A little help from my friends...

You know what the worst month in the history of all the months is?

You may want to immediately jump to December because of all the holiday stress, but you'd be wrong. Because at least at the end of December, you have some fun new gifts and a darling baby savior sent for your eternal salvation. So, nope. Not December. 

The absolute worst month ... 

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End of school madness.
Teacher gifts.
Sports that never want to end. 
Kids still insist on eating lunch.

Oh, and you have to somehow be a functioning adult through all of it. 

I'm still recovering. 

But you know what helped me tremendously this year?

Thanks to Shelly and her amazing #momsrockmaystyle challenge... I didn't have to think about what I was going to wear. 

This was kind of out of my comfort zone...but it was totally worth it. I wore things that have just been hanging in my closet for way too long. I tried new combos. I even fixed my hair more often (ha!). 

So, Shelly... thanks for being amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents and style tips with us. Thanks for empowering women. YOU rock every single day!

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