Christmas Countdown (12, 11, 10)...

Our annual Christmas countdown is underway and the first three days were a hit!

Only TWELVE days until Christmas, the countdown has begun
Let's eat DESSERT first for dinner and a have a little fun!

New family tradition - backwards dinner. 

If you can believe it, not one single complaint about what we were having!

And the real miracle was that they were still hungry and ate a full dinner after - maybe we should do this more often!

Only 11 days until Christmas - Tis the season to thank our teachers! 

We set up our annual assembly line to spoil the best teachers in the world. 

This year, we went a little crazy and steered away from our usual popcorn and m&ms treat and went for a "real" gift instead. 

We're "SOAPIN'" they have a happy holiday!

Their main teachers got an extra treat and I literally can't stop laughing over this notepad. The ribbon cuts it off but after the "I will nots" it simply says "I am the teacher!" 


Only 10 days until Christmas - Get ready for some fun - you're going to the Bailey's!!!

I don't have one single picture from this evening but I know it was a huge hit. Simply because they love the Bailey's and also because I had an amazingly quiet night allllll to myself. 

Favorite takeout.
Favorite wine.
Favorite movie.
Favorite spot on the couch. 

I even managed to wrap lots of gifts which is my ultimate favorite - right after friends that give me the gift of time during this season!! 

And here's a peek into our Christmas Countdown the last several years:

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