Easter fun...

I really didn't expect to write a long post about this weekend, but then I downloaded like a billion pictures, so here it goes... 

We spent this weekend in Waco for a small change of pace. My dad had minor surgery this week, so it made it easier on everyone for us to travel to them. My family is tride and true when it comes to traditions... probably why I fit in so well at A&M... we just do what we have always done. 

We had a low key Saturday just hanging around the house making our spaghetti and gravy (yes, we call it gravy... you non Sicilians call it sauce) and of course dyed some eggs. 

What I love about going home is things never change. The tree in the middle of Jason Street is a welcome reminder that I am home...and with that means that I am surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of familiarity. Of security. Of happy childhood. 

Radley dyed his eggs in the same mugs that we have used since Jody, Jeremy and I were small. Same chips, same missing handles, and yes...even the same "dippers" that hold the eggs themselves. 

Radley was pretty safe at first, sticking to one color, but by the end of the dying session he was making stripes, writing names, double dipping, etc... He also got a little too confident in his skills as witnessed by the "air time" of this egg below. ;)

After the dying session was over it was off to bed for the Easter Bunny to make his visit. And visit he did! We don't really go too crazy on Easter, afterall, we are truly celebrating that Jesus has risen...and there is no greater gift than that!

Emmy and Radley faired well with books, candy, pjs, clothes, toothbrushes and a toy. GiGi wanted to get them a trampoline, but well... that is a bit much for this holiday. :)

The wasted no time diving right into what the Easter bunny left for them!
Please check out how Emmy is sitting... she always sits in a "herkie" position...future cheerleader? I think so! :)

Radley LOVED his Mr. Potato Head...I couldn't believe that he didn't already have one! 

Emmy just loved destroying the baskets trying to find something to chew on. 

Then of course it was time to hunt those eggs that the Easter Bunny left behind. At our house he leaves a mixture of "real eggs" and plastic ones stuffed with money and goodies. 

Emmy tried to find some eggs, too... she was really good at finding the eggs that were given to her!

Radley was a man on a mission! He could find eggs all. day. long. 
(Good thing we had church to attend!)

We even came across the evidence the EB enjoyed our snack! This was all Radley's idea. He just insisted that we purchase carrots "with green things, Mommy" so that the EB could have something to eat. I don't know where he got the idea, but GiGi of course saw to it that we did just that. 

Then it was off to church, but not before snapping a few family pictures!

These two just make every day beautiful. 

My poor brother took about 100 pictures of us today. Between Radley's wacko smile (see below), Emmy looking at anything but the camera, me trying to avoid a double chin, and Ryan trying to keep his eyes open.... we finally settled on this... 

And it is only now that I realize I didn't stop to take a picture of the kids with my parents or Pete and Bok! (Please forgive me!)

We had a great weekend...too short...but isn't that how it goes? 

Happy  Easter!

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
John 11:25-26

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