Happy {belated} Monthday...

Happy Eleven Month Birthday, Emersyn!!!

What have you been up to lately?

I think the biggest news this month is YOU HAVE TWO TEETH! Your first tooth popped through on Palm Sunday, April 17! Amen, sister! You have been working for quite sometime on those little suckers and it finally paid off! 

You still seem like such a baby to everyone, you are so small and sweet and cuddly and because of that we baby you a bit! (Oh well!) You are still in size 3 diapers and literally range from a 0-3 month onesie (I'm pretty sure it was marked incorrectly... how can that be?) to 12 month clothes like this adorable dress you have on in these pictures. 

You are starting to resemble me a bit more, but I think you look like your Daddy and Lola the most. 

If I had to guess, I'd say you are up to about 18.5 pounds and maybe 28 inches long. 
We love our petite princess!

You are still an "angel baby". You got your first ear infection (double no less) this month and the only sign that you were even sick was a 99 degree temperature. You tugged slightly at your ears but we thought you were just teething. You were a little clingy, so we made an appointment just in case and I am so glad that we did because your left ear was apparently pretty bad! 

It is so funny when you are "grumpy" everyone at your school is on "all alert" because you are so happy! That is the biggest compliment that someone can give me and your dad... that you are such a sweet, happy baby. I hope and pray that you remain that way... not just for my own selfishness... but because to have a truly happy, healthy child is probably the biggest blessing... to watch you smile and laugh and play and just be so content in the life you have been given. 

You never sit still... always crawling and pulling up on things. You love anything you can get your hands on and your motor skills are really developing. If we hand you a bow you automatically place it to your head like you know that is where it is supposed to be. You like your stacking toys and the "ball machine" that blows out little balls for you to chase down. 

You have discovered magnets (which is a bummer because none of our appliances hold them) and even had your first go at playing with chalk with Radley. You ate it, he drew pictures. But, after I helped you draw, you even tried to scribble on your own. 

You stood by yourself for about 5 seconds on May 4th and were so excited that you "danced"... Radley and I got to witness and he was even more excited than me! I think he is counting the days until you can run along beside him! It has been so fun watching you grow up through his eyes and knowing how much he is growing up with you!

Your eczema is getting so much better... but with summer almost here I worry that the heat will make it worse again. (You can see your white patches behind your knees... it causes a bit of a discoloration). You aren't bothered by it all and a daily doze of cortizone seems to keep it under control. You definitely get that from your Daddy... Mommy's lineage is full of oily skin! :) 

Speaking of taking after Daddy... you have started to eat like him, too! One night you ate an entire hot dog, yogurt, peas and some puffs. I think you would have kept going, but I didn't want you to explode. You LOVE chicken and have also tried fish, pork roast and hamburger... definitely not a vegetarian baby! Bananas, peaches, pears and pineapples seem to be your favorite fruits. You also like tomatoes but didn't really care for avocados or strawberries. Breads and pasta are obviously on the love list. I would say that you eat table food about 99% of the time... so thankful for that! 

You have mastered the art of "hi and bye"! I love your little wave. You also said "DaDa" to Daddy the other day (super jealous) and this morning looked at me, signed and said "all done" (it was actually more like "aaa duh"... but we'll take it). I am DYING to hear your voice... I wonder if it will be as boisterous as your brothers!

Your favorite games are still peek-a-boo and patty cake, but you also really love "singing" happy and you know it and are learning itsy bitsy spider and row row row your boat. 

You also like follow the leader since you will follow this guy around for hours...

I love that you and your brother are so in love with each other... I know I'm biased because I don't have any "real" sisters.... but there is just something about brothers and sisters... so fun! 

It has been a fun month, sweet Emmy Sue! You are growing so fast and so much and I can't believe your next monthly update will make you one year old! I don't want you to grown a day older, but at the same time, I am so ready to watch you become a little girl. 

We love you so much, Emersyn! 

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