Texas Forever...

Emmy was super excited about the week off from school for our trip to Disney, but she was also a little sad that she would miss her big field trip experience. And to be honest, I was, too! Luckily the field trip experience was the following week and I got to travel along as a chaperone. (Honestly, I'd volunteer to go on this one every year because it is so much fun!) 

We loaded up and headed to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville. Maybe you're thinking that doesn't sound exciting, but how could you not love an entire day learning about the life of someone that is the original "Texas forever" guy? 

Once again, I was enlightened by the amazing life and accomplishments of this Texas legend. (And maybe also that I should have paid closer attention in the YEARS of Texas history that we take.)

Notable facts about ol' Sam...

 At 16, he ran away from home and lived with the Cherokee, he is even adopted by them 
He opened a school to pay off a $300 debt (y'all he wasn't a teacher - but he started a school)
 He is the only person to be Governor of two states
He was adamantly against Texas secession/joining the confederacy and because of this is deposed as Governor
His last words are said to have been, "Texas, Texas, Margaret"... 

(I mean, maybe he could have said his wife's name first, but he realllllly loved Texas). 

The kids aren't as into all these cool facts about a Texas legend but they love getting to walk around this property and learn about pioneer life. 

After touring their family home, the tour separates between the boys and girls so each get a taste of what life was like during this time period. When I went with Radley, I got a taste of all the work the men did on the homestead, so I was looking forward to all the work the women would do, too! The women head straight for the kitchen, which was a separate structure from the home to get started on meal prep for the day.

Each person gets to do their part in making fresh cornbread (and Emmy was extra excited because she got to crack the eggs). 

Meanwhile, these men were responsible for chopping the wood to be used in the kitchen... each person had to do their part!

After all the cooking it was time for everyone's favorite chore - laundry!

(Honestly, I love doing laundry. I'm weird.)

They got to soak..


and dry with a "mangler" which was given the name because if your fingers get too close they run the risk of getting "mangled". Ouch!

The cutest group of pioneer women I've ever seen.

 We were done with laundry just in time for the cornbread to finish baking... literally fresh out of the fire complete with fresh butter. (If you want to make some butter at home, we just put whipping cream and salt in a mason jar and shook until it became butter!)

The cornbread was just the appetizer to the very pioneer lunch break of doritos, subs, gatorade, and potentially a few fruit roll-ups. 

Whenever I get to be with any of the kids' classes, my mind can't help but wonder who this dynamic group of kiddos will become. They are full of enthusiasm, creativity, imagination, kindness and grit and the possibilities are endless as to what they can do. I love getting to sit in on their day and watch them learn, listen to them giggle and witness them discover something new. 

Who knows... in 100 years another group of second graders could be touring a museum about one (or more) of them!

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