D is for dirt...

Radley asked if he could work in the yard this weekend. SCORE! The age where they WANT to do physical labor and think that it's fun!! WAHOO! 

Sunday afternoon we were happy to oblige this request and after a quick run to Lowe's we were ready to plant a garden. 

(And by garden, we mean a giant mound of dirt that we think would make a swell garden someday. For now it provided hours of entertainment. God - 1, Parents - 1, Kids - 1. That's called a win-win-win).

Ryan also had the brilliant idea to put the trampoline next to the picnic table so they could climb off and on BY THEMSELVES. We basically could have left them home alone and no one would have cared. 

Even Princess Emmy was having fun in the dirt.

They found all sorts of treasures... a marble with a nail in it, a sea shell (?), some seeds, doodle bugs (or do you call them roly poly's), and this guy... 

She maybe even had dirt in her adorable ankle creases. 

Hudson got in on the fun while me and Maegan chatted it up on the porch and Ryan grilled.

Basically this day was a day of perfection.

With a giant sibling bear hug on top. 


Memory Lane...

Some days just take me back to childhood. In an instant I can hear the sounds of my friends giggling over nothing as if it were yesterday. One of my most unexpected treasures of parenthood has been getting a glimpse of maybe what my parents felt all those years ago. 

Emmy had a birthday party Saturday morning for her sweet friend, Caleb. Watching them play makes me think of my friend Joshua Lamb. We were such great buddies at this age.

Then we scrambled to Radley's soccer game where he made up for his "no score Saturday" with five goals. (But who's counting). Then we changed clothes, hopped in the car, and headed to Radley's school for their annual Paw Print Festival.

It was like the Edge was a Delorean and took me back to Robinson circa 1987-1997. I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that me and my friends were begging to run around at Fall Fest all by ourselves??? Because that's what this kid and his friends did. 


And that was the first of 103820 times that I will watch him walk away from me to be "on his own". 

I guess history really does repeat itself. Time and time I again I look up and see myself when I see them. And not just in their amazingly beautiful good looks ;), but in life. I don't remember growing up. I don't know how me and Ryan went from kids to parents. I don't understand how we became the ones looking on with such happiness as their "best day ever" came to life. 

But I am ever so grateful for this gift. This beautiful, undeserved gift of parenting. One of my most repeated prayers is for my kids to be as happy as I remember being growing up. Not a care in the world - just being surrounded by each other and having all the fun you can imagine. 

I could just sit and watch them in their element for hours and never get bored seeing them play and discover. Working to figure something out or make a new creation and that moment when they look up to see if we really are watching... and the smile that appears when they do... it's maybe on the best feelings in the world. 

Maybe even better than getting a sucker.
(Also - this moment made me think of her in 20 years at ACL... punk hair and wrist band).

The whole day was a like a little game of "I spy"... 

I spy the happiest kid in the world having a sack race...

I spy four kid growing up too fast ...

I spy a GIANT slide that no one wants to leave...

I spy a girl that thinks she is soooo big. 

I spy 3 of the sweetest, sweatiest, stinkiest, smelliest, silliest, stickiest, precious kids around. 

What a day we had...what memories we created and what joy we lived! 



So this week I have been fighting a horrible issue - also called a stomach bug. Also referred to as old age that can't take the food my young spritely body once absorbed with ease. 

Ryan helped (and by help, I mean he put together while Radley was asleep) a few final touches on a difficult lego build. Radley made sure to let him know how thankful he was with this darling note. 

Emmy was less than interested in soccer practice, but very much into climbing this "giant" tree!

"Look how high I get, Mommy!!!"

I got to spend Tuesday with this beautiful friend! Celebrating her entry into the "35-40" club! Happy birthday friend! Wish we could just take every Tuesday off together!

Day 3 of stomach insanity - noodle o's and sprite.

And this. 

Y'all - this song makes me dance and sing so loud in my car. And in my head I picture the video being this crazy revival of people being touched by the spirit and I love it. 


And that's us in a REAL instant!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

"It's not a jacket, Mommy. It's a cape. I'm Elsa.... Come on, Anna, let's go."
~Emersyn "Elsa" King, Age 3


Spring Soccer...

