Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emmy is going to change the world. Her confidence is almost intimidating and honestly, can add a bit frustration to our days because there is literally nothing that she thinks she can't do... except maybe find socks that she's scattered throughout the house.

She was working on a reading comprehension lesson and had to answer the question, "Who else besides farmers provides food to people?" 

Me: Well, who catches fish?
Emmy: Fishers?
Me: Close... fishermen...
Emmy: pauses  ummm... why can't it be fisherWOMEN? Do these people not KNOW that girls can do ANYTHING? I mean, did we forget AGAIN that MARY said YES to having baby JESUS which means girls are AWESOME! And they just want to have fun. So, we can catch fish, too!

AM I RIGHT? complete with a hand flair/gesture thing

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