We5Kings of Disney: Disney Springs

The big day finally arrived and we were at the airport ready to take off dark and early! I honestly almost had a panic attack thinking of all the planning that had gone into that moment. We were FINALLY on our way and absolutely ready to "DO THIS!" 

We actually flew into Tampa, rented a car and drove to Orlando. This was them 10 minutes into the trip. (Well, after our stop at Target to buy snacks, water and me a new pair of sun glasses). Flying into Tampa saved us over $1000 and the drive was right at an hour so we felt like it was completely worth the time in the car. 

We stayed at the Art of Animation and the kids could not have been more excited. This is one of the few resorts that had family suites so we lucked out with a little extra room. The kids were of course just excited about Cars, Lion King, the Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. Emersyn was especially thrilled because "art" was in the name... "Did you pick this one because I'm an artist, Mommy?"

We had a couple of hours to spare before our room was ready so we headed to Disney Springs to play at the Lego store and practice saying "no" to the kids every time they asked for something. 


Deep into competition on the Lego racetrack - Radley's car finally won. 

We weren't sure which suite we were assigned but we ended up in my personal favorite... 

We were literally in RADIATOR SPRINGS.I may have teared up. 

I mean... I can't even. 

Now that I'm thinking about it, we didn't even walk around to the other sections - HAHAHA... they were probably just as amazing!!

Of course, they didn't have Mater... 

or this guy... 

Ryan was most excited about meeting "Sarge"!

We unpacked our bags, got everything arranged just how I we liked it and head out to dinner at the Polynesian. 

I got nervous that the kids weren't going to love dinner but when I got my plate I no longer cared if they ate a bite because I had just been served heaven on a plate. This meal was amazing - the perfect way to start off our week. Every single one of us basically licked our plates cleaned and then added the magic butter they serve on top. 

With full bellies and tired everything else, we headed back to the hotel to rest of up for our first day in the park. 

As we were walking into the hotel, I looked up and caught a glimpse of Radley and of course started to cry again. Mouse ears and Hufflepuff hat... I wonder how much longer he will be at the age of wonder and excitement before hitting the age of "too cool"? If I had to choose one picture to describe him exactly as he is now... this would be it. 

And with that, we were snuggled in our Christmas jammies, ready to discover all the magic that was waiting for us ... 

**I recorded parts of each day... click below if you want to see day 1 unfold!** 

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