This is 6...

Every year I take a picture of the kids sleeping the night before a birthday. I just want to be able to remember them exactly as they were before turning another year old. Landry turning six solidified that we are out of babies in our house and as much as it breaks my heart, I'm also so dang pumped about this stage of "big". 

She is going to seize every moment of six...starting with her "birthday to do list"... 

For the first time ever, we woke up somewhere other than our house on one of their birthdays. But honestly, there's not a better place in the world to wake up on a special day than Gigi and Pops'... we tried talking her into donuts for breakfast but she just wanted cereal so I got as creative as I could with the "birthday breakfast" set-up... haha!

She threw on her crown and fancy new dress and we were off to check some items on that list... 

Pedicures and the toy store were up first... 

and then we hugged Gigi's neck and headed south to CS ... 

so we could hug Daddy's neck (who was putting finishing touches on their room), open presents and eat lunch.. 

The main attraction was obviously the bunk beds...

Landry is everything we never knew we always needed. I've repeated myself 1000 times but she came at such a sorrow-filled time... she was the rainbow after the rain when we lost Fely and she's been sunshine ever since. (Except in the mornings when she is the grumpiest person you will ever meet.)

She does things on her own time. 
She cries at sappy movies.... like tears GUSHING and we all love it so much.
She would eat "pasghetti" for every meal.
Dominos is her favorite pizza. 
She loves getting dirty and playing rough with Radley.
And also being girly and dressing up with Emmy. 
Reading is not her favorite but she's gaining confidence and I'm so proud of her. 
She hasn't decided if Spanish is something she loves or not. 
She is fiercely loyal - don't mess with her siblings or besties. 
She is perceptive and offers love right when you need a hug.
She's totally cool with recycling all of her school work. 
"That's ok, Momma" is one of my favorite phrases bc sometimes I just need "it" to be "ok". 
She loves being a gymnast. 
She loves Jesus and says the best prayers. 
She's the perfect caboose to our crew. 

We had the best day celebrating her as we checked off her list... go to a park, eat pizza, watch a movie... 

This is six.

And I'm so ready to watch her rock it!

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