Meeting Keirstyn...

 After several hours of waiting the night before, the kids were busting at the seams to meet their newest cousin. Emersyn even decided to skip art and opt for a trip to the hospital so they'd get to hold Keirstyn (pronounced like "pier"-styn) longer.

After an extensive hand washing session they were all set to snuggle their baby cousin...

I can't get over my kids with babies. Radley is a baby whisperer - he hasn't met a baby that doesn't instantly fall in love with him. Emersyn would take them all home and care for them like the good mommy she is and Landry is so excited to be bigger than someone. She kept patting Keirstyn's bottom and I just died right there. 

She is one lucky little lady... 

and completes this crew perfectly.

Speaking of crews... not sure she was made aware of the crazy that she was joining... and Radley is taking the increase in girl:guy ratio just fine. I think he gave up three kids ago. HA!

Ps. Keirstyn - you have to be able to follow directions on cue when it comes to pictures. Their immediate reaction to "now look at the baby" came complete with facial expressions, "ooohhhs", "ahhhhs" and endearing smiles. 

That could be because they are all completely smitten with you!

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