Tuesday has become everyone's favorite day in the King household. We don't have any major plans or commitments except for Emersyn's art lessons with Anna right after school, which means that Tuesday's are spent with the besties. 

Emmy and Anna come home either hiding their latest work for a future surprise reveal or telling us all about the new technique they learned. This week they came home with butterfly tattoos hand crafted by their gifted and creative teacher. Tuesdays are their favorite by far. 

Radley and Caroline are often attached to a screen sitting next to each other either creating videos or forming clans (I think).

Landry and Millicent are usually playing school, being mommys, or jamming out to their anthem

And the actual mommys get to spend time solving all of the world's problems. 

Sometimes we even manage to feed them a home cooked meal. 

All of this on a Tuesday. 

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