Treating in the rain...

The Halloween celebrations started early this year with our annual trip to the fall festival at the Munson's church. Our kids can see each other every day for six weeks straight and still instantly buddy up as if it has been years since their last encounter. This year we had the two cutest witches on the block - my mom and her friend made them some amazing capes to go with their dresses but they had just gotten out of the bounce house when I snapped this picture). 

And every witch needs a black cat... seriously, I don't know how we managed it but Halloween was EASY this year. 

The Hot Mess Munsons... 


and the Royal Hot Messes... in my head we pulled off an epic Harry Potter theme with witches, Hermoine, Professor Lupin, black cats...

and muggles of course!

We've managed to make the night before Halloween pumpkin pictures a little tradition.

And OF COURSE we had to have a Mickey Pumpkin! (Ryan free handed that - I'm still so impressed!)

Halloween FINALLY arrived...and it was raining... but that didn't stop this crew from having tons of fun!

As soon as it cleared enough to not be miserable, we grabbed our umbrellas (and roadies) and headed down the street. 

The perk to being a few of the only kids that "braved" the weather was a huge increase in candy supply. The houses on our street usually go big and each kid scored a personal freshly made smore... I'm kind of regretting not getting one myself!

Emmy was 100% satisfied with the selection.

Professor Lupin had transformed into a werewolf by this point, so I think he passed on the treats.

This was at the point when I said, "Quick kids - get in the middle of the street so we can take a picture!"

This is the first year I didn't take a picture with each kid in our costume... but it was also the first year that I just really watched them have fun and worried less about CAPTURING them having fun. 

They managed to hit about 10 houses before the rain came back and Landry decided she was ready to call it a night. The moms took the littles home while the bigs scored goodies from a few more houses and then we all piled into our living room, sorted and traded candy, enjoyed the warmth of the fire and feeling of being surrounded by friends. 

Maybe the rain was a treat after all... 

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