Tiny Tales Thursday...

Sharing is a constant lesson in this house. As mentioned, now that Emersyn is moving she seems to have only one direction: Radley's toys.

She can be on the other side of the house and hear him playing and in 2 seconds flat be by his side with her baby grasp on one of his treasures.

The other night as I was walking through the house picking up from the days activities, some things were a little more out of place than usual.

A leggo was in the trash.

A car was on top of our bookshelf.

A teething toy was under a table.

A train was under a couch cushion.

What was even more odd was these were all items that Emmy had been happily playing with... and I was under the impression that big brother was okay with finally sharing.

The next morning I asked Radley about these strange occurrences.

Me: Buddy, why were x toys all over the house?
Radley: I don't know.
Me: Well, wasn't Emmy playing with them? What happened?
Radley: Oh, she told me she was done. She not want to play anymore.

Wow... a talking 9 month old. I should call Oprah before her show goes off the air for good!

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