Matching madness...

I **think** we are all set for coordinating in the hospital...


I am done now. 

It's a sickness really.

Make it stop. 


For some reason, my children turn into little Whos during bath time... 

 Emmy's hair is crazy long!

Aren't they funny?  Ryan has taken over bath duty since the belly kind of limits bending. 

I think the kids like it - maybe this will become permanent "Daddy Duty".


Weekend Wrap Up...

We had a busy weekend but it was absolutely lovely!

Ryan had a training in Houston on Saturday that required him to leave our house at 5am which meant I was on my own with the King Kiddies. We were making a day trip to Waco, so we grabbed some donuts and headed to GiGi and Pops bright and early.
As soon as we got there, Pops took over the supervision of the wee ones and GiGi and I headed out for some "quick errands". Three hours later, we returned with lunch. ;)

Radley got to skip nap on Saturday (MAJOR treat) and watch a movie with Pops instead. I always laugh when we pick this option because no matter which adult is the movie partner, the adult always sleeps and Radley is always watches the entire movie. (Dolphin Tale was the film of choice - grab your tissues).

Saturday afternoon was spent celebrating Mr. Cooper Kent's FIRST birthday!

If you can't tell, he LOVED his cake. He seriously was content sitting there for almost an hour. Just playing and snacking. Happy little baby boy! It was a great party (can you believe I didn't take detailed pictures of the occasion - I am practicing restraint). 
After dinner we got back in the car and drove back south to College Station because on Sunday morning we had the pleasure of attending the dedication of Miss Millicent Claire Munson at her church. 

What a special moment for her and her family - so glad we got to be part of it. The rest of Sunday was really just bliss. All 4.5 Kings took naps, played outside in the front and back yards (this weather is making me want Spring to just be here) and ate a delicious dinner prepared by The King himself. 

Can it be Saturday and Sunday every day of the week?


Tiny Tales Thursday...

I'm not really a "touchy feely" person. Don't get me wrong - I love a good hug from an old friend, my feet being rubbed late at night, a massage after a week from {you know}, and other signs of affection.

I; however, do not like to be constantly touched and petted. I just shivered thinking about it.

One day last week Radley was needing to be near me all day. His hands were constantly on me and while I could plant 5726 kisses on him every day I had reached the point of "no more touching."

Me: Radley. That's enough buddy. Mommy doesn't want to be rubbed anymore.
Radley stops immediately and gives me one of his killer glances with those doe eyes that says you just pulled my beating heart from my body..
Radley: Do you not like me anymore, Mommy?

There was no adequate response - it was determined that I have no soul and am merely an android standing in for an actual mom. Send me away.


33 Weeks...

Me and MAK at 33 weeks...

 I feel/look... No major changes. I'm starting to "feel" pregnant. I can actually feel my hips and pelvic bones moving and well, I don't like it. :) I know it's my body preparing for really one of the coolest moments that exist, but I'd prefer it to be a spontaneous action that takes place post the arrival of my bestie, Epi Dural.

I'm craving... At this moment? ANYTHING greasy and comforting. It's been one of those days here in the life of this royal momma (that may or may not overreact) and well, McDonalds sounds pretty great at the moment.

 I am... THRILLED with how MAK's room is coming together! It is just lovely! The closet color rocks! Way to go Ryan and Radley!

Ryan is... supposed to sand and paint Emersyn's big girl furniture this weekend. We will see if that happens.

Kids are... Well, Radley keeps asking specific questions on whether or not MAK will be at places with us. Examples: Is the baby going to work with you today,  Mommy? Is the baby taking pictures with us? Is the baby going to eat?  I think he is preparing himself for the arrival!

Emersyn just keeps lifting her shirt and saying "baby".

MAK is... Feeling girl again - but only because I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the heartbeat was fast. This child moves constantly which is so much fun! Radley loves watching my stomach and Emmy got to feel movement the other day and she wasn't quite sure what to think.

