Three and a half...

Guess who turned Three and a Half years old on Sunday....

This cute kid! I had to work all weekend, so I am just now playing catch up but we did manage to celebrate on Sunday with a cake of Radley's choice. He went with the classic.... chocolate cake with chocolate icing. 

I think he was more excited about making the cake than eating it. We may have a little chef on our hands... the kid has mad culinary skills. Check out the one handed egg cracking...

He was determined to get all of the cake mixed "all by myself, Mommy". 

A quick bath was the perfect break to let the cakes bake and then it was time for icing.

When you mix all of those ingredients, you get one happy 3 1/2 year old!

So Radley, what have you been up to these days?

You are most definitely entering the actual "little boy" stage. Everything has a sound effect, everything is silly, and hands are made for digging in dirt, playing with trucks or trains and giving high fives. Your excitement can get you in trouble since your usual outlet is a high pitched scream or a "gentle pat."

You love that Emmy is starting to move and interact with you. You get a huge smile on your face when you see her and you can always make her laugh. Sharing toys is not always your favorite thing to do and you can be a bit too rough for our liking, but it will only make her strong. You are a great big brother and we are so proud of you!

You are too smart for your own good. You memorize books as if they were the ABCs, you can recognize the names of everyone in your class, your family, and even some small words, too. You have a ridiculously good memory which gets your Dad and me in trouble. You can write your name, "mommy", "daddy", and "emmy" and almost all the capital letters. You love to draw and color and reading books is still 
one of your favorite things to do!

You have begun to make up songs and get this mischievous look on your face when you are "caught in the act." You are daddy's little helper and love to work in the yard, build things, and go to the "man store." You also like to run errands with me and Target may be your favorite place to go. Favorite TV shows include: Imagination Movers, Dinosaur Train, and Little Einsteins. You still LOVE Cars -- it is your favorite movie and toy of choice. 

You are passionate, sensitive, funny, loud, strong-willed, gracious, joyful, silly, and in a word: Perfect. 

We love you so much, buddy! Happy Half Birthday!

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