Blessings beyond bags...

I love blogging for lots of reasons. I love that I have a record of our lives. I love that I get a creative outlet. I love that sometimes my words (hopefully) bring joy or light or hope or laughter to people's lives. And I really love that this world has brought some amazing women into my life. 

Women that show up. Women that say yes. Women that inspire me.  Women that lead by example. 

Last year Holly and her friend, Michelle, discovered that a program that provides 1500 families with meals at the holidays was no longer being sponsored. So they did what any normal person would do and ordered food for those families on nothing more than faith. Well that faith, this community, the power of prayer and His provision sponsored those families so the did what any normal person would do... and did it again this year. 

For weeks leading up to the big packing day they lead a charge to get families sponsored. Our community showed up... Little by little, donation by donation, sponsor by sponsor - they met their goal of 1500 families. 

Packing day finally arrived and We5Kings showed up to help because here's the thing about service. You are never too young. You are never too old. You are never "too" anything at all. We can each do our part... because no matter how small they all add up to one great impact. Whether you donate $1000 or help breakdown boxes - every single thing done to serve others matters. 

One of my greatest joys is serving with them and one of my greatest prayers is that they feel the same. 

Days like this allow you to get a glimpse into what matters. 3000 empty bags lined up on the walls. Dozens of tables filled with food waiting to be sorted. People from all different backgrounds ready to help. 

Friends to serve along with... 

and offer you hugs and support in between. 

The other amazing thing about these women I've met? Their kiddos are pretty awesome, too. Shelly and Holly have big boys (that are also giants). These "kids" have put in more volunteer hours than most adults. I LOVE that my kids, especially Radley, see these "kids" giving back. I love that they see them making a difference. I really love that they always find time to have a little fun while they're doing it. (So Holly and Shelly, go hug those big kids for me!)

This crew was there from the first bag to the last.... 5 hours, 3000 bags, 1500 families... One incredible day. 

Those bags are surely filled with blessings... but those blessings will be felt far beyond anything those bags hold. 

Proud of you. Thanks for letting me in and giving me one more amazing friend to look up to and admire! 

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