Girls Just Wanna Have... Cute shoes...

A couple of weeks ago, I polled my Instafriends regarding a fabulous pair of shoes. 

Clearly I the vote was going to be in my favor (77% to 23%)... but if we're honest, I was going to get them regardless. Because, they are DARLING and they were only $24. I'm not much of a jewelry person... my ears aren't pierced, I don't change up my rings and I never wear bracelets. I really only wear necklaces so a fun pair of shoes to add some color to an outfit is a win! 

And because all of us appreciate a cute shoe... here's some others that I found and loved! 

**note this is a kid's shoe**
(yes, I wear kids shoes)

Also kids shoes but I LOVE them!

These would be PERFECT for any Aggie gameday! And they also come in blue!

These Boden beauties are amazing and currently on sale!! 

These KS sandals are simply precious. They also come in solid blue and mustard yellow which means I clearly need them!

Happy shopping, friends! 

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