I'm clearly on top of things in 2018 since the month is almost over and I'm just now posting about NYE. This is more about me having the  memory in one place and less about giving everyone up-to-date insight into our lives!

We decided to host a celebration at home this year since my brother and nephew were in town! The happiest my parents ever are is when all the grands are together in one place!

We got all gussied up in our "casual best" and were ready to ring in a much needed new beginning.
(Because can we all agree that 2017 was just.the.worst.)

This was my 19th new year with this guy...I've officially spent more of my life WITH him than without him and while not every minute has been perfect, every year keeps getting better. 

Every one killed the "bring your favorite appetizer or dessert" game... 

and the guys clearly texted each other and said, "Hey... wear your zip up Columbia vest!"

The agenda included lots of fun conversation, tons of yummy food and enough wine to keep us warm. We brought out the Cards Against Humanity goodness while the kids ran around doing who knows what and all made it outside in time to ring in the New Year in the legitimate FREEZING weather. 

Although I didn't take near enough pictures - the "photo booth" was a big hit... 

as was the sparkling grape juice!

May 2018 be filled with tons of fun with friends...

and celebrations where everyone looks at the camera on the FIRST TRY!

Let's do this 2018!!

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