Three days...

GiGi and Pops graciously offered to watch Radley and Emmy for a few nights since we were no longer able to go to Sherman. We jumped at the chance thought long and hard about it and although we knew it would be hard to be without them for 3 nights, we recognized that my mom and dad raised Jody, Jeremy and me without killing us, so they would be fine with our kiddos, too!

Radley (and Emmy) could not have been more excited. 

As I was loading him in the car he said (and I quote), "It's ok, Momma, we'll be fine. See ya later!"

My ego and heart were a little broken that I didn't get even a tiny tear, but he did make me feel better when he leaned over to blow me a kiss. 

{I would like it noted that I dropped them off... with NO instructions. None. Everyone that knows me should be proud. I am trying to relinquish control.}

So what did we do for THREE whole days and nights?!?!

No one should be surprised that the first thing I did was clean the house. It was beautiful and stayed that way for THREE whole days and nights!! Ahhhhh... I also caught up on Emmy's baby book, some crafting projects and became acquainted with my new friend, Netflix. 

Wednesday night we spent with the HMMs (also sans kids) and our friend Angie. We just sat and talked for hours and had the best time. Ryan even made Cindy cry from laughing so hard. I love nights like those, no plans, no expectations just enjoying the company of friends. 

Ryan did have to work on Thursday and Friday, but that's ok because he got to come home to this...  

Seriously, best dish ever. 

And then Friday was our anniversary which we celebrated at our favorite place in town, Christopher's World Grille. We love to act like we are "regulars" and hope to one day have a booth named after us. It was one of those perfect evenings where the conversation never stops, the food is amazing, the drinks are perfectly prepared and the company isn't too bad to look at, either. 

I can't believe that it's been five years. Seems like just yesterday I was walking down that aisle to my happily ever after. And while every day isn't filled with perfection, our marriage couldn't be a bigger blessing to me. Thanks, Ryan, for all that you do to keep me and our children happy. 

We had a lovely 3 day mini staycation, but seriously missed our kiddos! Thank you so much, Mom and Dad, for being so wonderful. Radley and Emmy had so much fun and love you so very much!!

Want to do it again?

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