25 weeks...

Me and MAK at 25 weeks... 


I feel... like I am loving this weather! Sweaters, leggings/jeggings/tights and tunics and I are going to be besties. It's funny how my "style" has changed with each pregnancy - with Radley it was lots of capris/shorts and tops (mostly because I was big in the summer); Emmy was dresses. Nearly every. single. day. With MAK... back to pants and "trendier" - maybe I'm trying to stay young. ;) My energy is great all day and then I crash. Literally. Just fall asleep mid whatever task I'm doing. Usually on the couch. Sometimes I make it to bed, the past two mornings I have woken up with Radley snuggled right next to me.

I look... I like I'm a 25 week pregnant woman. From this point on I will take a picture in the same outfit next to the same wall (which is in MAKs room). I think it will be neat to watch us grow together. (Thank you, pinterest). 
 I'm craving... Well, Thanksgiving made me crave comfort foods. Anything warm and yummy. Soups, casseroles, chili, and cornbread sound delicious today! 

I'm doing... ohmygosh... it feels like I'm doing a million things with no end result. The holidays havemybraingfeelinglikeallmythoughtsarerunningtogether. :) Seriously, I make one list which triggers another list, which makes me check my first list and then start a new one. I won't even try to summarize what's on said lists... let's just assume "everything" covers it. I **need** to get stuff done (and I know I will) but, well it's a little distracting and hard to "do it all". Can I puh-lease get an Amen from the congregation! :)

Ryan is... patient. I can see him biting his "this is just your hormones" response, which is probably smart because I don't feel like being a single parent and I may strangle him if he says it outloud. We are discussing names and should MAKs official 3 initials by Christmas. 

Kids are... delightful. Whenever I ask Radley to kiss me good morning or good night, he always kissed my belly first and then smiles. Last night he blessed "MAK" about 3 times in his prayers. He just rocks as a big brother. Emmy is clearly noticing my belly. She points at mine, then lifts her shirt up and points to her belly. Pretty darn cute. 

MAK is... A little mover... mostly when I finally stop long enough to take a break. ALWAYS when I rock Emmy to sleep. Makes me think they can feel each other. 

We are... going to have the room painted and "planned" by January 8 (GiGi and Pops, this means that Emmy and Radley are coming to Waco on that Friday). Maternity pics are January 13 and well, I ** need ** some before shots in the room.

And this starts the first weekly update! So stay tuned for more MAK Madness!

Tree trimming fun...

The tree has been trimmed and the garland has been strung
Christmas is here and the fun has begun!!

Each ornament was placed with oh so much care
Because Alfie said Santa Claus will soon be here

Each ornament has meaning, whether big or small
And what a sight they do make when we have hung them all

Spending time with family is the best gift to get
Not one little moment do I want to forget

Our tree may not be perfect, but we love it the same
It's part of the family, Noel is her name

And all that hard work makes us hungry, its a fact
So we stop for some grapes for an afternoon snack!

Don't you just love this season!

ps. Jenn - can Dave fly to Texas next year so we can get one of those cool little videos, too? 


She's getting good...

It's mostly making it in her mouth now.

And who could resist yogurt flavored kisses from this face anyway?


What happens when she can't hang out with the big kids...

Any guesses on what she's thinking?


1. They won't let me in!!
2. Why is the door closed?
3. I want to go back there!
4. You stupid *$@#(!... let me play!

Isn't she cute when she cries?

Deck the halls...

 So we have a little tradition that after the dishes are put away (for the second time on Thanksgiving Day) that the Christmas decorations begin to appear. 

Emmy and MaMaw were all ready to trim some trees...

 And suprisingly, Emmy knew just what to do with her decorations. She headed straight for that tree and put her little stars all in one place. 

And this kid was very serious about his tree for his room.

Emersyn's Tree...

Radley's "beautiful" Tree...

And then Radley helped me arrange all his Christmas friends under the tree in the kitchen.

Our house is all decked out and ready for some holiday cheer... more to come later!



 I know this is a late post, but, still important.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday after all, and this year was no exception to it's greatness! We were joined by my parents, MaMaw, brother, The Hot Mess Munsons, the Houston Munsons, and the Baileys - all some of our favorite people in the world. 

And of course, our two cute turkeys always make day special!

We had lunch right at noon since the Aggie game was that evening (I'm over it, really) which meant that we prepped everything the night before. My sweet Mom and husband stayed up in to the wee hours of the night to get ready which included setting the table...

This year, in honor of Ryan's mom we used her china. She would have never hosted a dinner for anyone using paper plates (which is one of the things I appreciated most about her) and she would have loved our table on Thursday. 

Now, the kids did paper, but they also got some cute Turkeys made out of pine cones (thanks, Miss Gail...they LOVED them)!

And thanks to Pinterest, our mantle was pretty awesome, too!

And thanks to wonderful cooking...we all ate extremely well! Seriously, everything was delicious!

Especially these two-toned twice baked potatoes...

Oh, yeah... and the desserts! :)

We all went around the table and shared what we were thankful for. Some of the highlights...

Kayla (4): horses
Caroline (3): Movies - specifically Star Wars
Radley (4): his teachers
Grown ups (all ages): family, friends, love, each other, PhDs, children

I think GiGi was thankful to hold a sweet baby that just wants/needs to be held. Isn't Millicent adorable?