We are... counting down the weeks. We took family pics/maternity pics last weekend and I think they are going to be just awesome! Sarah never disappoints us so I can't wait to see them!

*Note...if any mommas out there are planning their "weekly preggo pics" anytime soon - pic a time in the day where there is sun. The shadows in these pictures are killing me, but it is dark in the morning when we take them and we have to use a flash.*

Coordinating Cuties...

Radley and Emmy aren't always the only ones that coordinate in our family...

Love my cute brown and yellow family! :)


Best fort ever...

We got a little creative this weekend with our fort building.

I had these sleeping bags made for the kids last Christmas and just love them. I had a similar one growing up that I used for movie watching, overnight retreats, being lazy, and cuddling on the couch until last year. I only quit using it because I needed the "stuffing" for Radley's bag! 

As you can see, we only use the finest building materials in our projects. 
Duct tape works. Every. Time. 


They were just PUMPED!
Emmy ran right in there and just laid down. And then went and gathered dolls and toys like she was hibernating and needed all of her belongings. 

Radley just wanted to watch Cars 2.

I think he would turn this into his room.

And what's that? Emmy is watching a MOVIE? For more than 2 seconds? 

(Now, we are by no means those parents that throw their kids in front of TV all day, but well, when you need to paint/fold laundry/vacuum/organize toys/or just breathe it works.

She didn't last the whole movie, though. ;)

And in case you are wondering. The fort is still up. I may have fallen asleep there one night. Cuddling with Radley before bed.


Tiny Tales Thursday...

Last night we were out for a nice family dinner.

My mom has been in Baton Rouge taking care of my MaMaw for the past couple of weeks and she needed some good, quality time with 2 of her favorite grandkids, children and significant others. (The third set lives in California). We went out for a snazzy meal at the one and only Cracker Barrel.

Radley is a cuddle bug which normally I don't mind but after a while of non-stop touching and rubbing I can get a little, ehm, annoyed, irritated, sensitive. At one point he was laying his head on my tummy and my brother looks at him and proceeds with the following:

Jeremy (also known as Uncle Pete): What are you laying on, Radley?
Radley: Mommy's tummy.
Jeremy: What's in Mommy's tummy?
Radley: My new baby.
Jeremy: with a knowing twinkle in his eye How do you think the baby got IN Mommy's tummy?
Katy: WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me? Now? Really, Jeremy? REALLY?
Radley: Wondering why he had never thought to ask this before... Mommy... how DID the baby get in there?
Katy: Seriously? I look up at MY mommy not wanting to admit that even I know how the baby got "in there". Quick, Katy..think. What is not a lie, but not the total truth... Jesus. Jesus put the baby in there. All babies are miracles, buddy.
Radley: Deciding if he buys this answer... Because God makes things special?
Katy: Yes. thinking of a distraction You want some more syrup?
Radley: Yes, Mommy.

Well, that was fun. And Jeremy, paybacks are, well... you know...


Post overload...

So you may have noticed that I went post crazy in the last 24 hours. I think it was six total. Sorry. I was playing catch up.

We finally got our computer back at home with all of our pictures back in order. It still isn't running as fast as I would like, but I think it's because we actually do have 20K+ pics on there (and our backup hard drive) and I have to take the plunge and take them off the computer. I'm scared. I need another back-up plan - so anyone that wants to offer that advice, hit me up.

So, yes, we got all of our pictures back. Well, all of them except New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I cried. I know that it is much more about the memories that were made than the pictures that were taken, but it was our last major holiday as a family of four. It was a wonderful evening out with my favorite 3 people in the world and man, those glow stick pictures were just adorable. And I never, I mean NEVER  delete pictures from my camera the day that I take them.

Oh well, I need to let it go. Just let it go.

In fun news, I have started converting our blog into a book with Blogs2Print. All you bloggers out there should check them out - super easy and very cool way to preserve all your posts.

And just because you are such faithful readers and have sat through a bombardment of me recalling our simple little lives... a sneak peak of MAKs room.

