Tiny Tales Thursday...

Once upon a time there was a mom that "had it all together".

Or so people thought.

She had three darling, children that "always" smiled for pictures. A super hot husband that just gets cuter every single year. A house in a nice neighborhood. Doting parents. Amazing friends. And a cool job that kept her young.

Her children were polite and well behaved. Her house was always clean and organized. She worked full-time, volunteered at the kids' school and set aside devoted time to God. Oh, and her hair was basically perfect.

She was living a real life fairytale.

Except... not.

Y'all. Yesterday I realized that I was supposed to be a work retreat that I thought was scheduled for today (Thursday). I made this connection when I sat down at a staff meeting that I "popped" into while my kids were stationed in my office with the ever maternal, "do NOT make a noise or I will never feed you again" exit. I really only noticed my HUGE oversight when our Director wasn't at the staff meeting.

Me: Is Luke sick?
DL: No?
Me: Where is he?
DL: At the VP retreat.
Me: Is it two days?
DL: Nooooo sees fear in my eyes and talks fast Why? Areyousupposedtobethere?Areyoupresenting?SHouldyoubewearingsomethingelse?
Me: Panic. Fear. HOLY CRAPNESS spread across my face.

I exit the meeting, grab the kids with a, "y'all we have to go because I made a huge mistake and I'm supposed to be somewhere in one hour and have no idea what to do with you."

Call Ryan.
No Answer.
Call Ryan.
No Answer.
Call Ryan.
No Answer.
Call Ryan.
No Answer.


And y'all... HE REPLIED.

"I'm training a driver but I'll get off the car and come get the kids. Don't worry."


Moral of the story.

That girl that you think has it all together all the time? Doesn't.

She struggles. She worries. She yells. She doesn't wash her hair for days at time. She feeds her kids weird food. She cries. She stresses. She forgets things. She makes mistakes. She prays. She forgives. She yells some more. She eats weird food. She totally drinks too much coffee. She still hasn't washed her hair.

And sometimes, she just needs saving.

Don't forget that part.

We all need saving. And by the grace of God... we already are.

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