This one is going to be short and sweet because #catchup.

Sometimes I let the girls go out dressed like this. Radley doesn't understand why.

I was leaving the PTO meeting and saw Rad and his friends on the playground. I stopped to wave and embarrass him and totally didn't work...his friends were all "Mrs. King! Mrs. King!! Here's Radley!! Hi!!!"

And he didn't mind one bit. 

Our lovely Landry her first visit to the dentist...

I had a fancy lunch to say "see you soon" to one of my favorite colleagues and friends.

My students rocked their annual major fundraising event.

I said see you later to Brandy and Austyn and again to Lyndon. They wouldn't leave town without letting me hug their necks.

A little me day filled with coffee coffee coffee, Jen Hatmaker and no makeup.

About 400 Texas Aggie freshmen engaged in intentional conversation about their self-identity and leadership journey. Also known as "why I love my job".

A great (and too quick) visit with one of those former freshmen turned lifelong friend.

Syle risk: stripes and plaid. Shelly is totally making me think outside the box watching all her cute posts!

My students  created a project to say thank you to the over 500 custodians on campus that contribute positively to their student experience. That's over 2000 cookies. 

A little family fun time at their school 1K/5K... Rad RAN the entire 5K without stopping and had 10:29 split. #hedoesnotgetthatfromme

Random Saturday night visit with the besties to check on Mills after missing a week of school for a staph infection. Bonus for getting to hang with Pumpkin Patch.

They think outside the box when decorating for Christmas.

An early celebration with this darling turkey AKA Swimming Elephant.

The toys the kids picked to donate for our annual pre-Christmas clean out.

We5Kings of giving thanks...

Let's do this. #blackFridayshopping

I **may**have gone overboard on the Christmas decorations....

I mean - how amazing that she write this well at 3?!

#thatsallherteachers #andEmmy

My favorite Saturday view.

A little GNO fun that included cheap wine, ok movies and lots of laughs!

And my amazing puzzle helpers... but only because I had only about 30 pieces left. :)


Thanks giving...

We had such a lovely low-key day of giving thanks this week.  We5Kings hosted Gigi, Pops, Jeremy, Cristina and Kailyn for a fun day filled with family. We snapped a few pics as the last sides were warming up in the oven and when I look at this I lose my breath. Before I know it, Radley's head will be right next to mine and I'm just not sure I'm ready for that.

He's also taken to mean mugging for our "silly pics" and it makes me laugh every time.

These three always indulge me with pics for the day...

And we of course can't leave out Gigi and Pops.

We managed to make just enough food and I managed to stay on track with my Whole30 quest. The hardest part of the day was not tasting even one tiny bite of my Momma's stuffing. But don't worry - we made two... one is patiently waiting for me in the freezer. :)

As the day was winding down we kept with tradition and set up the tree and these three couldn't have been more excited.

Each year they get more and more helpful - I mean actually helpful and they have so much fun 

I **maybe** needed to adjust a few ornaments that somehow got clustered but other than that - they did a great job.

Let the holiday fun begin!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emersyn came home with a folder filled with artwork from school the other day that was demonstrating the progress she is making in writing/spelling. She draws a picture and then writes a story with the picture. This particular story said:

Th Mommy brd wcd the bab e crck. 

And as clear as that sentence is, I asked her to "tell me about your picture". 
(Mom code for what the heck is that!)

Emmy: It's a Mommy bird.
Me: I see that... and what is the Mommy bird doing.
Emmy: Read the sentence. (like, duh)
Me: Read it to me... (see mom code above)
Emmy: The Mommy bird watched the baby eat crack. 
Me and Ryan: uncontrollable laughter
Me: What? Why is she eating crack?? What is crack??
Emmy: Not eat, Mom. EGG. Watched the EGG crack. 

#clearly #justlookatthepicture #kindergartenrocks


All the Ponchos...

Hi. I'm Katy. And I need a poncho intervention.

It's true. I am obsessed with ponchos - they are functional. They are cute. They are FORGIVING (y'all leggings (aka stretchy pants) covered by a FLOWY poncho - this is the thing Thanksgiving dreams are made of!). They are cute.

Yeah - I'd say I love them. AND -  anytime I love something this much I feel like it's my duty to share this love with all of you. (technically the one on the far right isn't a poncho, but it's close).

Here are a few of my favorite finds...

1. The exact poncho I'm wearing in the first pic - Cowl Poncho from Cabi. Love it so much, super soft, keeps you warm but isn't so heavy that it's unbearable.

2&3. This is the Mara Reversible Ruana Wrap from Charming Charlie and I LOVE it. You can dress things up with the black or go for a more casual look with the gray. AND it's on sale for $25!

4. This is a Cabi LookAlike from Target. Currently on sale for $17.99 and comes in FOUR color options. #yesplease It doesn't have the detail on the front but it also doesn't have an extra "1" in it's price either. (Target is rocking the poncho game this year).

5. I adore this cable knit option from Old Navy and bonus that it's maroon. It's a little pricier at $45, but you're worth it. ;)

6. And finally one more from Old Navy that just so happens to coordinate with a poncho that I bought the girls...

I know. Seriously too cute for my brain to comprehend. And **bonus** they are easier to pull on and off than a coat or jacket. #parentingwin

There you have it - seriously buy one because they are cute. They are functional. They are fabulous. They are fun!!! 


Our last little acorn...

For the past six years we have attended the Thanksgiving lunch program at the kids' school and we've had at least one of our kiddos up on that stage. Singing, dancing, big smiles and of course the traditional Native American name. (For the record, Landry was Swimming Elephant - they apparently got to pick their animal and action. Millie was Sprinting Fox #runningcoacheskid). 

This year was the last time we'll have a cutie kid singing about being an acorn and it made me so sad.

I can't believe how big she is - time is just speeding by and I basically just want to sit on her to keep from growing up. That doesn't seem to be working.

This school has meant so much to us and I'm so thankful for all the silly songs, crazy activities and precious memories they have given our kiddos. 

I'm also thankful for all that they have given to us, the parents. The ones that drop them off every day knowing that they are loved, cared for, educated and prayed over. 

Thank you just isn't enough.


Tis the season kickoff...

We kicked off the season once again that Lights On! event in Bryan last Friday. Same fun tradition, much smaller group! Ha! It seemed as if everyone had something else to do that night (or in the case of the Bailey's, made plans with OTHER people. WHAT?! ;)) 

So Amber and I braved the evening alone with the kiddos and worked up some serious courage at Papa Perez beforehand. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I'm doing Whole30 with Cindy this month - but I am. And some days it's easy and some days it's hard. Y'all - Mexican restaurants are hard. But I didn't cheat - I just ate an entire serving of fajita meat by myself. Plus the guacamole. Plus the lettuce that the guacamole comes on because #starving. 

So we ate some yummy food and made our way to the tree where the kids were way more interested in running around making weird noises and playing strange games than actually seeing the tree. 

But we forced pictures.

And then they continued their madness while Amber I threw in an occasional "don't push your brother" and "slow down when you are running towards that giant brick wall with sharp corners" because safety first. 

If you've never been to Lights On! or any First Friday event in Bryan, then you should make plans to go. They have lots of entertainment up and down the street and the shops usually stay open a bit later for you to enjoy. 

The Palace Theater is either showing movies or has performances or both! We took a break to snag some torture cookies and sit for a bit while also making silly faces.

Chocolate chip face.

Radley is seriously outgrowing the "stand in front of this cute sign and take a picture" directions I give. Look how pained he looks. Ha!

We ended with a quick visit to Santa that has me hoping we can skip Santa's Wonderland this year... I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for a fun night, Amber! And let the season begin!