A break...

While Ryan and I were busy getting the girls room ready the kids were living it up with Gigi and Pops in Waco. They LOVE spending time with them and I'm so grateful for how close they all are. 

I drove up on Wednesday and Landry's birthday celebration continued with the "frousins" at Poppa Rollos. Jenni suggested we go to dinner and then like all good best-friends, showed up with cupcakes and a tiara for the birthday girl. 

As much as I appreciate the quietness of an empty house and the ability to use the restroom without interruption, I sure am happy when we're back together! 

On Thursday morning we headed to Dallas for quick trip to Spark! This is a sister museum to the City Museum we visited in St. Louis. 

If you are within driving distance then I highly recommend you make plans to visit!

There is enough fun for everyone! *Note me in the bottom right

So many nooks and crannies to explore that kept a smile on all of their faces.

Then this girl was even more in heaven when she noticed they had art stations set up!

In between crawling through tunnels and sliding down "the fastest slide ever!" we still made time for a few selfies. (Except Radley who made a friend in exactly 2.4 seconds and was off running around.)

They even have a selfie station which we clearly tested.. 

And as if that wasn't enough fun for one morning... Emmy lost a tooth!

Fun day, awesome break! 

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