And these little ones are pretty darn cute, too...

I mean... I could just gobble them up!

It was the PERFECT holiday. A blessing to have family as friends and friends as family. And I mean that - I am FRIENDS with my family and my friends are my FAMILY. 

A girl couldn't really ask for more!


A family tradition...

There's a little tradition in Aggieland (well, more than one) called Yell Practice. Before every football game (home or away) Aggies gather to practice the yells we use during the game to prepare to stand as the 12th Man. 

Make all the Aggie jokes you want - you will never find a student body that supports their school, team and each other more than we do. 

This week the Kings attended a pretty historic Yell Practice - the last one we will have before our rivalry game with t.u.  - or as most people refer to this school, the University of Texas. Since our move to the SEC was made final t.u. denied our request to keep this epic rivalry alive. 

There has been lots and lots of discussion about it - even in crazy places like The New York Times. As a  person that is no expert on sports I will keep my comments to myself. 
Well, I will just say that it's clearly about ego. money. and who can pee the furthest. 

Any way. 

Yell Practice. How cute are we?

We went with the Munson's and met the Bailey's at Kyle Field. Krista got us VIP access which meant we had killer seats which was awesome for the kids!

And clearly, they are some VIPs!

Caroline '30, Radley '30, Emersyn '32, Annaliese, '31


Millicent '34 - and if you will notice her fingers, she already knew to "Saw 'em Off!"

Radley was mesmerized by the Yell Leaders. He just thought they were so cool and kept trying to follow all the motions they make. It was pretty precious. 
I, too, was mesmerized by the Yell Leaders the first time I saw them as a shy, sweet, little freshman...but that was for a whole different reason. ;)

They are seasoned pros at being Aggies...

I was a little scared that sitting so close to the band was going to be too loud for Emmy ... but she loved it, at first, and then decided that resting on Daddy's shoulder was much more fun.

There really is nothing like the Aggie Spirit. Win or lose, we come together for our team. Standing united. Watching 80,000+ people on game day linking arms to "Saw 'em Off" is amazing - and thinking about these next generation of Aggies makes me happy!

And while the outcome of the game the next day was not what we had hoped for...we knew that we had done all we could to help our team succeed. 

And, well, our kids are way cuter than any tsips!

Gig'em Aggies!


Tiny Tales Thursday...

I forgot to share this story a couple of weeks ago and I want to remember it. 

Emersyn is finally finding her voice. She has understood (and ignored) what we say for quite some time but still doesn't choose to talk back unless convenient for her. Her vocabulary probably includes 20 words or so but her brain is thinking a whole lot more. 

One day she and Radley were playing and Radley made her mad so she did what all good little sisters do -- poked him in the eye. Now while she was clearly retaliating (and no, we don't support this behavior), I doubt that she had the aim and dexterity and well, foresight to poke him in the eye. But she did. 

And he cried. 

And cried. 

I stepped in...

Katy: Emersyn King. No ma'am. 
Emersyn: "Eye" - pointing at Radley.
Katy: Yes. You poked your brother in the eye. No ma'am.
Radley: still crying
GiGi: holding back laughter
Katy: holding back laughter
Emmy: Eye. 
Katy: Say you're sorry.

Emmy walks over to Radley and ever so sweetly leans her head next to his to say, "Sorry". Radley is still crying. Emmy looks at me, looks and Radley and then brings her hands to his neck and says, "tickle tickle tickle" trying to get her brother to laugh. 

It worked. 

I'm a little frightened about this girl. She's going to be a tough competitor. 


You better watch out...

Let me start by saying that I am TRUE believer in Thanksgiving. It is in fact my favorite holiday simply because you get to cook, watch THE parade, eat, sleep, eat, and then eat. And well, this year I get the added bonus of stretchy pants! Not to mention you are doing all of these wonderful things surrounded by your nearest and dearest with no added pressure of gifts. And, well, my mom makes the best corn bread dressing IN THE WORLD. 

So, since I am such a firm believer in the celebration we usually steer clear from decorating/starting Christmas celebrations until post Turkey. 


The City of Bryan hosted their tree lighting ceremony on Friday and we just had to go. It was a great small town evening. 

Two little ones I know were pretty excited for who was going to be there...

 And what an entrance he made...

 They were really excited to see him although Radley did inform me, "That's not the real Santa, Mommy. That's just a helper." 

He just makes me laugh.

Emmy even got a quick pat from the big man himself.

Next was a carriage ride around downtown "just like in New York" according to Radley.

 Kayla was very excited to be pulled by Twist, the horse.

It was so fun to look at all the fun shop windows lit up with decorations and trees. The outdoor theater was screening  It's a Wonderful Life, carolers were strolling through the streets, and people were just everywhere sharing in the Christmas spirit.  

And this may be my new favorite picture of them!



A pretty big milestone happened in our house this morning...

Emmy has her hair up in a FULL side ponytail! :)




She clearly wasn't excited enough to quit eating her "nanananana", but I'm pumped!

I did have to use two clips in the back, but hey... it's a trendy/messy pony tail. 

When I explained what a big occasion this was she joined in the celebration, too!


Emmy, you did not get blessed with a Mommy that has a super keen fashion sense, the ability to apply make up or really even have all of the same brand of cosmetics. I am not model thin and I enjoy a good cuss word. However, I am a PRO at wearing a pony tail. 

Welcome to the club!