Spring soccer season is upon us and the weather cooperated rather nicely last week by bringing the sunshine for practice!

We've had a few months off, but everyone resumed their positions rather easily.
Ryan - coach
Radley - player (that tries to act like "son" too much)
Me - photographer
Girls - snack eaters

Thrilled-to-be-here snack eaters.

They actually love soccer practice and never want to leave which makes getting home an interesting feat. 

And then of course, we had game day! 

I love watching them do their drills before the game. You can see how excited they are to play. 

And Landry was clearly excited to watch.

Cameron scored off an awesome assist by Radley and continued to put up the points for the game. This was actually the first game that Radley didn't score a single point in and I think it was a great lesson for him. 

He started off "blaming" others ... Cameron and Jaden didn't pass the ball. The other team pushed him, etc... but we had a great talk about team work, the different roles each person plays each game and what that means for practice on Monday.

The girls met a friend at the field...

a darling puppy that they both preferred to look at it but not really touch.

And when it got close enough, the "hid". 

We had a great Saturday morning and I'm excited about the next several weeks with this crew!



Landry was pretty excited about her BIG birthday present! A matching big kid sleeping bag just like Rad and Emmy! A sweet friend of mine made theirs for Emmy's first Christmas and it was about time that Landry had her own for movie nights. Another sweet friend literally sewed this in a day. CRAZY. 

Moral of the story - make talented friends! Thanks, Julie!!!!
(They both only used MY old sleeping bag that I have had since I was a baby!)

The party patrol.

Our sweet, silly, super amazing, PRECIOUS two-year-old!

Luck? These babies are answered prayers!

Spring soccer is in full swing which means Monday night practices. The girls are harder to keep up with then the entire team of 6-year-olds.

A few more wrinkles, some softer edges, gray hairs (on him not me!), 3 beautiful children; days of joy and moments of sadness; celebrations and grief; the good and bad...all standing next to this guy. I wouldn't trade all the messy of life to share it with anyone else. No one can drive me crazy or LOVE my crazy like him and I am thankful for every moment we have. Even the ones like this picture... kids in the car and us grabbing a pic as we rush out the door for one more day in the life of We 5 Kings!

Happy Anniversary to us!

Oh hey there. I didn't realize I wrote so much!

The sunlight was such a welcome change this week. The kids were sooo tired of being in doors from the rain and wind and overall yuck. This is Texas - bring the HEAT!

And then we were off for a fancy dinner out. 

We grabbed a quick haircut after school and in this one little insignificant moment, I realized how lucky I am to have the flexibility to do work that I love and be with the people I love.

And then we grabbed Hudson for an afternoon adventure down the drain ditch.
(Or whatever those things are called).

It leads to green space behind our neighborhood and we discovered some interesting things, like a cooler, some trash and a couch. Hmmm... note to self: kids aren't allowed back there alone.

With age comes sense.
Some shoes are made for walking from the car, down the stairs, across the street, up the stairs and to the office. 
Some shoes are made to be worn sitting down behind a desk.

1. Buy Sirius/XM 
2. Go to channel 58
3. Laugh/cry/swoon/sing along
4. Thank me later

Thanks for the tip, Momma!

Landry turning two meant that she had to move up a class. We absolutely ADORE her teachers (the Miss Alyssas) and are just sad that she is growing up. Dont' get me wrong, we also love her new teachers...the whole school is fantastic, but sometimes change it just sad and hard.

Five minutes in the life of a two year old:
1. Look at all these toys. I will get them all out and play
2. Oh Mommy checked the mail. I think I will be cute and smash my face up against her clean glass.
3. Life is OVERRRRR she wants me to eat my favorite meal. WAHHHHHH!!!

I got to enjoy a second date night this week with Amber! We headed to campus to watch Bring it On - The Musical. Amazing! So much fun! And of course we capped it off with a bite to eat and some drinks!

Sisters make the best fans!

Our dinner club met on Saturday and the theme was "college". Of course that meant torn up jeans, a SigEp shirt, and the jeep. 

And we came home to these SIX sleeping beauties. How cute are they?? (And don't worry, we moved Landry the contortionist after the pic). If only their wake up call wasn't at 6am!!!


And that's us in an instant!