Divinely Designed...

Friday afternoons are my absolute favorite. The kids hop in the car full of energy and excitement because the weekend has officially begun. We are creatures of habit so Friday usually means afternoon screen time, some delicious snacks, discussions on family movie night and a bubble bath for me after surviving another week. 

As we were talking about weekend plans Emersyn added, "I need to decorate a tissue box for class Valentine's and bring it to school! We get to vote on the most creative and one person will win for each class... I am TOTALLY going to win!" 

After we all got settled in for the afternoon, Emersyn started gathering supplies because she is in her happy place when it comes to anything creative. I flipped open my computer to consult with Pinny and see if there were any fun and easy ideas for us to decorate this box. 

Emmy took one look and said, "No thanks - I know what I want to do."

And y'all... she didn't stop for the next few hours. 

You may look at the box and see a whole lotta chaos. But when I look at that box I see determination, ingenuity, creativity, confidence and pride. And a few custom heart smiley faces.

With each new thing she added, she got more and more excited. 

"Look, Momma, I'll color these parts with GLOW IN THE DARK marker and then everyone will be so surprised when we turn off the lights!" 

"I know! I can cover the "Kleenex" with this flower I made!"

"Oh my gosh - I can make a HANDLE!"

And she just kept on creating. The only thing I did was tear duct tape and help her hot glue the decorations and that was more because I didn't want her to burn herself than she not being able to do it. 

She reminds me time and time again that instead of living up to some fictional standard... to create your OWN standard. This girl didn't need Pinterest - she IS Pinterest. 

She is just like this box... divinely designed and hand crafted with love by a creator with vision and love and confidence in the finished product. She teaches me all there is to know about taking pride in your work, believing in what you are doing and not being afraid to do something a little different than what's been done before. 

Oh. And that duct tape really can fix anything.

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