Our every day...

I assume that most moms with small children are planners. Not even because they want to be, mostly because they HAVE to be. You know, survival and all. If we don't have some sort of plan for the day then sometimes the ship can sink. School projects, work projects, dinner, bath, bed... all in a 3-5 hour time slot. It's like running a daily marathon (which is why I have found the need to work out less and less important).

But inevitably, I have found it's all the moments in between that bring me the most joy. The nights of princesses and dinosaurs. 

When they discover their baby books. 

Or when Pops and Gigi come to town and we grab dinner at Cracker Barrell. (Which is extra awesome, because that's a guarantee that everyone will eat). 

This particular evening was extra special because we were celebrating the birthdays of baby Violet and Flower. 

Flower seemed to have been misbehaving a bit...

so Landry had to call her bestie, Mills, and vent a bit. 

And it was just an unplanned party, a random celebration. A moment that came and went as quickly as they thought it up. 

And the next night we were back to normal - eating popcorn and m&ms, watching Cinderella, and staying up past bedtime. 

Our every day, unplanned, insignificant, moments are my favorites. 

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  1. You have a beautiful way of capturing your family! LOVE!!!