Gracious we have been going going going - if only I was like the actual energizer bunny. Sadly, I am not and I am tired! But... all this going has been filled with tons of fun.

I got all dressed up with one of my favorite plus ones and headed to Dallas for a wedding. Cindy and I have "shared" and few students over the years and one of our favorites was getting married. Instead of bringing the hubbies we decided to make a girls getaway out of it and had the best time.

I got to see some of my favorite friends...

reminisce with some of my favorite Aggies...

and of course celebrate the amazing bride and groom. Weddings are just the BEST!

When I got home, Emersyn and I started cooking Sunday dinner that was completely planned by her from her new cook book. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. So yummy!

At the end of every one of her podcasts, Jen Hatmaker asks her guests, "What is saving your life right now?" and I'd have to say thoughtful students that bring me sweet surprises. 

Oh. And going to Target alone on a school night.

How did I manage that? Easy.. Gigi and Pops were in town treating the kids to a night of Cinderella! They had the best time and I'm so thankful that my kids have such amazingly involved grandparents so close to us!

Radley's class did a little "show and tell" on some work they have done this year. I got to hear all about how they organize and create and work together on projects. Love getting a sneak peek into his day!

Landry has LOVED gymnastics this year - she is always practicing her cartwheels and handstands and surprising me with her skill. I told her that I used to be able to touch my toes to my eyebrows and she goes, "Like this?!" 

Ryan is finally getting around to finishing this built-in bench and I'm so excited that I'm going to try not and question his method. 


We have been bulk cooking on Sunday so we have healthy choices the rest of the week. Cassy with Fed+Fit just did a "cook once eat all week" series that we have loved. I made her Chicken Carbonara and we all ate it up!!! (Emmy and Landry were the least thrilled but Radley had two helpings). I subbed zoodles for the spaghetti squash because it's not my favorite and I'm so glad I did. Zoodles taste and texture are the most like pasta so it feels like you are treating yourself!

Emmy had her first official basketball game and KILLED it! She had her own private cheerleader, a super-fan Dad and an amazingly proud coach! (Rad was at soccer practice). 

And then the cutest "dood" ever came to visit me at work. Seriously, is there such thing as puppy fever? Ha!

That's us in an instant!

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