because they have to. Because they want to.

The day went on and I got spend my evening with parents-to-be dishing all about the greatness of Dr. Smiths. In case you haven't heard, they have a spray. ;)

Also, in case you haven't heard - I like taking "excited face" pictures. 

Tuesday was also Aggie Muster so Megan and I were happy to spend the evening celebrating our days in Aggieland. 


By 9:30am I was back in CS (yeah - that was an EARLY flight) and by 12pm I was with this kid on his field trip to Lupe Tortilla with the CHE DL program. The kids had to speak in Spanish only and it was adorable. Gigi hung around so I could shower and nap while she picked Rad up from school. Moms are the best. 


By Wednesday night, we thought that L and/or Emmy were going to have to stay home from school the next day. This was of course my busiest week (well month) of the year and I needed to get to work. So thankful for a husband that gets it and comes home from a new role at work to catch the ball that I came close to dropping. So lucky to have him. 

And that's us in an instant!

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