And the Awards Goes to....

Another fun part of the end-of-year-madness includes annual awards for each grade. I appreciate the our school keeps each ceremony to one hour while still recognizing every single kid in each grade. They have it down to a science and I'm impressed every time. 

First up:

Emersyn King
A/B Honor Roll
Future Teacher Award

Radley King
A/B Honor Roll 
(poor kid, got one 89)
Excellence in Math
High Achievement in BOTH languages
Third Place Boy in number of laps run for the year 
(276 laps!!)

Landry King
Creative Problem Solver Award

It's such a fun way to celebrate their achievements and each kiddo leaves with a smile. My favorite part is watching their friends celebrate each other - I love when people lift each other up! 

And I couldn't be prouder to be their mom each and every day. 

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