Hoppy Easter...

Our Easter celebration included sunshine, smiles and sweaty kids! We took advantage of a free weekend filled with sunshine and spent many needed hours in the yard. We prepped the garden for another season of barely-producing-veggies, cleared out flower beds and even attempted to move a few bushes to a new home with our fingers crossed that they don't die in the process. I have zero pictures to prove any of this happen which is proof of time well spent together. 

Once we cleaned all that dirt from our nails and wiped off our grass stained knees, we headed to the backyard to dye some eggs. I tried to literally be Martha Stewart after seeing a video that used food coloring and shaving cream instead of the traditional method of dropping that famous color tab into vinegar and water. 

We were not at all convinced that this was going to work. Dye was all over our hands and a little on Gigi's clothes and the eggs looked more like a giant mess than a masterpiece. 

The eggs actually turned out pretty awesome and we loved it so much we've already decided we are going to try it again next year with a few modifications. ;) 

That evening we headed to Easter Vigil mass which meant that we were going to be up well past anyone's bedtime... 

but it also meant that we got to sleeping in a little later, too!

They were super excited to see that the Easter Bunny pulled through and made an awesome delivery of goodies that included a sensible amount of candy (ha!), bathing suits, flip flops, bubbles, a movie and this book

We had a few friends over for lunch and an egg hunt... and well, Radley was clearly outnumbered by the afternoon... 

I'm pretty sure we hid 200 eggs ... I'm less sure that they found them all. 

Hope that you were surrounded by ones you love and that your Easter filled with time to be grateful for grace.

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