This is right above the glider and I love it.

Happy hump day!

32 Weeks...

Me and MAK at 32 weeks...

I feel/look... great today! :) Well, the feeling part...I think it's weird that I decided to add "/look" to this at the beginning. Anyway, I actually do feel good! I recognize my limits and I'm getting better at not being able to "do it all" - really! ;) I'm not at the point of not shaving because bending over is out of the question, which is a good sign. By the end of the day after morning routine, work, and playing with kiddos at night I am tired but that's normal, right? Bath time really only happens when Daddy is home - if he isn't then it's a quick wash down with washcloths. Ryan is also in charge of putting Emmy to bed because my height (or lack there of) coupled with my growing belly makes the bending over the crib process interesting to say the least.

I'm craving... Nothing still. What a boring pregnant lady!

I am... list making. Currently on said list: finish MAKs room, sand Emmy's big girl furniture, set date for operation "Emmy big girl", make Emmy's "big sister" book, register at hospital, start MAKs baby book, finish Emmy's baby book (seriously, am I EVER going to cross that off?), sort gender neutral NB clothes, update stationery, oh and finalize this child's name! :) 

Ryan is... working. This new promotion has him super busy and I need things to settle down. He has worked the last 7 Saturdays in a row and that just stinks. I miss my husband. :(

Kids are... realizing that things are about to change. Radley has been asking lots of fun questions lately. He likes to point out my belly and tell me he can't wait until it's "flat again". Then I can lay on the floor and pick him up all the time and run around more. He also realizes that means the baby will be here and that means "lots of poop, Mom". Ha! Emmy is clearly less aware of the impending change that is about to occur in her world. But she does like to put baby dolls in her shirt. :)

MAK is... feeling girl today. Don't know why, just is. I think it's because I want to put rosettes on a burlap lamp shade in the room. :)
We are... excited about everything coming together! in EIGHT weeks or less we will be a family of 5! Holy cow that is crazy! Come on, mommas of 3... hit me up with that advice!

Lovin' Long Weekends (pt 3): Family Traditions...

On our last day of our 3 day weekend, the kids and I met up with the Munsons for what is now our MLK weekend tradition - a game of bowling! Radley has been asking to go bowling for about a month now so he was pumped when this was the activity of the day. 

And can I just say that kids don't get much cuter than this?

Emmy surprised me with how quickly she "got it". She watched Radley and Caroline once and then we told her it was her turn. She walked up to where the bowling balls were {tried} to grab one and walked up to the lane. She really only needed a little help and as you can see, she did a great job! 

The rest of the time she spent twirling in circles and cheering everyone on.

Radley decided he could bowl all by himself...

Check out that form...

Perhaps a professional in our midst ;)

After our hour was up, we headed to a park (a different one) for another picnic lunch. Seriously, it is 75 degrees in Texas, how can we not take advantage of this?!?

And these little cuties were in heaven!

I love how they all have the same wide open faced smile!

Time was spent playing hide-and-seek...

Climbing hills...

And of course rolling back down. 

Then it was home for naps and more artwork. 

Seriously, moms with small children. Do this. Best thing ever. 

Oh yes, we definitely loved our long weekend and hope you did, too!

Lovin' Long Weekends (pt 2): Painting Nonsense

Okay, so MAK's room has gotten out of hand.  I have never in my life had a more difficult time selecting a paint for a room, and I have painted A LOT of rooms. We are paint people - I like color on my walls. It may make my home harder to sell later, but well, I'm living in it now, so may as well like it, right? 

Okay, back to picking a color. 

 Blue was just much harder than I thought.  The first blue was "too white" and seemed cold and unwelcoming. So I headed back up to Home Depot and purchased four samples (yes, Katy, what a great idea that was). Our favorite from the color wheel was the top left but once we got them all on the wall, it was a clear top right choice. It's lovely and just what I had in my head.

