Know how crazy we are??

We sometimes stay up late on WEEK nights. Ryan proclaimed it "summer" which meant that things slow down and we can get off schedule. I was totally chill about it. #liar At this point the food was still on the grill and baths were far away. #ryanwasclearlyincharge

But those sweet smiles and giggles make up for it!

This girls hair.

We had so much fun the last two weeks of school celebrating him. CHE sure knows how to end a year!

You may recall the circus... you may also want to tell your school to immediately start this tradition.

This is Stephanie. She is one of my DZ sisters and Radley's godmother. She got married and we had the best time celebrating her!

I decided to wear my own wedding shoes on her wedding day.

She was breathtaking and their ceremony was perfect.

And it's always fun going to a wedding with the one you said "I do" too. I love listening to the vows again and using it as a reminder to myself of what I pledged. Marriage isn't always easy, but it is always worth it!

So happy for you, Stephanie!

The next day we headed to Waco for a crawfish boil at Charis' house and this one...

and this one.... wanted to take home sweet June Carter.

(Luckily there was also a Johnny and we couldn't separate them!)

Kinder Awards!

My girls have great hair but sadly they have a Momma that is only an expert at pony tails. Maybe once they learn to sit still, I can actually try a braid that isn't a mess!

We had a rainy week which made puddle jumping a perfect afternoon activity!

#tbt to the time we had the behind the scenes tour to Wrigley Field! It was amazing!

One more celebration at the Kindergarten Picnic and this crew is ready for the First Grade!!

And what better way to end kindergarten than by losing your first tooth!! He was practicing his tackling skills when the dummy took him out! ;)

I was pretty pumped about the end of year gifts for his teacher. Hand written notes from Radley with personalized stationery for his teachers. 

A little less tan, shorter hair, one less tooth, a few inches grown, a whole lot smarter and countless memories made. Kindergarten ROCKED!

We are bed makers around here and this petite princess is getting good at doing it all by herself!

This weekend we were invited to be guests at one of the sweetest, most precious weddings I have ever attended. Leah and Aaron got married at Thistle Springs Ranch in Cleburne, TX and it was right out of a Pinterest page. So many sweet and fun details that I loved!

I loved their sweet personal vows to each other, the stories from their pastor, the music, the setting, the LOVE. Such a fun weekend!

I am so lucky to be able to work with some of the brightest young adults around and even more honored when a special few invite me into their lives for the long haul. What a great mini-reunion with this crew!

Love you, sweet Leah!

And that's us in an instant!


Kindergarten Rocked...

It's hard to believe that these kids are finished with their first year of school. I feel like just yesterday they were toddling about in "Bumblebees" just learning how to talk, recognize numbers and colors, and write their name. And they kind of had to do that all over again with the dual language program. What a joy it is to see them all grow and change and recognize their unique talents and gifts all while growing their friendships. 

I was so nervous about this year - I knew that Radley would LOVE school. I knew that he would have lots of great days and a few not-so-great days. I knew he would enjoy learning new things and telling us all about his newfound discoveries. I knew he would make new friends and love hanging out with his old ones. All of my silly nerves became 1000 of his successes and I wasn't surprised a bit.

I am so thankful for his teachers, aides, and administrators for contributing to his great first year of school. 

And I'm especially thankful for our village that we do life with each and every day...celebrating each success together with this amazing group of kids.


Kindergarten Awards...

We headed back up to CHE for one more celebration with Kindergarten Awards. We won tickets in the silent auction at the Paw Print Festival, so we walked in just in time to snap this pic before the awards began.

My parents have similar picture of me smiling at them in a sea of kids on the giant blue gym floor at the old Robinson primary. 

The girls were thrilled to be at "Radley' school" again and were pretty much the cutest things ever as the clapped along to everyone that was acknowledged on stage.

While Radley and his friends waited patiently to be recognized as well. They began the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance, Texas Pledge, CHE School Pledge and singing Grand Ole Flag followed by a moment of silence. This is the same routine they follow every morning and I love it.

Each kid was given an award that recognized their talents or interest. Radley won the "animal expert" award for his knowledge of sharks, snakes and mammals. He informed me later that he could have also won the "great question asker" award or "level K reader" award. 

(But he was super happy with this one!)

There was no hoping for a group picture.

We had a great morning celebrating this kid and all of his friends!

So thankful for a great kinder year!


Kindergarten Circus...

We picked the girls up early from school for one of College Station ISDs finest traditions...


I am not sure I can adequately describe everyone's excitement for this show. Emmy and Landry were thrilled to be there so we got there in plenty of time for some front row seats.

Mrs. Rankin introduced the show by going over it's 50 year tradition at the school. She asked if anyone in the audience had been part of the circus when they were in kindergarten and several parents and GRANDparents raised their hands. 

How stinking fun is that?!?! 

And then... it was on with the greatest show on earth... lead by the cutest ringmasters around!

Now I would apologize for the amount of pictures that are about to be posted, but I'm not sorry. 

At all. 

(I will apologize for the terrible indoor flash photography.)

But y'all. This circus... was literally 50 years in the making. Each kid had a part complete with a costume that I can only assume has gotten cuter and and cuter over the years. 

They all beamed with pride as they walked around the gym to wait their turn to perform.

Every lion, tiger, snake, and clown had a special role in the show.

And this kid got to be a ringmaster. 


There are 8 total kindergarten classes so 4 classes performed in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Each class had one or more student represented in each "act" as well as their own ringmaster, which I am positive was a volunteer role as in... "Who wants to talk on the microphone" and the kid who raised their hand first got the part.

Seriously, these kids are the cutest.

First up was the clowns...

Complete with homemade clown cars.

Then it was the jugglers.

(Please note his face).

And then the famous strongmen.

And elephants.

And of course no circus is complete without lions and tigers.

Or painted horses.

Or dancing bears.

(Which was in my top 3 pick of favorite acts).

Partially because the teacher was so adorable showing them their dance moves.

But mainly because they rocked!

Tight rope walkers...


Ringmaster ;)


(which was also in my top 3 pick because oh.my.word. those paper tongues).


and more clowns.

They put on the greatest show and I had lots of happy tears throughout watching these kiddos perform their little hearts out. Especially these two... crib mates to classmates. 

His biggest tiny fans...

and his adoring fan club.

How we love this kid so!

And I'm so glad that Ryan was able to be there, too.

Rad the Ringmaster...has a nice ring, huh?

He was lead by the happiest of clowns...

that helped him smile, laugh, and learn all the way through this circus of a year!