Paint and Paws...

We had a busy weekend starting with an art show featuring an original painting by Emersyn. I am completely blown away not just by her talent but also with her confidence in pursing this dream of hers. She is in her element when she is creating and I just pray that we can cultivate her interests far into the future if that's what makes her happy.

I really want to sign up for art lessons with Ms. Lasagna, too! 

Of course the whole family attended and these siblings of her could not have been more proud!

And Ryan and I were equally amazed by our girl, too!

We walked around for a bit to look at all the entires and I was just obsessed with these art collages. We may have to try to recreate something like this during our summer vacation. Mine will look nothing like it's supposed to, but I'm pretty sure Emersyn will nail it!

Then we headed to school for the kids' annual Paw Print Festival. I was busy running around so Ryan was (politely) instructed to "take lots of pics like I would... make sure to get some of the kids playing..."

He took exactly the number of pictures I suggested. 

Somehow Emersyn and Anna ended up running the kids' giveaway and I love this so much because 
1. They always ALWAYS buddy up
2. Anna doesn't go to CHE
3. These two can talk people into anything

I'm pretty much in denial that these big kids are going to 5th grade next year. I need them to be in kindergarten all over again!

Landry was so excited that this was "her" school this year... she just ran off with friends and I'd see her every once in a while as she came in and out for snacks and to tell me stories. 

I wasn't one of those girls who's dream growing up was to be a mom ... I wanted to be lots of things and I just figured I would be a mom. And having a mom that showed up to everything and for everyone was a bigger blessing than I could have realized as a kid. Being a mom is one of my biggest honors... being their mom and most definitely being "that" mom... I love seeing them in their elements with giant smiles and enjoying this life of being a kid. I love that Ryan comes along and helps however and whenever he can even though his work schedule isn't nearly as flexible. I love this front row seat into the life we've built and continue to build. I get so weepy at these events because as they are running around having the time of their lives.... I'm trying to soak it all in because it goes by so fast.

That kid on the left quickly became that big kid on the right... almost shoulder to shoulder with me... wearing the same size shoe as me... definitely smarter than me... and every bit as amazing as that teeny tiny kindergartener that he was just yesterday!

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