Christmas Countdown (3, 2, 1)...

We rounded out our Christmas Countdown with some of our favorite things...

Only 3 days until Christmas - School's Done - Kid's choice for tons of fun!

The kids had school alllll the way until the 22nd so we started off the weekend before Christmas was a few class parties! These classes know how to party - cookies, tacos, tamales, donuts, and all the sugary drinks you can imagine! But the sweetest things there that day were definitely the #Wee3Kings

And if we hadn't partied enough, Emmy headed over to a friend's house after school for a cookie decorating party and the rest of us headed across the street from THAT house to decorate some cookies of our own!

 The amount of sprinkles on that counter and floor far out numbered the amount that made it onto the cookies. 

Their kids choice item was a sushi picnic with one of their favorite movies. By the time I snapped this picture and returned to make myself a plate more than half of those rolls were gone. 

The night ended with just us girls in front of the fire while Radley went out for laser tag with a buddy from class. 

The perfect ending to a pretty near perfect day!

Only 2 days until Christmas - Pick your favorite movie, grab your Christmas jammies, let's sleep under the tree as a King family!

Favorite night of the season each and every year!

Only 1 day until Christmas - Let's bake some cookies for Santa!

Since Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday, we had Ryan home allllllll day long as an added treat to the already awesome day!

And MaMaw even got to join in the fun!

After all that cookie baking we got down to the real business of making meatballs!

After a day full of cooking and baking, they were more than ready for the big guy to come for a visit! 

Stay tuned... 

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