So my sweet husband spent many a late night last week {re}painting the walls until all was just perfect. I took the day off on Friday (so I had a FOUR day weekend) to get some stuff done and couldn't wait to see the finished project. I just had to clean up the room and remove all the tape to get a real view.

Y'all. Ryan REALLY, I mean REALLY did not want any paint to get anywhere but the wall. He taped the drop cloths to the floor. Double taped the baseboards, the window frames, the door frames, and the ceiling. It literally took me an HOUR to remove all this tape. AN HOUR. 

But there was no paint anywhere but the wall (and one smallish spot on the carpet). So I guess he succeeded, but something tells environmentalist would not love what I threw in the trash.

Once all the tape was down and I added some shelves, curtains and a few accessories I almost cried. There is just something about getting MAKs room ready that makes it all real. We are going to have a baby and while we have done this twice before it is no less special.

And I am going to LOVE this room - by far my favorite in the house! Can't wait to show you some pics!

Next was the closet where we yet again ran into some problems with paint color. Same story - picked a color, too light. Picked a different color - too light. Took it up to Home Depot and then the woman RUINED it by adding black (she was trying to make it "darker". Ummm. Yeah. Black isn't the only color that will do that, lady...especially when we were going for a brown).

Anyway. We ended up picking a new color (selected by Ryan and Radley) that I thought was going to be too dark, but I'm kinda digging it now.

Radley was in heaven helping Ryan paint, especially since it was brown.

I tried to set up "play areas" for the kids to keep them distracted while we worked and this little area is a favorite of one Miss Emersyn King. I may tear up the wood floors and just put down dry erase board there permanently.

She also had an obsession with tape like her Daddy. Every outlet had tape on it. I guess she wanted us to be safe. ;)

MAKs little sanctuary is coming together nicely and my nerves are settling down, too!


Lovin' Long Weekends (pt 1): Another day in paradise...

OMGoodness, I LOVE long weekends, don't you? I think that if I could have a 3 or 4 day weekend EVERY week two things would certainly happen:

1. I would be MUCH more productive and happy at work
2. I would be much more productive at home (especially if the kids went to school still...kidding. Kind of)

 Our weekend started out with a trip to Shipley's (kids still in pjs) which really makes everything better. Then it was off to the Childrens' Museum to have some fun time pretending, creating, and playing. 

Emmy and Ryan worked hard on a one of kind masterpiece. She LOVES to draw, paint, scribble, and write - I really think she may be our artist. 

I mean look at how carefully she selected her paint color. :)

Radley's favorite exhibit at the moment is the new "healthy living" exhibit. It's been updated and has eye charts, heart rate machines, scales, and fun medical equipment to play with. I think he was giving Ryan an eye exam here (and Ryan actually has to get glasses now!!) 

We spent the day with the Munson's and Emmy and Millicent were bonding over being "the little" ones. How sweet are they?

After the museum we took some serious advantage of the weather and headed to the park for a picnic! Josh and I are the designated picture takers so here is proof that he was there, too. 

The weather could not have been more perfect - seriously just beautiful and we loved it! Here is Radley saying prayers before digging in...I think it may have included Star Wars, sunshine, and food. :)

It's simple moments like these that make me just stop and quit worrying about all the "stuff" I worry about and soak it all in.

I am so glad that Ryan volunteered to oversee the yogurt eating...she had "free reign" since she wasn't restrained by her booster seat which meant yogurt was pretty much everywhere. 

Sweet Caroline is growing so fast these days... only two more months until she is FOUR! 

One of the great things about our "sister cities" of Bryan-College Station is the amount of parks that we have. Each one is well kept and offers something a little different - we are very lucky to live in such great communities. The kids LOVE going to the park and it's great to just be able to sit and watch them play knowing they are safe and having fun. 

And Emmy is becoming quite the "queen of the playground" these days...keeping up step for step with the big kids! 

Oh yes, 3 day weekends are such a blessing and the fun just continued...